Hot Rumor! Is a Tortured Poets Department Class in the Works at Peloton?

A little birdie slid into our DMs today and tipped us off about invites being sent out for a special pre-recorded class with Robin Arzon on June 27th.

What’s the Big Deal?

Glad you asked!  By now, everyone knows that Peloton sends special invites out from time to time for all kinds of things–first-timers being the most popular.  But, they’ve also been known to send out special invites for celebrity-driven classes (ahem….Lizzo). And, what makes this invite so special is that these emails, as we’ve been told by our little Swifitie songbird tipster, were sent to members of the Peloton Swifties Facebook group and only members of the Peloton Swifties Facebook group (that we can tell anyway!). 

Is a Tortured Poets Department Class Finally Happening?!?

Let’s look at what we know.

  1.  Invites were sent to Swifties and only Swifties
  2. Robin is teaching this class

What’s the big deal with Robin, you ask?  Well, historically, Robin tends to be Peloton’s go-to instructor when big names are involved.  Most recently, she hosted actor/comedian and star of the new movie “Babes” Iliana Glazer in-studio.

Will Taylor Make an Appearance???

We have no idea.  But, we do know that, while she may be on tour in Europe, she happens to have June 27th off.  And, it’s not exactly difficult to get from London to New York and then back to Dublin.  But gosh, you guys.  If Lizzo broke Peloton, what in the world would Taylor do to it?!

What do you think?  Is a TPD class happening? Do you think Taylor will show?  We don’t know the answer to the second question, but our Spidey-Senses are telling us that there’s a good chance for the first.

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