Jess King's On The Record Partnership with Kargo & Fabrik

Jess King Announces On The Record Partnership with Kargo & Fabrik

Hey Peloton fam! Have you heard the news? Our beloved Peloton instructor and full time glitter queen Jess King just announced at Cannes that she is launching her very own long-form website called On The Record in partnership with Kargo and Fabrik. This is such an exciting development for Jess and we couldn’t be more thrilled for her! Also did you see her dress that she announced in…fear not we shall share a picture….just keep scrolling!

Jess King’s Unique Teaching Style

Jess King is one of the most dynamic, energetic and motivating instructors at Peloton. She has a unique style that combines dance party vibes with intense workouts and just as intense pony tail whipping action all under a Lycra ‘fit of rhinestones and crystals, making her classes a favourite among many members. Not only does she bring the hype, but she also offers uplifting messages.

Anticipating On The Record

We can’t wait to see what kind of content Jess will be sharing on her new website! Knowing her, it will be filled with her infectious positive energy and empowering messages that always leave us feeling inspired. And as a bonus, we’ll also get to learn more about her favourite music playlists, wellness tips, and how she balances being a busy mum while dominating the leaderboard.

Supporting Peloton Instructors’ Growth

It’s a joy to see Peloton instructors expanding their platforms beyond the bike and bringing even more value to our Peloton community. We are all about supporting each other’s growth and success, which is why we can’t wait to support Jess in her passions.

Advocacy for Diversity

King’s involvement in initiatives such as the Multicultural Content Amplifier Program program allows her to advocate for diversity and support diverse-owned and operated sites. By reinvesting funds from premium brand activations, Kargo helps publishers increase their supply and connect with more advertisers, generating more revenue and providing new growth opportunities.

It’s inspiring to see how Jess is not just focused on her own success, but also using her influence to uplift others and promote important causes. She truly embodies the values of community and empowerment that are at the core of Peloton.

So let’s get ready to dance with celebration for Jess  on her new website and venture.

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