TCO Top 5 Favorite Peloton classes: Stay motivated with this week’s picks (11/13/23)

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Every Monday, we ask the Clip Out community to share their favorite class from the last week. Your stories of love, sweat, and tears always inspire us to keep moving. We are excited to share the five most enthusiastic nominations (in no particular order) and a quick review of each class. Read on for our weekly dose of motivation!

This week’s favorite Peloton classes:

  1. 11/9/23 20 min DMX Full Body Strength with Jess Sims
  2. 11/10/23 20 min Disco Pilates with Kristin McGee
  3. 11/11/23 30 min Club Bangers Ride with Alex Toussaint
  4. 11/12/23 30 min Epic Sing-Along Ride with Jenn Sherman
  5. 11/11/23 60 min Intervals Run with Becs Gentry

Why you loved them!

Sometimes it’s hard to pick just one favorite, but these reviews make it easy! Here’s what the TCO Community had to say about their favorite classes from the last week.

1. Favorite Peloton Strength Class

11/9/23 20 min DMX Full Body Strength with Jess Sims

Listener Sarah Phillips Taylor’s favorite class this week was part of Peloton’s celebration of 50 years of hip-hop.

She shared, “Jess Sims 20 Min DMX full body class!!! Amazing programming and love me some DMX!”

This class is jam-packed with work. Jess says she wanted to make it an hour, but she had to get it done in 20. It definitely feels like an hour of work packed into 20 minutes!

Jess prescribes 4 total dumbbells for this class: a single light weight (~10 lbs), one set of moderate weight (~15 lbs), and one heavy dumbbell (~20 lbs).

The class is made of three blocks of five moves—including side planks (with a PT-inspired twist that is great for runners!), a goblet swing to a dumbbell squat, dumbbell swings, and butterfly sit-ups or tuck-up bicycles—followed by a 4 ½-minute AMRAP finisher consisting of lateral lunges, cleans, push presses, renegade rows, and squat thrusts.

The playlist and Jess’ enthusiasm for it are pure energy. She includes DMX’s X Gon’ Give It To Ya, Party Up, What’s My Name, and Who We Be. Jess shares that she specifically wanted to teach Strength to DMX because the music just makes her want to lift heavy weights–and we think it will do the same for you!

2. Favorite Peloton Pilates Class

11/10/23 20 min Disco Pilates with Kristin McGee

Sanna Rautiainen-Printezi found he favorite class this week while just looking for a way to maintain her blue dot streak. What was meant to be an easy 20 minutes turned into a mood boost and a three-class workout!

Sanna shares, “I was tired, sore from another workout, and not in the mood to exercise but I needed my blue dot so I decided to take this class. The playlist was amazing and the class boosted my mood so much that I decided to add two more workouts to my stack that day.”

The class utilizes classic Pilates exercises to work your core for the entire 20 minutes, with one of the most upbeat playlists to keep you going strong. Kristin includes disco favorites You Make Me Feel Like Dancing by Leo Sayer, September by Earth, Wind & Fire, Le Freak by Chic, and Get Down Tonight by KC & The Sunshine Band.

3. Favorite Peloton Ride

11/11/23 30 min Club Bangers Ride with Alex Toussaint

Alex Toussaint honored US military veterans last week with his Club Bangers Ride. One lucky in-studio veteran was listener Kim Barnsley, who chose this as her favorite class of the week (but we bet it will top her favorites list for quite some time!).

“I’ve been waiting for this post!!!! AT’s Club Banger ride on Saturday was a group of Veterans and a few family members,” she said. “I can’t tell you how much it means to me that Peloton honors us on Veteran’s Day like this. AT was funny, motivating and gave us a good workout like always. He called the music “military ball” style so there was something for everyone. That’s me in the bottom right hand corner and my mom right behind me.”

The class is enjoyably challenging with two long climbs—6 minutes for the first and a whopping 10 minutes for the second!

Alex keeps the energy in this beautiful tribute class high with Can’t Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton) by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Gimme the Light by Sean Paul, Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi, and Sweet Child of Mine Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N’ Roses.

4. Favorite Peloton Anniversary Ride!

11/12/23 30 min Epic Sing-Along Ride with Jenn Sherman

This class resonated with countless listeners across all our social pages. We love how much everyone loved this class, but one comment took the cake! Special thanks to Linda Hauck for listing all the awesome reasons to take this class! Fair warning, Linda gives away some of the surprises in the class, so skip ahead if you’d rather wait to see for yourself.

As Linda shared, here are eight reasons to take this class:

1 – it’s Jenn
2 – the music and singing (of course)
3 – the instructors that came to support her during the ride (Matty, Jess S, Cody, Alex and Ally.
4 – Her family and friends that came to support her (Her husband even made an appearance. It was lovely)
5 – Jenn getting off the bike to perform a rap.
6 – Jenn thanking John Foley for believing in her
7 – Jenn saying, “How about ten more years?”
8 – Did I mention the ride was all Jenn?

It goes without saying that the playlist is 100% singable, including an incredible showing from Jenn on Rapper’s Delight by The Sugarhill Gang. She also included Lean on Me by Bill Withers, Mr. Brightside by The Killers, and Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson.

The class offers an excellent sweat, but it’s really more about celebrating Jenn, Peloton, and the community. Take this ride any time you want a healthy dose of Pelo-love!

5. Favorite Peloton Unstackable Run

11/11/23 60 min Intervals Run with Becs Gentry

Sometimes we want a class that leaves us in a puddle and washes all hope of a stack of extra classes away with it. We call those classes Unstackable, and we love hearing about our listeners’ Unstackable experiences.

For this week’s Unstackable recommendation, we heard from Mandyrose_mn, who may have coined a new term for Unstackables!

“Becs Gentry’s 60 minute intervals from Saturday 11/11/23,” she said. “Challenging and inspiring, great music. A fun “sufferfest” I like to call it.”

After an 8-minute warmup, Becs takes you through three blocks of running, 11, 11, and 23 minutes straight, with a 3-minute recovery between each. The blocks are meant to be increasingly faster, with the first being a straight progression run and the last two being intervals. If you’re looking for a challenge, and a really good excuse to take a nap, check this class out!

Thank you!

Thank you to all of our listeners for sharing your recommendations and enthusiasm. To see the full list of this week’s classes and add your own to the conversation, check out the post from Monday, Nov. 13, 2023, here. To see past weeks’ Top 5 classes, visit and search TCO Top 5! If you try any of the recommendations and find a new favorite, we’d love to hear from you!

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