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TCO Top 5 Favorite Peloton classes: Stay motivated with this week’s picks (11/6/23)

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Every Monday, we ask the Clip Out community to share their favorite class from the last week. Your stories of love, sweat, and tears always inspire us to keep moving. We are excited to share the five most enthusiastic nominations (in no particular order) and a quick review of each class. Read on for our weekly dose of motivation!

This week’s favorite Peloton classes:

  1. 12/3/22 20 min Seated Adaptive Upper Body with Logan Aldridge
  2. 10/29/23 60 min Cover to Cover Ride with Jenn Sherman
  3. 11/2/23 20 min 1989 (Taylor’s Version) Row with Matt Wilpers
  4. 11/2/23 30 min 1989 (Taylor’s Version) Run with Selena Samuela
  5. 10/4/23 15 min Tabata Ride with Robin Arzón

Why you loved them!

Sometimes it’s hard to pick just one favorite, but these reviews make it easy! Here’s what the TCO community had to say about their favorite classes from the last week.

1. Favorite Peloton Upper Body Strength

12/3/22 20 min Seated Adaptive Upper Body with Logan Aldridge
Class cover art for TCO Top 5 Favorite Upper Body Strength

Betsy Novak Kilgore is sharing some of the power of accessible fitness this week.

“This is a great adaptive class,” said Betsy. “I recently had knee surgery and am unable to do anything except upper body. I was thrilled to find these workouts.”

This was Peloton’s first ever live adaptive strength class with members in the studio. Not just any members either–to celebrate International Day of Persons With Disabilities, the studio was filled with seated athletes from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, with whom Peloton announced an adaptive fitness collaboration in November 2022. 

Logan brings all the positive energy to this class, kicking it off with Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars and Heads Will Roll by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The setlist keeps up the good vibes with Can’t Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton) by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Kiwi by Harry Styles.

The class program consists of a block of bicep curls, lateral raises, and rows, then a block of seated dumbbell deadlifts, overhead presses, and tricep dips, and finishes by revisiting the first block as a 3-minute AMRAP.

2. Favorite Peloton Ride

10/29/23 60 min Cover to Cover Ride with Jenn Sherman
Class cover art for TCO top 5 favorite ride

Jenn Sherman is becoming a weekly regular on the TCO Top 5 list, and for good reason! David Stember (Psychodoc) and Jennifer Suraci Tavella were both moved by the music in her most recent–and final–Cover to Cover ride.

David said, “This ride was a masterclass in awesomeness. I feel like I should write Jenn Sherman a thank you note, but I’m pretty sure she checks new posts on the Clip Out each morning. Holy smokes the music was amazing. Take this ride, you won’t be sorry.”

Jennifer agreed, adding, “I literally cried when it went from Nothing Compares To U into Purple Rain.”

If you’re not familiar, Jenn’s Cover to Cover signature series features all cover songs. In this case, Nothing Compares To U was performed by Chris Cornell, and Purple Rain was performed by none other than Jenn’s favorite, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band.

Jenn uses the power of her excellent music selection to fuel a class as challenging as you want it to be. Her first hill has an additional resistance of anywhere from 5 to 15 points. If you’re thinking a 15-point resistance add sounds dreadfull, just imagine climbing to Miley Cirus’ cover of Zombie by The Cranberries. I bet you’ll be able to go heavier than you think.

This was the last class in the Cover to Cover series, and it was certainly a grand finale.

3. Favorite Peloton Row

11/2/23 20 min 1989 (Taylor’s Version) Row with Matt Wilpers
Class cover art for TCO Top 5 favorite Row

Keisha Guy Dykes (rubiachica1978) is one of many for whom Taylor Swift is a gateway to new things. In her case, it was a Matt Wilpes Row!

“I don’t usually row with [Matt],” she said, “but will probably start more. I loved the long intervals and obvi the music was perfection.”

The main workout consists of 4 blocks of efforts lasting about 3 1/2 minutes each. The efforts alternated between easy and moderate, with the last one split between moderate and challenging.

The setlist was six iconic songs: Taylor’s versions of Blank Space, Style, Bad Blood, Shake It Off, Wildest Dreams, and Is It Over Now?–a collection to make any Swifty swoon.

4. Favorite Peloton Run

11/2/23 30 min 1989 (Taylor’s Version) Run with Selena Samuela
Class cover art for TCO Top 5 favorite run

The TSwift content may have broken the internet last week, but that didn’t stop us from taking the classes ASAP. TCO listeners loved this Run in particular.

Nicole Marie said, “Selena’s 1989 run! She gives a long warm up and cool down with some interval and hill work in the middle. I have already taken it 2x!”

Ginny Davis agreed! “I second this! Loved this run. I bookmarked it to do again and again.”

And our very own Crystal O’Keefe (ClipOutCrystal) added this one to her long-run stack and loved it too: “It was great! I took it yesterday as part of long run day and I loved it.” 

The setlist includes all but one of the same songs as Matt’s Row above, plus five more, including New Romantics and Suburban Legends (both also Taylor’s versions, of course).

While most Artist Series classes are decidedly music-first and all about the fun, Selena’s idea of fun seems to include a good, sweaty challenge.

This class centers around intervals and hills. A 7-minute interval block is followed by a 3-minute uphill run, then an 8-minute interval block and a 90-second uphill run, with a 3 1/2-minute progressive run to cap off the efforts. Selena offers a gracious 3-minute cooldown to recover.

If this sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry–Selena’s energy and Taylor’s melodies will carry you to the finish before you know it.

5. Favorite Peloton Unstackable Ride

10/4/23 15 min Tabata Ride with Robin Arzón
Class cover art for TCO Top 5 Favorite Unstackable Ride

Sometimes we want a class that leaves us in a puddle and washes all hope of a stack of extra classes away with it. We call those classes Unstackable, and we love hearing about our listeners’ Unstackable experiences.

For this week’s Unstackable recommendation, we heard from Laura Corcoran (NJxrayrider10): “Robin’s 15 min Tabata CLIMB 10/4/23 (she’s in yellow 🫣) unstackable if you’re doing it right.”

Robin introduces the class with some straight talk: “This is going to be a hard-ass ride. I’m not even going to sugarcoat it,” she said.

The class is two Tabata blocks–20-second efforts followed by 10-second recoveries–and Robin warns that you will be climbing the entire time. “This is absolutely a resistance-filled ride today,” she says with an I’m-about-to-hurt-you smile.

The music is perfect for some gritty Tabata work–Muse, Eminem, and Dropkick Murphys will help you grind it out until your legs give out!

If you give this class a try, let us know how it goes!

Thank you!

Thank you to all of our listeners for sharing your recommendations and enthusiasm. To see the full list of this week’s classes and add your own to the conversation, check out the post from November 6, 2023, here. To see past weeks’ Top 5 classes, visit and search TCO Top 5! If you try any of the recommendations and find a new favorite, we’d love to hear from you!

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