TCO 2023 Top 10 listener picks! Your favorite classes from the TCO Top 5

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With 2023 coming to a close, The Clip Out is looking back at our weekly TCO Top 5s and highlighting ten classes that garnered the most affection and enthusiasm from our community. Every week since we started asking for your favorite classes in July, our listeners have shown up with reports of what we think are the most inspiring, entertaining, and impactful classes on the platform.

Hearing from our listeners is a highlight every week, and we’re excited to walk down TCO Top 5 Memory Lane and share these ten most memorable recommendations with you!

The classes:

#10: 7/13/23 30 min Christina Aguilera Hike with Rebecca Kennedy
#9: 7/27/23 30 Minute Mötley Crüe Ride with Sam Yo
#8: 7/29/23 30 min Barbie Ride with Olivia Amato
#7: 9/6/23 Three Salt-N-Pepa All For One classes! (linked below!)
#6: 10/2/23 5 min Core Strength with Robin Arzón
#5: 10/13/23 45 min Pop Ride with Jenn Sherman
#4: 10/29/23 30 min Halloween Walk with Matty Maggiacomo
#3: 10/28/23 120 min Power Zone Endurance Ride with Matt Wilpers
#2: 11/2/23 30 min 1989 (Taylor’s Version) Run with Selena Samuela
#1: 11/12/23 30 min Epic Sing-Along Ride with Jenn Sherman

#10: 7/13/23 30 min Christina Aguilera Hike with Rebecca Kennedy

In our first TCO Top 5 on 7/19/23, the Christina Aguilera Artist Series had just dropped, and our group was happily getting dirty on a Hike with Rebecca Kennedy. Here’s what we had to say about the recommendations and the class that week:

7/13/23 30 min Christina Aguilera Hike with Rebecca Kennedy

No class garnered as much enthusiasm in the group as this one. Multiple members listed it, and even more chimed in with their resounding agreement.

That’s certainly the case for Jennifer Bentz (#JGeezy). She already loves hiking, but this class just climbed to the top of her personal favorites list.

I love all of RK’s hikes but this one is my favorite and I will be retaking it soon! The playlist was phenomenal for anyone that grew up listening to Xtina in the 90s like me 😉 Still remembered all the words and when I wasn’t out of breath at 15% incline […] I was singing every word,” Jennifer said.

Megan Pace (#FSUSeminoleGirl) agrees! There’s something to be said about an instructor’s ability to entertain while delivering a great workout, and Rebecca really shined in this one.

“RK’s Christina Aguilera hike is quite possibly my new favorite artist series class (Yes, even more than Posty or Justin Bieber. 😳). It’s one thing when they talk about the artists and play their fav tracks but RK embodied Christina and I felt like I was watching a show as I hiked. Her dancing was so fun to watch. They could not have picked a better instructor for that class,” Megan said.

The class program alternates between uphill walking and… uphill walking Intervals, so… a whole lot of climbing! But as simple as this program sounds, Rebecca is a master of curated efforts and this class will absolutely do some intricate work on your body and mind!

#9: 7/27/23 30 Minute Mötley Crüe Ride with Sam Yo

Our next pick comes from who some in our group consider the most underrated instructor on the Bike. Sam Yo’s Artist Series and themed classes have awed members this year, and this one was considered his best of all. Here’s what we shared about the class in our 8/1/23 TCO Top 5:

7/27/23 30 Minute Mötley Crüe Ride with Sam Yo

The Clip Out group had so many amazing things to say about this class!

Helper Bee Nikki Sherouse-Smith (#MySprtsBrasStuk), along with several other enthusiastic members of the group, loved this class. She said, “Sam’s Motley Crue ride was masterful. He let the music shine, completely committed to the bit and the character, created a solid workout with thematic cues sprinkled in vs giving a full Wiki rundown of the band’s history, all while coaching a challenging, but thoroughly enjoyable ride. All of his Artist Series rides are underrated, imo, but this was one of his best, ranking right up there with his Bon Jovi and AC/DC rides.”

Kathy McCarthy Yialamas agreed and said this class makes her very short list of repeatables: “loved this class! I had so much adrenaline running through me while taking it. I think I’m gonna take it again today, & I VERY RARELY repeat rides.”

