2023 New Features Roundup

Best New Peloton Features- 2023 Roundup!

It’s no secret that Peloton has revolutionized the way people work out, and in 2023, they unveiled some amazing new features that will continue to elevate the at-home workout experience to the next level, regardless of whether you use the Bike, Tread, Row, Guide or App!

In general, Peloton enhanced the overall user experience with new technology and features across all hardware and software.  All Peloton platforms got a refresh in terms of improved graphics, new brand identification (real members, new fonts and bold colors), and improved metrics and displays that make tracking progress and performance more accessible and accurate.

Entertainment finally launches!

It goes without saying that one of the biggest feature drops of the year, and eagerly awaited by many, was the launch of the Entertainment module across the Bike, Tread and Row.  Some members are in love with this feature and others can’t understand why anyone would want to watch a movie or an NBA game while on cardio equipment, but either way, there was a ton of buzz over this feature!

Lanebreak deserves its own 2023 shout-out!

Lanebreak, the game-inspired favorite of the Bike and Bike+ crowd since February 2022, finally came to the Tread in July (although, alas, not yet for the Tread+). (Full disclosure from this helper bee writer – this is without a doubt my favorite new feature of 2023 across all platforms!) Lanebreak uses a combination of speed and incline to create intervals which must be completed accurately to rack up points.  I personally work harder during a Lanebreak class than I would during a typical run, and trust me, my orange/red heart rate shows it!

But wait for it – it gets even better!  Just in time for Christmas, DJ John Michael announced via Instagram that Lanebreak is now stackable on the Bike, Bike + and the Tread!  Now I get my Lanebreak fix with a stackable warm-up, run and then a cooldown!  

The Guide …

No question that the Guide and the App saw the most feature drops – some major and some just small tweaks.  One of the most exciting new features on the Guide is the ability to create your own personalized weekly workout plan, which dropped in August.  Users can answer a series of questions tailored to their experience level, number of weekly classes they would like to take, and what they have for weights in their at-home gym, and the Peloton Guide will then generate customized new programs weekly, dropping on Monday mornings.

The Guide saw near-constant small drops during 2023 – most never formally announced but spotted by our sharp-eyed Clip Out helper bees – that improved the user experience noticeably over the course of the year.  Subtle but significant features and metrics added to the Guide during 2023 included a time left after reps metric, an icon showing how to position your body during certain movements, voice commands using the catchphrase “OK, Peloton”, stacking classes on the Guide (finally!), and a total rep count during class.

… and the App

The biggest feature drop on the App in 2023 would have to be the addition of the Peloton Gym (see the Clip Out’s deep dive here!).  Peloton Gym features a collection of traditional strength training classes curated by our Peloton strength instructors, but without chatter or music – replicating a”real gym” experience more closely than any other type of Peloton strength class.

The most anticipated feature on the App – begged for by members with non-Peloton brand rowers for months before the release – was the addition of Row classes on the App. Rollout of these classes began in May, and a whole new subset of members fell in love with yet another Peloton modality!

A complete surprise feature drop on the App+, just coming to light in December, is the ability to integrate Peloton classes with Horizon treadmills. This integration allows a Horizon treadmill user to monitor their heart rate, incline, speed, pace, and distance in real-time while taking a Peloton App+ Tread class. While this feature is clearly still in beta and has not been officially announced by Peloton, Horizon is already offering a 30-day trial membership on the Peloton App+ from their website, and Peloton members using Horizon treadmills are enjoying the experience, glitches and all, during the beta testing.

Tread, Bike, and Row

While all three major pieces of equipment hardware enjoyed the same subtle changes and improvements found on the App and the Guide, three feature drops of note really stood out in 2023 on the major hardware components.

While Tread users have been able to enjoy auto-incline since September of 2022, this feature just rolled out to Tread+ in November as all of the recall issues are finally being put to bed.  Even better, now that auto-incline feature has dropped on the Tread+, that promises to make way for the total Lanebreak experience expected to drop on the Tread+ soon! 

Power Zone users rejoiced on the Bike and Bike+ this year with the new Power Zone Compliance Guide! This feature provides PZ users with a detailed graph illustrating your in-class performance against metrics targeted by the instructor during a power zone class.  One more tool in the Power Zone arsenal!

And finally, the Row got a major update in November when it expanded from 6 pace target levels to 10, allowing for more overlap between levels, a narrowed range between Easy and Max intensities, and a more seamless transition for users as they move between those efforts.  Similar to the Bike’s Power Zone Compliance Guide, Row users got an extra metric back in July called the Pace Target Distribution, which allows you to compare your in-class performance against pace target levels called out by the instructor during class.

Peloton is making waves in the fitness world with its innovative new features and continued pursuit of excellence. From personalized workouts to creative programming and cutting-edge equipment technology, Peloton continues to make it easier and more fun for users to achieve their fitness goals. Looking forward to a bright 2024!

What was your favorite feature drop in 2023?  We’d love to know!

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