When will the Tread+ Start Shipping? Two Weeks!

When will the Tread+ Start Shipping? We Have the Answer!

The highly anticipated Peloton Tread+ is set to start delivering soon. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming rollout.

The Big Comeback: Imminent Delivery of the Peloton Tread+ 

In a significant development, Peloton has announced that the delivery of the Tread+ will begin in just two weeks. This move will come as a relief to members who have pre-ordered the device. The number one question on the dread OPP has been “does anyone have any insight on when the Tread+ will start shipping?” Apparently, early 2024 was NOT specific enough.

Take note, although deliveries will START in two weeks, some people will still be waiting awhile. In an email sent to members who have a Tread+ on order, Peloton stated that all existing pre-order deliveries are expected to be completed by April. 

Delivery Process and Scheduling

Peloton is adopting a rolling-based approach for scheduling deliveries. This method considers both the date of the pre-order and the available inventory in each area. If you’re among the eagerly awaiting customers, keep an eye on your email and phone. Peloton plans to contact customers directly to schedule deliveries as soon as they are ready.

Enhanced Safety Features

The reintroduction of the Tread+ comes with a focus on safety. Peloton has worked closely with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to design and approve a new rear guard. This feature addresses the safety concerns that led to the Tread+’s recall and ensures a safer workout experience. The rollout of this rear safety guard to Members who already have a Tread+ is scheduled to begin in early 2024, indicating Peloton’s ongoing commitment to the safety of its members.

A Premium Experience

With the updated price point reflecting its premium nature, the Tread+ continues to be positioned as a high-end offering in the home fitness market. The price tag of around $6,000 underscores its status as a luxury fitness product, equipped with state-of-the-art features and safety enhancements.  For the record, I love mine and I will NEVER let it go and I’m super excited for more people to experience the Tread+.  Are you ordering one?  Tell us in the comments!

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