And Christina Ciano (#KeeperOfTheCats) highlighted the fact that Sam even pulled some strings to get some extra Crüe energy into the setlist: “He even cut a longer song to get another in. He squeezed a lot of Crüe in that 30 minutes! This will be a multiple repeat class for me.”

Sam describes the class as a wild night out with Motley Crüe with a plan that is ”fast, heavy, and notoriously naughty.” Bookmark this class for any time you want to escape to the land of rock and roll–and get a bonus killer workout in the process!

#8: 7/29/23 30 min Barbie Ride with Olivia Amato

In addition to Sam’s Mötley Crüe Ride, the 8/1/23 TCO Top 5 also boasted some Barbie Movie love. Olivia Amato’s Barbie Ride brought out a level of appreciation for the Glitter Assassin that the TCO community had theretofore never seen. Here’s what we had to say about Peloton’s own queen of Barbiemania that week:

7/29/23 30 min Barbie Ride with Olivia Amato

Barbiemania has hit the Peloverse indeed! No class garnered as much support this week (or ever!) as this one. The Clip Out group loved it!

Kelly Quirk-Ceperley said, “It was so fun, the soundtrack was great. The message was on point. And unlike her usual rides it wasn’t entirely at 103 cadence for 30 minutes! So I could manage!!!”

Courtenay Cassel Brinckerhoff agreed: “Olivia’s Barbie ride! Her outfit and hairdo were perfect, and she embodies the “you can wear pink AND be intelligent” message she called out. 💕

The ride is a fun-first experience set to the Barbie movie soundtrack and adorned in a custom Brittany Allen Barbie-inspired fit. Olivia sets the class up as being “about channeling whatever you want to channel—whatever’s gonna make you feel good,” and invites everyone to just have a good time with their fellow Barbies and Kens.

#7: A Salt-N-Pepa party of three with Jess King, Ally Love, and Jess Sims

In the 9/11/23 TCO Top 5, our listeners were celebrating Peloton All For One 2023. One group of classes stood out as favorites, so much so that we wanted to include all three as one spot on that week’s list! Here’s what we shared in that week’s post:

9/6/23 10 min Salt-N-Pepa Dance Cardio with Jess King
9/6/23 15 min Salt-N-Pepa Ride with Ally Love
9/6/23 15 min Salt-N-Pepa Walk with Jess Sims

For the Dance Cardio class, TCO Helper Bee Lindsey Kelly says: “My favorite class I’ve taken so far of AFO was Jess King’s quick little 10 min SNP dance cardio. It was just exactly the perfect bite-sized warmup for anything else you’d want to do. And if you are my age… the music and the moves took you right back to middle school. Wasn’t cool and couldn’t hip hop dance then; much cooler now but still can’t hip hop dance. But it was doable, even for me. Her outfit was on point and OMG the braided fauxhawk she had going on was amazing. Also, the shoes.”

Here’s Lindsey having a little fun with the Dance Cardio (for about the tenth time, she tells us). The class definitely made her wanna shoop, shoop, shoop!

Listener and past Superset guest David Stember loved the Ride: “Ally love’s Salt n Peppa ride is a gem. Take it as a 15 min warm up. She’s infectious and clearly knew all the words, etc.”

Marie KBurdick’s favorite was the Walk: “Jess Simms salt and pepa walk. 15 min was way too short. It felt like a party the whole time.”

If you really want to maximize the Salt-N-Pepa party, stack all three for a perfect hip-hop cardio session.

#6: 10/2/23 5 min Core Strength with Robin Arzón

We love our 5-minute Core classes, and several listeners tipped us off to a new favorite burner in October and we highlighted it in the 10/9/23 TCO Top 5. Here’s what we had to say:

10/2/23 5 min Core Strength with Robin Arzón

I love keeping a solid 5-minute Core in my stack at all times, and thanks to Stephanie Latos and Diana Kerr, I’ve got a new go-to.

Stephanie says, “Robin’s 5-min core strength from 10/02! So awesome to have a new go-to 5-min core.”

Diana agrees! “Yes! I took that one 4 times last week. LOVE it.”

