Peloton Entertainment

Introducing Peloton Entertainment

Looks like this beta test may be here to stay: today, Peloton officially launched Peloton Entertainment with the addition of NBA League Pass. This feature, which has been in various levels of beta testing since June 2023, lets members stream live sports, TV and movies from their equipment as they work out.

Peloton Entertainment, once only a feature accessed via a (large) group of Beta testers, is now available across all Peloton machines.

Five Available Entertainment Options 

Peloton Entertainment allows you to choose from a variety of options that are all accessible from the “Entertainment” tab at the bottom of your touchscreen. 

New to the platform today is NBA League Pass, which lets members watch NBA games live on the Bike, Tread or Row. This is another addition to the recently announced partnership with the NBA and WNBA.

In addition to League Pass, you can also access: 

  • Disney+
  • Max
  • Netflix
  • YouTube TV

Peloton Entertainment is rolling out globally in the markets that Peloton currently serves, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Australia (though some streaming services are only available in select markets). Of course you’ll need your own subscription for any of the subscription-based services!

Interestingly, all of the options except NBA League Pass are still marked as beta, so we may see some fluctuation in exactly which entertainment services are available. Remember that Amazon Prime TV was part of the beta test for a while but it was removed and is not currently available through Peloton Entertainment.

Peloton’s New Focus on Subscriber Growth

This feature is another example of how Peloton has shifted its approach to focus more on subscriber growth and enabling members to choose how they want to work out, even if that choice means going it alone without an instructor. For years, Peloton users have been requesting the ability to stream videos and shows through their hardware devices while working out, and Peloton has been working towards making that a reality. The additional option to stream third-party content while working out further shows Peloton’s commitment to meeting as many customers’ wishes as possible.

Barry McCarthy, Peloton’s CEO, has a strong history with Netflix, and it’s reasonable to speculate that this latest move is an effort to take Peloton in a similar direction.

With Peloton Entertainment, the combination of entertainment and working out has never been more convenient, and we’re excited about the endless possibilities this new feature holds. 

Will you be taking advantage of Peloton Entertainment, and if so, what are you most excited to stream?

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