Jenn Sherman is starting a podcast with best friend Sunny (Pam Sunshine)

Jenn Sherman and Sunny Launch Lifestyle Brand and Podcast

Jenn Sherman, a mainstay in the Peloton community, is taking a leap into the world of podcasts and lifestyle branding. Alongside her best friend Pam Sunshine (aka “Sunny”), the popular TikTok duo is set to introduce their new ventures to the world later this year.

Launching the Podcast

The duo’s podcast is set to debut this fall, marking a new chapter in their friendship. With a focus on engaging conversations and relatable content, the podcast aims to provide listeners with a blend of entertainment and inspiration. Jenn and Sunny plan to share their unique perspectives on various topics, creating a space where authenticity and joy take center stage.

Brand Partnerships and Collaborations

Jenn and Sunny’s venture has already garnered significant attention, securing several brand partnerships with companies like Laura Geller, MB Styles Jewelry, and TAJA Candles. These collaborations will bring a range of exclusive products and experiences to their audience, enhancing the value of their lifestyle brand.

The Decision Behind the New Venture

The idea to launch a podcast and lifestyle brand was born out of Jenn and Sunny’s desire to connect with their audience on a deeper level. Both have enjoyed great success individually, Jenn as a Peloton Instructor and Sunny as a 30-year veteran of the fashion industry, but they saw an opportunity to combine their talents and create something new. Their TikTok popularity served as a catalyst, showing them the potential of expanding their reach beyond their existing platforms.

Upcoming Lifestyle Brand Launch

The lifestyle brand, “Sunny and Jenn,” is set to launch soon after the podcast. This new venture will offer a variety of products that resonate with Jenn and Sunny’s personal styles and values. From apparel to home goods, the brand aims to encapsulate the essence of their vibrant personalities and offer something fresh and exciting to the market.

Stay tuned for more updates about Jenn and Sunny’s new journey. Whether you’re a dedicated Peloton member or simply a fan of their work, these new projects offer something special for everyone.  Will you be tuning in?

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