The Clip Out Podcast

The Clip Out – A Peloton fan podcast. Do you own a Peloton bike or tread? Trying to figure out if a Peloton is worth it? Then The Clip Out is custom made for YOU! Each episode interviews a home rider/runner or a Peloton employee such as an instructor or someone from the corporate office. We also comb the news and the growing number of Facebook groups each week looking for topics you should know about. This means we do all the searching and reading and research – so you don’t have to! You’ll know when big changes have arrived and what the big topics of discussion are among members every week!

So you listened and you liked us – maybe even enough to want to support what we do. If you listened to episode 100, where the hosts become the interviewees, you will find we put in hours of work on each episode, in addition to our actual jobs, spending time with our kids, and all the Peloton workouts that we (well, Crystal) does each week. It’s a lot. And we needed help, which is why we now have a company that we pay to help edit each episode. They are awesome and deserve more than we are paying out of pocket right now – so anything you do donate will go to that. If we receive donations to cover that, we’ll put donations above that amount back into the podcast. This will go towards equipment (lighting, sound, cables, computers, etc) upgrades, social media advertising, and business planning. Who knows where we can take this with added funds? Maybe we could do trips during the year to see some fans? Plan our own mini-HRI for listeners? The sky is the limit really!

Our promise to you is that we will always keep being us. We honestly love Peloton and we love the Peloton community. Getting to know each of you is our top priority. Peloton is a fantastic product and having a bike (and now Tread) has been life-changing. But the real magic is the community. Those who have real struggles but get up and work through them every day. You guys inspire me – you have inspired me since day one of owning my bike. When I don’t feel like working out, it’s YOU I think about. I have no excuses. I am healthy. I am able. My body moves. It’s a gift not to be taken for granted. I only learned that because of you. And Tom just likes the opportunity to talk and be funny. But that’s what keeps the podcast from being a snooze. We need him to keep it light. And maybe someday we’ll even get him on the bike (or at least a walk on the tread?? At this point, we’d settle for walking by the Tread.) But as Tom has gotten to know each of you and Peloton, he’s genuinely come to love the company and the community (and speaks just as passionately about both) as I do. He knows a good thing when he sees it.

Thank you for listening to us. And being interested in The Clip Out and Peloton. And if you give, thank you for that as well. Your support is neither expected nor required, but genuinely appreciated.

Crystal and Tom