This class is 5 continuous minutes of core work with a fun hint of Pilates-style exercises, but still with that overall hardcore Robin flavor. It kicks off with 45 seconds each of a forearm plank and dead bugs, followed by 30 seconds each of crunches, reverse crunches, single-leg stretches, scissors, and single-leg tuck-ups, one set for each leg (way more accessible than double-leg tuck-ups, and still super effective), and then finishes with a 30-second high plank.

#5: 10/13/23 45 min Pop Ride with Jenn Sherman

In the 10/16/23 TCO Top 5, we wanted to reflect the outpouring of love and compassion shared by our group after Jenn Sherman’s emotional classes that week. Her 45-minute Pop Ride on 10/13 was so widely loved by the group and it absolutely deserves a spot on our Top 10.  Here’s what we shared about the class and how much the group loved it:

10/13/23 45 min Pop Ride with Jenn Sherman

So many people were moved by Jenn Sherman’s classes this week. Both her Friday and Sunday classes received lots of love, but we’re highlighting the Friday class here.

In the wake of the beginning of the latest Israel-Hamas war, Jenn Sherman, who is proudly Jewish, was visibly shaken throughout the ride. But even as Jenn grappled with her own feelings, she led the class with strength and grace, and riders came away feeling comforted and connected.

Ronnie Joy Parker described the class as “so moving and yet comforting as well.”

Shari Slater Rosenberg said she “got a good cry from both of [Jenn’s weekend classes].”

Beverly Lynn said “[Jenn] had her head down most of the ride. I could tell she was crying and fighting through legit and understandable emotions.”

Jenn curated a powerful playlist for this emotional moment. Love Yourself by Justin Bieber, Halo by Beyonce, Praying by Ke$ha, F**kin’ Perfect by P!nk, and Fix You by Coldplay all took on deeper meaning as Jenn guided the class through their work.

Take this class to show your support for Jenn and to find a little catharsis and comfort during this difficult time.

#4: 10/29/23 30 min Halloween Walk with Matty Maggiacomo

Halloween is always a fun time at Peloton, and this year was no exception. Matty Maggiacomo once again raised the bar with his costume, and our listeners were here for it! His Halloween Walk earned a spot on the 10/30/23 TCO Top 5, and this year’s Top 10. Here’s what we had to say about it:

10/29/23 30 min Halloween Walk with Matty Maggiacomo

Matty always makes the most of Halloween (or any excuse to dress up!), and this year is no exception. Our listeners loved this year’s alien theme, where Matty and his alien alter-ego, Non-Human Biologic Matty, have done a Freaky Friday body swap of sorts for this very special event.

Susan Yang (EyeWillSurvive) and Dina Williams Rosas both loved the entire class experience. 

“Matty’s costume was out of this world and his alien or human game throughout was soooooo funny,” said Susan.

Dina Williams Rosas said, “That costume. I can’t fathom how long it took to do it. He had a ton of fun with this.”

Non-Human Biologic Matty takes the class through a fantastic interplanetary experience–the Tread is basically the stage for his one-man show! He entertains with stories from his alien planet–like when his alien children went to summer camp with Emperor David Bowie’s alien children (trust me, it makes sense when Matty tells it…). Non-Human Biologic Matty also shares that he dated Chewbacca briefly in college, that is until things got a little… harry.

The playlist for this class is perfectly space-themed, with songs like Beastie Boys’ Intergalactic, Katy Perry’s E.T., Quad City DJ’s Space Jam, and Britney Spears’ Alien. And for the cooldown, Non-Human Biologic Matty leads the studio in a singalong to Celine Dion’s It’s All Coming Back to Me Now, which isn’t space-themed, but Celine Dion is a very popular artist on his planet, so we’ll let it slide.

#3: 10/28/23 120 min Power Zone Endurance Ride with Matt Wilpers

The 10/30/23 TCO Top 5 was ablaze with love for Matt’s 120-minute Power Zone Endurance Ride. What a milestone for Peloton—one that certainly deserves a spot on our Top 10! Here’s what we had to say about the event:

10/28/23 120 min Power Zone Endurance Ride with Matt Wilpers

In case you missed it, we shared a few weeks ago that Matt Wilpers would be celebrating his birthday with a long-awaited and first-ever 2-hour Power Zone Ride on Oct. 28. Our listeners got the memo and absolutely loved this class.

