Peloton Showcases New Instructor Pages

If you head to the Peloton website and visit its instructor descriptions, you may be in for a treat as Peloton has begun slowly rolling out new instructor pages for each of their many talented trainers!

At the time of this article, only three of the instructors – Aditi Shah, Ally Love, and Hannah Corbin –  have new pages, but we expect the others to roll out soon.  The new pages are a wealth of information and are a perfect place to stop to learn a bit more about your favorite instructor or to get to know someone new!  They are also the perfect place for Peloton newbies to learn who they may want to try for their inaugural workouts on the platform as the new descriptions give a great feel for the instructors’ personalities and individual preferences.

When visiting each new page, you are met with a bright vibrant background.  A video automatically plays which showcases the instructor’s personality, vibe, catch-phrases, and variety of workouts that he or she teaches.  A link is also present to begin a free 30-day trial of the app to become more familiar with the instructors.

As you scroll down, the experience gets even more personal.  You are shown the instructor’s most popular classes, which collection(s) she or she is featured in, and what types of music you are most likely to encounter when working out with that individual.  Finally, a biography and some fun facts are presented at the bottom of the page.

The new instructor pages are undoubtedly a fun and exciting way to delve even more into those who keep us fit each and every day!  We have learned so much already about our favorite people from the new pages that have been released and cannot wait for the others to drop!  Head over to to view the new pages as they are released, and we’ll see you on the Leaderboard soon!

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