It’s Closing Time…for Kendall Toole

Closing Time. We all heard it as the final track on Kendall’s Monday class before the announcement of her Peloton departure the next day.

It’s a rumour that pops up into the air every so often: “Are they leaving??” Loyal members panic and Instructors sigh “not again.” I think, at this point, everyone has heard it….but, on this occasion, the rumour is true.  Kendall Toole is leaving Peloton, and is leaving a group of fans saddened over her departure.

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Kendall likes to hype and hint with announcements, such as collaborations with Spiritual Gangster, but this one felt almost out of the blue, especially after shutting down similar rumours that don’t feel too long ago.  But, as we all know, it can take a day–or a year–to decide these life-changing moments.  We are only human, even if our instructors do feel superhuman in our eyes and hearts.

Big Wins and Projects…Our Girl Does Not Stop!

Kendall recently became a proud ambassador for Lululemon with huge billboards showing the latest summer drops. What a dream come true, right?! Another big moment for her was end of last year with the Blink182 series on the Peloton platform, where she not only got to put together a wildly excellent fan-filled playlist for a ride, but also rocked out in person with the band’s drummer, Travis Barker, live from his studio, marking the first time a musician has performed live in a Peloton class.  These are big goals ticked!

We know this knockout of a human is forever adding strings to her bow, or maybe even guitar. Who knows if a music career is even in the cards after her friend, and home renovator magician, Galey Alix’s “Home In a Heartbeat” posted an Instagram Story of them singing along to a song, seemingly recorded by Kendall, on a car journey last week. The two went on to take some very cute photos, and later on post up a shoot tease. What new adventure could this be for? A house renovation project together?  Only time will tell but, we want FACTS, not rumours yo, just ask Cody ;)

Easter eggs of projects with friends to come!

From recently meeting up with local NYC news anchors, to being a voice for mental health foundations, to showing a flare in the kitchen, and having a voice in women’s golf, it is hard to keep up even ourselves with what will come next! This list is only from the past couple of months!

“I fell in love with the girl at the rock show,” The Knockout Community

Becca K., along with a small group of people, is part of the foundation of what soon grew into The Knockouts checkerboard riders today. Take Kendall’s early classes on demand, and hear her name roared with words to follow, “Queen of the Knockouts!” Kendall has a very loyal following and, no doubt, that won’t change with the enthusiasm that they carry while wearing neon yellows and greens and belting Paramore’s We The Kings and All Time Low, just to name a few.

A Riders Perspective.

I, too, consider myself an early brewing Knockout, whose mission is currently to complete all of her rides new and on-demand (current On Demand Library count as of article publication: 526).  I take one class, very seriously, every day and every week there are about 4 more added! It will be strange not to chase the target in the coming future and get closer to completing the mission…..shh, I even have a customised leather crew jacket….the hype is real people! 

The reason I decided to take on the class challenge was because, well, Kendall has been a favourite of mine (clearly), but I honestly just love the challenge and the clean sweep of it all. Though, I’m not, gonna lie some days I just want to take the dangled carrot of an artist series or the class where I can enjoy looking at the newest custom outfits Brittany Allen has created for an instructor (Jess King, I’m coming for you next!). What I have found very very interesting is seeing Kendall grow as an instructor.  I like to do a new class one day and an old one from the On Demand library the next, and I definitely see her getting feistier with each year that she’s been with Peloton.  I can see who she has taken inspiration from (or at least I think) at the start.  There are Alex Toussaint and Robin Arzon tones in the earlier years, sprinkled with a glitter bomb of Jess King in the middle, staring down the lens Kubrick-style into your soul with opinions and advise, and then finally landing on being a whole new beast, or magic, that has evolved and grown from the entire experience. Most recently, I would say that Kendall is enjoying her Lululemon, Country-style music and pretty layered necklaces.

I also took on a side challenge a couple of years ago, “Make-up vs Metal,” to see if I could keep a full face of warpaint on while taking a Metal ride. These rides are notorious for being some of the most challenging. I ended up looking like Alice Cooper.

