Peloton x U of M Levels Up

Peloton x Michigan Collection Levels Up

Peloton x University of Michigan: Fitness and School Spirit Collide

Peloton’s University of Michigan collab, first announced in August 2023, has expanded- seeing Peloton drop its very first college-branded Collection of classes! While this collaboration came as a surprise to many, it’s an exciting one for both Peloton and University of Michigan fans.

The Michigan Collection: What’s Inside?

Peloton has introduced “The Michigan Collection,” which includes two classes. The first one is a 10 min Upper Body Mobility Class taught by Andy Speer, and the second a 10 min Level Up Meditation taught by Chelsea Jackson Roberts. Interestingly, both instructors were spotted wearing Michigan team colors while teaching the classes. Are they Michigan fans themselves, or embracing the spirit of the collaboration?

Peloton’s Collection is subtitled, “Get ready for game day with our new Peloton x Michigan Collection. Move to the next level in your fitness goals alongside University of Michigan athletes.” This suggests that Peloton and the University of Michigan are joining hands to provide a unique experience for fitness enthusiasts and Michigan fans.

Peloton’s Limited Edition Michigan Bike- and Limited Edition Running Back!

A Michigan-branded Peloton bike showing the game in-store

A Michigan-branded Peloton bike showing the game in-store

Peloton has already released a limited-edition Michigan bike, targeted towards loyal Michigan fans. The bike comes in Michigan team colors, maize, and blue, and features the school’s iconic “M” logo. According to Peloton, the bike has already sold out, which further emphasizes the loyalty and enthusiasm Michigan fans have for their school. No doubt this bike is owned by Michigan running back Blake Corum, Peloton’s first NIL athlete, beloved Michigan sports hero, and friend of Alex Toussaint.

Peloton’s Sports Team Partnerships

Although Peloton’s collaboration with the University of Michigan is its first with a college, the company has a precedent. Peloton has an ongoing collaboration with Liverpool FC, one of the most successful soccer teams in the world. This partnership allows Peloton to integrate Liverpool FC’s branding into their workouts, recently featuring an outdoor run with Marcel Maurer and Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp. This collaboration is a testament to Peloton’s flexibility in incorporating the essence and branding of their partners into their workouts, and Peloton’s slightly larger Liverpool FC Collection gives us some hope that more Michigan workouts will drop soon!

The Michigan collab has already begun, seeing Peloton offer a super-discounted membership for university students, sponsor the Maize Rage cheering section, and power game recaps.

What Does This Collaboration Mean for Peloton Users and Michigan Fans?

Peloton’s collaboration with the University of Michigan offers a unique experience for both fitness enthusiasts and Michigan fans. The Michigan Collection classes offer a new way for Michigan fans to embrace school spirit while working out. On the other hand, Peloton users who are not necessarily Michigan fans can still benefit from the tailored workouts and exciting challenges offered by the instructors.

The limited-edition Michigan bike offers an exceptional opportunity for Michigan fans who are also fitness enthusiasts. The bike represents the perfect fusion of school spirit and fitness. Moreover, the limited availability of the bike makes it an exclusive addition to their home gym, catering to ardent Michigan fans.

In conclusion, Peloton’s collaboration with the University of Michigan is an exciting opportunity for both Peloton users and Michigan fans. The Michigan Collection, limited-edition bike, and partnership with Liverpool FC showcase Peloton’s ability to adapt and cater to different teams and communities. With Peloton’s constant effort to provide unique fitness experiences to its users, one can only wonder which team or community they will collaborate with next!

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