Here are some of our favorite comments about this class: 

Billy Lenoir II said, “The playlist was great, the energy, and the structure to survive for us that aren’t used to riding that long! Also it really helped me reinforce mentally that the training I’m doing is working!”

Michael S. Davern said, “The first hour flew by, the second hour also flew, but the last 15 minutes were something special. Matt mentioned at the end of the ride that true cyclists sometimes say that long rides on a stationary bike are harder than riding outside as you get no downhills. You are pedaling all the time. So true.”

Elizabeth (minutetospinit) said, “Felt like the old days of “appointment” riding when “everyone” just had to be there. And for all 7K people who were, he really let us know how much he appreciated that we were all there for this with him. Especially those west coasters, wow, that was dedication!”

Kelly Quirk-Ceperley said, “It was really great to ride with so many people with so many high fives and to watch Alex and Logan’s faces in the camera! Logan was jamming around and at some points Alex looked like he was suffering. Also the last 15 minutes of the soundtrack really helped get you through.”

The class playlist is as eclectic as they come, with songs from RÜFÜS DU SOL, Bon Jovi, Ice Cube, Britney Spears, Gloria Gaynor, and Queen. With 35 songs on the list, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

The class is a true feat of endurance, but our listeners make it sound doable! If you take this class too, please let us know how it goes!

#2: 11/2/23 30 min 1989 (Taylor’s Version) Run with Selena Samuela

For the 11/6/23 TCO Top 5, Selena’s 1989 (Taylor’s Version) Run carried the torch for the latest additions to the Taylor Swift Collection. Here’s what our group loved about it:

11/2/23 30 min 1989 (Taylor’s Version) Run with Selena Samuela

The TSwift content may have broken the internet last week, but that didn’t stop us from taking the classes ASAP. TCO listeners loved this Run in particular.

Nicole Marie said, “Selena’s 1989 run! She gives a long warm up and cool down with some interval and hill work in the middle. I have already taken it 2x!”

Ginny Davis agreed! “I second this! Loved this run. I bookmarked it to do again and again.”

And our very own Crystal O’Keefe (ClipOutCrystal) added this one to her long-run stack and loved it too: “It was great! I took it yesterday as part of long run day and I loved it.” 

While most Artist Series classes are decidedly music-first and all about the fun, Selena’s idea of fun seems to include a good, sweaty challenge.

This class centers around intervals and hills. A 7-minute interval block is followed by a 3-minute uphill run, then an 8-minute interval block and a 90-second uphill run, with a 3 1/2-minute progressive run to cap off the efforts. Selena offers a gracious 3-minute cooldown to recover.

If this sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry–Selena’s energy and Taylor’s melodies will carry you to the finish before you know it.

#1: 11/12/23 30 min Epic Sing-Along Ride with Jenn Sherman

Top 5 for 11/13/2311/12/23 30 min Epic Sing-Along Ride with Jenn Sherman

This class resonated with countless listeners across all our social pages. We love how much everyone loved this class, but one comment took the cake! Special thanks to Linda Hauck for listing all the awesome reasons to take this class! Fair warning, Linda gives away some of the surprises in the class, so skip ahead if you’d rather wait to see for yourself.

As Linda shared, here are eight reasons to take this class:

1 – it’s Jenn
2 – the music and singing (of course)
3 – the instructors that came to support her during the ride (Matty, Jess S, Cody, Alex and Ally.
4 – Her family and friends that came to support her (Her husband even made an appearance. It was lovely)
5 – Jenn getting off the bike to perform a rap.
6 – Jenn thanking John Foley for believing in her
7 – Jenn saying, “How about ten more years?”
8 – Did I mention the ride was all Jenn?

It goes without saying that the playlist is 100% singable, including an incredible showing from Jenn on Rapper’s Delight by The Sugarhill Gang. She also included Lean on Me by Bill Withers, Mr. Brightside by The Killers, and Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson.

The class offers an excellent sweat, but it’s really more about celebrating Jenn, Peloton, and the community. Take this ride any time you want a healthy dose of Pelo-love!

What a year!

Thank you to everyone who makes The Clip Out community such a fun place to be. Your enthusiasm for your fitness and your favorite classes is such a source of inspiration. We look forward to hearing all the classes you love in the coming year!



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