New Split Training for Beginners

New Split Training for Beginners

Fantastic news if you’re new to strength training- Peloton’s just released two brand new beginner strength split programs!

Assal Does the Splits

Like Literally, the Splits

Picture Likely Does Not Reflect Actual Results of this Strength Training Program

If lifting in German is your jam, Assal Arian has just released a brand new 5-day split program. It’s one of these first two split strength programs being released specifically for beginners. (Do beginner strength programs work for anyone? Absolutely- the difficulty of a workout is in lifting the weights that are right for you. A beginner-level strength workout isn’t easy– think of it more as simple. The moves aren’t complex, and the instructors put extra focus on form cues so you can learn as you go.)

Cliff Dwenger has also just released a new split program- intermediate level. If you want a good primer in split training (and want to know if Cliff can do the splits), check out the Cliff/Assal preview:

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But Can Matty Do the Splits?

Hold onto your dumbbells, though, because our friend Matty has also found a whole new way for us to “inhale the good s***”- a beginner 5-day split in English!

Probably Can't Do the Splits, But Looks Great in Pink

Probably Can’t Do the Splits, But Looks Great in Pink

Matty Maggiacomo, well known for his Tread Walk and Talks (along with runs, relaxing evening stretches, outdoor workouts, and TOTALLY being able to rock a Speedo, which is a tough thing to do without looking a little silly), continues to expand his strength class offerings, joining Assal in offering a beginner-level split program.

Can YOU do the Splits?

You can’t work the same muscles every day- not enough recovery (well, except for core.) So if you want to strength train all week, split training is the way to go- and Peloton’s offerings set it all up for you, making sure you don’t overwork a group of muscles- or leave any out. Ready to give split training a try? Check out the offerings:

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