Peloton Brings Lanebreak to Tread+: Get Your Heart Pumping While The Beats Are Thumping

Peloton’s popular gamified fitness program, Lanebreak, is officially available on Tread+.  In what is likely a phased roll-out, Members who kept their Tread+’s through the recall reported seeing it on their machines today, January 25.

The release of Lanebreak on Tread+ comes after a long waiting period since its first launch on Bike/+ in March of 2022. Lanebreak was later rolled out on the Tread in the summer of 2023 but was not available on Tread+ due to its ongoing recall. With Tread+ now redeemed in the eyes of the CPSC and available for purchase again, its Lanebreak time has come. 

Gamified Fitness via the Virtual Lanebreak Track

Lanebreak on the Tread+ will offer Members the same thrilling experience as Bike/+ and Tread owners have been experiencing. The game combines high-energy music with immersive gameplay, making workouts feel more fun and engaging. Now, Tread+ users can look forward to getting in on the fun. 

How Lanebreak Works on the Tread/+

In Lanebreak, users race along a six-lane track that they control with their incline and speed knobs. Specifically, they use these buttons to control a virtual wheel as they race along the Lanebreak track. They encounter various objects, known as Moments, along the way, which are strategically placed in each lane. Moments need the user to make changes in their incline or speed, based on the workout goals and intensity of the song, requiring the user to push their limits to pass. The game also comes with a variety of mechanics that help users redeem points, engage in challenges, and compete on the leaderboard.

Scratching that Competitive Itch

Lanebreak is designed to be a challenging and rewarding experience for all users, and it encourages the player to push themselves harder and go beyond their fitness limits. To track individual progress, users are challenged to successfully complete most of the level’s Moments to get the coveted three-star rating. 

Members who retained their Tread+ through the recall should see it roll out to hardware shortly, if its not already available. By the time people who preordered the post-recall Tread+ receive their machines, Lanebreak should be available to everyone.

Tread+ owners (and future owners), on a scale of 1-10, how excited are you to see this feature finally roll out (with 10 being the only acceptable answer)?  DJ John Michael has some epic playlists waiting for you! 

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