Peloton Announces Limited Edition Bike Colors

Peloton Announces Limited Edition Bike Colors

Now that the Peloton x University of Michigan co-branded bike has been available for purchase for nearly a month now, Peloton is, once again, teasing something new with a post to their OnePeloton social media account.  

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Releasing an Instagram Reel featuring a limited edition Bike+ in three colors, Ocean (green), Galaxy (bronzed-gold) and Candy (red), Peloton is paving the way for a Bike+ makeover from the standard black and red of their flagship Bike and Bike+ model.

Dabbling in Bike Glow Ups

Earlier this year, a prototype photo made the rounds on social media, prompting Members to speculate whether or not new bike colors would be coming soon.  Shortly after that photo was released, news of the Peloton x University of Michigan partnership was announced, which also increased buzz around the concept of customized bikes. And, even more recently, Colombian singer Feid paid a visit to PSNY for a class with Camila Ramón, where he was gifted his very own Feid-green bike

Ok, So When Can We Buy It?

Good news, you won’t have to wait long…but you will have to be fast! With only 100 of each color, these Bike+ models are set to go on sale at 10am ET tomorrow (October 24).  While you wait, perhaps consider taking a quick 10 min Yoga Focus Flow: Wrists class with Kierra, just to keep those online shopping joints nice and loose because, once these drop for purchase, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them sell out faster than you can say FTP test.  

Who’s In?

Did Peloton’s teaser give you a serious case of FOMO?  Are you considering upgrading your black bike for a Glow Up model?  Which color is your favorite?  

 The Clip Out writers room is buzzing with excitement over the new colors and all we can say is don’t tempt us with a good time, Peloton!  It won’t take much for some of us to hit that Buy Now button. 

Peloton has not yet released a price, however the co-branded University of Michigan Bike+ is currently selling for $2,795.  If we were to a venture a guess, our guess would be in that range.  And, because we know you’re going to ask, no, we have no indication that a trade-in will be available.  

Limited edition Bike+ models are available to US residents only.

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