 A few additional facts I have learnt along the way…

  • – Kendall, in her early 20s, lived in Europe briefly and was mistaken for Shakira.
  • – Every summer Kendall’s mum, Susie, would play Cher’s “Do You Believe” all the way through before any family members would be allowed to jump in the pool.
  • – Kendall went to a lot of parties where she asked the DJ “Can you play levels?”
  • – Kendall likes to do impressions of Moira.
  • – Kendall refers to “The Booty” as “The Quads” after a TikTok slip-up.
  • – Susie Toole once asked to drive a bit faster to catch up to a road cyclist so she could touch their bum……

…. I could go on!

Cheeky Susie Toole with her daughter.

Inspirational father aka Aqua Dad and Kendall.

Yin-Yang Vibes

The Knockout community is a story of 2 halves, maybe more…

Kendall’s slogan at the end of the class is something I consider a reflection of that.  There is the chill vibe, which I consider overlooked, “You are worthy, you are ready.” And, you know what, that can be enough to face the world, hearing and living in a positive reflection of that, because the quietest voices can be the most vulnerable. It’s not all about having to fight and staying in that fight. It’s ok to be knocked down, assess, and rebuild to be able to get up. Kendall herself has a calming personality, as well as a zingy punk rock side…it makes total sense!

She is so popular, have you even tried to get a shout-out these days?

Three Rounds

With such a huge Knockout community, I heard, and have, felt that not all fit into one mould. I don’t know of another instructor with such a variety of personalities.

  • We have the riders who enjoy her teaching style, a great playlist, and being pushed with a heart-to-heart thrown in…pure and simple magic!
  • The riders that are very loud, proud, and ready to party with a drink, or two, in matching outfits and creating a jolly, zingy studio buzz. The energy is pounding through the screens at home with such a vibe. We love to see it!
  • Then there is the top tier, the Super Fan, which, behind the whispers, I think should be addressed, because no one really does out loud. I have nothing but praise for having big love and big energy (“f*ck yeah” go get that tattoo!). It’s so awesome to see and I feel truly positive about this. But, its when people begin to get bullied out of a community, which saddens me, and negativity seeps in through the checkerboarded cracks. The “you can’t sit with us” table manners are not fun ones when the bun fight gets too big for Kendall’s attention and has the reverse effect of wanting to be part of something.

Let’s face it. We’ve all been d*cks at times. I hope in reflection of talking about it and not sweeping it under the mat, we can just honestly say its because Kenny has created big love on the platform that can drive even people with the biggest hearts down a road of crazy. It’s ok to get crazy….just remember to be kind or at least acknowledge and learn from it. I do wonder how much of the community personalities have impacted Kendall’s energy and how much management she has to entertain.  

One of my favourite stories Ms. Toole tells us on occasion is that Hayley WIlliams, front singer of Paramore, has  contacted her to say how many times she is tagged on Instagram from Peloton Riders story posts.  I cant see that changing, even after she’s left Peloton. That’s the power of the community baby!

Back to Reality, There Goes Sanity

Ok, back to Thursday’s news flash. I’m getting lost reminiscing! This is how you can tell that this article comes from the heart right?!

The story broke yesterday, with Kendall herself, more than genuinely a little choked up working the breathing technique she has taught in class time and time again, delivering the news.  “Hey y’all, I wanted to share some news with you…” Gosh, it really did feel like a breakup. But, you know what?  I guess it is like a breakup if you are used to seeing and riding with Kenny everyday. It was only an hour after she posted on her stories that she was “Ugly crying” reading messages from people reacting to the news while on a flight…but to where?? She had mentioned in Monday’s class that she was meeting with Hannah Frankson, who is also a Lulu Ambassador, so perhaps its related to that. Remember to wait for the FACTS before running with speculation. ;) As I always say, ONLY TIME WILL TELL. And on that note, we wait to hear what’s next in Ms. Tooles chapter!

Peloton Studios announced that the final bookings of her classes opened June 14 at 3 pm ET. I’m personally kinda hoping she will make an appearance in London to say goodbye and let us ride with her here.

Watch this space for more news to come, including Kendall’s new website launching this week! Sign up now to get the latest and greatest news.

Remember, We Are Only Human

Let’s respect her space and listen to her words–and no one else’s–for personal life updates! Fists up. You are ready. You are strong, They can knock you down, but baby they ain’t ever gonna knock you out. Stay in that fight!

….and go chug cold brew…..!

Kendall giving baby Bowie her puppy a cuddle.

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