This and That from the Peloverse

This and That from the Peloverse: Week of June 17

Here are some bits of fun from the Peloverse that you may have missed this week – fear not, we’ve got your back and are sharing all of the deets of what’s been hot on Peloton’s and the Instructor’s airwaves the week of June 17!

Kendall’s Classes Remain on Platform

Are you Kendall’s biggest fan?  Are you going to miss her when she parts ways with Peloton in a couple of weeks?  Well, a little something to take the bitter out of the bittersweet for you: Peloton has stated that her classes with remain on the platform.  Although her class catalog is subject to the normal purges that Peloton does every week or so, you’ll still have plenty of Kendall content to keep you happy for a long while so that you’re #neverknockedout.

Emma Lovewell’s Postpartum ‘Confinement’

Although we all cannot wait to hear the news of Emma’s delivery of a healthy baby in a few months, we’re all going to have to wait a bit longer for her to return to the bike.  Emma has decided not to rush her return to work – or any stressful daily activities – after giving birth.  She is following a Chinese book titled “The First Forty Days,” which outlines 40 days of postpartum ‘confinement’ – no taxing physical or mental activities, drinking lots of fluids, and massage.  Although Lovewell plans to shorten the time period to around month, she is keeping recovery and bonding at the forefront of her brain as she enters this new chapter of life.  

Tunde Has a New Friend

Imagine having a unique name like Tunde and hearing it shouted down at you as you go for a leisurely walk in Manhattan.  That’s exactly what happened to cycling instructor Tunde Oyeneyin.  Hearing her name being called from a window as she walked down the street, she looked up to find a Peloton member and Tunde superfan cycling to one of her workouts at that very moment!  The member ran down to meet Tunde in the street for a photo op and to create what’s surely to be a great memory for both.  Watching your favorite instructor walk down your street – how’s that for workout motivation?!

Ally Love and Jess King head to Cannes

Au revoir for now, Ally and Jess King! Instagram has shown us that Ally and Jess are jet setting to Cannes for a week full of networking and influencer marketing.  Ally is traveling with with Captiv8 – a company that specialized in data analytics and marketing for social media influencers. The plane ride alone featured some pretty epic goody bags and caviar!  Jess DJd a set for Kargo and is also working with Stagwell Global, both marketing firms.  We look forward to seeing some of their French travels on their social media accounts but will surely miss their live rides on the Leaderboard while they’re away!

Looking for even more Peloton news?  Tom and Crystal will dish it all on the podcast later this week!

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