Top Peloton News of 2023

2023’s Top Peloton News

As we bid farewell to 2023, The Clip Out is here to bring back the most exciting Peloton news stories of the year! Peloton reigns supreme with its innovative technology and game-changing collaborations with big-name brands from every corner, and we’ve got a bunch of captivating stories that set the stage for an incredibly promising 2024. Let’s dive in!

The Year of the Partnership

Peloton rocked their partnership game in 2023, surprising us with some unexpected collaborations and creative product placements. They really pushed the boundaries and brought their A-game! Check out the list of awesome partnerships and collaborations they scored this year:

Peloton x Lululemon

In its very own elevated level of partnership, Peloton announced a groundbreaking, mutually beneficial 5-year collaboration with Lululemon, where Peloton becomes the Studio Mirror exclusive content provider, and Lululemon becomes Peloton’s primary athletic apparel partner.  The broader market really liked this move, although Studio Mirror members have some reservations about the partnership. Stay tuned to see what 2024 brings!

Return of the Tread+

The Tread+ has made a comeback! After a 2021 recall due to safety concerns, it’s finally ready to hit the market again, and members are stoked. Thanks to extensive work with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, this bad boy is back and better than ever. It’s available for pre-order, and fair warning, this premium treadmill comes with a hefty price tag of $5,995, befitting its status as the best of the best. Get ready to amp up your fitness game in style!

Peloton on Tour

It became official in 2023 – we said goodbye to Homecoming PSNY and said hello to the new Peloton on Tour event.  Although there were some doubters at the initial announcement, Peloton on Tour proved them wrong!  With stops in five vibrant cities across two countries (Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Berlin and London(, this event was a hit. Instructors joined forces with members for awards ceremonies, competitive games, live classes, inspiring talks, and unforgettable meet-and-greets. The success of Peloton on Tour 2023 has left us buzzing with excitement for what’s to come in 2024!

Membership Tiers Completely Revamped

Peloton announced a new 5-tier membership structure in May.  Live as of December 5, 2023, the new tiers include the All Access Membership for hardware owners, the Guide membership for Guide owners, and three tiers of App membership (Peloton App Free, Peloton App One, and Peloton App+).  Initial reaction from App users on the Facebook OPMP was predictably crabby, but most members seemed to expect that increases were inevitable as part of the expansion of the platform. It will be interesting to see how App membership shifts over the next few months!

Return of an Instructor for the First Time in the Peloverse

Guess who’s back on the Peloton platform? That’s right, Irene Kaymer (formerly Scholz), the first instructor to make a return in Peloton history! After taking a break to start her family, Irene surprised everyone in November by making an appearance with Erik Jäger, a fellow Cycling and Strength instructor to announce her comeback. Irene is set to make her official return in Spring 2024, bringing live and on-demand cycling and strength classes to the members in Germany and Austria. 

Did we miss anything?  What was YOUR favorite Pelostory from 2023?  Let us know!

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