Ben Alldis Running London Marathon

Ben Alldis to Run London Marathon 2024 in Support of Breast Cancer Now

Peloton instructor Ben Alldis has announced his participation in the London Marathon 2024 on behalf of Breast Cancer Now, a UK-based charity that funds research and provides support for people affected by breast cancer. This decision comes after his fiancé, Leanne Hainsby, was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and is now in remission.

Motivation: A Personal Connection

As mentioned earlier, Ben’s motivation for running the London Marathon 2024 comes from his personal experience with breast cancer. His fiancé, Leanne, was diagnosed with the disease last year, and the couple had to go through a long and difficult period of treatment and recovery. Fortunately, Leanne is now in remission, but the experience has naturally left a deep impact on both of them. Ben hopes that by running the marathon and raising funds for Breast Cancer Now, he can contribute to the fight against breast cancer and help others who are affected by it.

Training: Hosky Style

As a Peloton instructor, Ben is obviously no stranger to intense training regimens. He regularly leads classes on the Bike and the Tread, teaches Strength classes and is rumored to be the next Row instructor.  No matter what the platform, Ben knows how to push Members to their limits and help them achieve their fitness goals. However, running a marathon is a different type of challenge altogether.

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To prepare for the London Marathon 2024, Ben knew he needed to bring in some expert help.  Unfortunately for Ben, Susie Chan, Peloton Tread instructor and decorated endurance athlete, was otherwise occupied and wasn’t available to help him train.  So, Peloton enlisted the help of another UK Tread coach Jon Hosking to get Ben on the road to running London.

Together, Jon and Ben embarked upon Ben’s new training plan and hilarity ensued. And, lucky for us, it was documented on social media, providing an entertaining and motivational glimpse into Ben’s journey….and Hosky’s enthusiastic coaching style.  It also gave us a whole new bromance to follow (Jon Hosking is the unofficial Peloton bromance king!!).  But, despite the hijinks, from doing outdoor runs in a park to building strength via burpees, Ben is clearly putting in the hard work to make sure he can complete the 26.2-mile course.

Fundraising: Making a Difference

Running a marathon is not just about personal achievement for Ben. He is also using the opportunity to raise funds for Breast Cancer Now and make a difference in the lives of people affected by the disease. According to the charity’s website, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the UK, affecting about 1 in 8 women during their lifetime. By raising funds for Breast Cancer Now, Ben hopes to support vital research into the disease, provide care and support for people affected by it, and ultimately help find a cure. His fundraising page is set up and ready to receive donations from supporters, and he hopes to continue raising awareness and funds leading up to the London Marathon 2024.

Ben’s decision to run the London Marathon 2024 on behalf of Breast Cancer Now is a testament to his personal connection to the disease and his determination to make a difference. Through his rigorous training, entertaining social media content, and fundraising efforts, Ben is demonstrating his commitment to the fight against breast cancer and inspiring others to join him in the cause. As the marathon draws closer, we look forward to cheering Ben on from the sidelines and seeing the impact he makes in the lives of people affected by breast cancer.

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