First live DJ Ride at Peloton Studios London

First Ever Live DJ Ride at Peloton Studios London: Ben Alldis and Defected Records’ Ferreck Dawn

In da house….. in your house!

Walking out of the studio Friday on the high of a successful class Ben, beaming-eyed, was clearly taken aback with what he had created. “Unbelievable,  above and beyond what I expected,” he told the cameras!

Leanne hot footing it to the studio to support her husband Ben on Friday evening

PSL First Ever Live DJ Ride and its Success 

Peloton’s Studio London (PSL) has truly outdone itself with its latest innovative experience! The very first live DJ ride was an extraordinary collaboration between Ben Alldis, the popular Peloton instructor, and Ferreck Dawn, a renowned Defected Records DJ Producer. This unique event wasn’t just a typical workout session; it was a bespoke production designed to transport riders straight to the energetic heart of Ibiza.

Ferreck Dawn enjoying his time at PSL

The Dutch Dance Floor People Pleaser

Ferreck Dawn, a seasoned DJ and producer, has been a staple in the dance, house, and electronic music scene for 20 years. Known for his love of heavy drums and soulful vocals, Ferreck brings a visceral energy to his mixes that resonates deeply with fans across the globe. The Dutchman is also recognized for his ability to create interesting and unforgettable collaborations, further solidifying his reputation as a versatile and innovative artist. With a career spanning two decades, Ferreck Dawn continues to push boundaries and produce music that pleases both casual listeners and dedicated dance enthusiasts alike.

Kick Off 

From the moment the ride kicked off, Ben and Ferreck brought an infectious energy that had everyone pumped. The music selection was crafted to perfection, with dynamic beats and high-energy tracks that kept the adrenaline flowing. The visual elements and lighting enhanced the ride, creating a vibe that made you feel like you were riding and dancing right on an Ibiza dance floor. It was truly a one-of-a-kind experience that combined the best of both worlds – a killer workout session and an electrifying music festival.

Thanks to the impeccable production quality and the unparalleled synergy between Ben and Ferreck, this ride stood out as more than just a workout—it was a phenomenal experience!

A Night That You Can Still Remember Again and Again!

This fusion of fitness and live music is something not to be missed out on, catchup on demand now and get your hands up in the air and poke your tablet screens like you just don’t care!

We cannot wait for the next adrenaline adventure!

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