Peloton Tread+ Preorder

Peloton Tread+ Preorder is LIVE!

Update:  We’ve reached out to Peloton to ask about applicable discounts for the Tread+ (military/teacher/first responder, etc) and have been told that, although those discounts will not be recognized, referral codes can still be applied to the purchase.

Tread+ is back

After years of longing for its return, Peloton announced last month that the Tread+, the company’s innovative treadmill, is back after a recall hiatus that saw a product redesign with the addition of new safety features in line with recommendations from the Consumer Product Safety Commission following a 2021 recall of the machine.  

Peloton has been working alongside the Consumer Product Safety Commission to refine the Tread+ by adding new safety features – the highlight being the Peloton Tread+ Rear Safety Guard, a feature that is unique to Peloton.  And, while delivery won’t take place until sometime in 2024, Peloton did say that pre-orders would start in December, and it appears that time has finally arrived!  Additionally, when first announced, Peloton attached a hefty $5,995 price tag to their elite machine.  However, we spy a slash through that price, with a (likely temporarily) lower price of $4,995.

A Large Footprint

The new Tread+ is not expected to weigh more than its predecessor, however, with the addition of the rear safety guard, it will be longer and wider.  The original Tread+ clocked in at 72.5″ L x 32.5″ W x 72″ H and the 2023/2024 version will come in at 75” L x 36.5” W x 72” H.  If you are considering adding the newest Tread+ to your fitness collection, Peloton recommends having an additional 24 inches of space to the left, right and front of the machine. 

Pre-Orders Start Today

For those of you who have been longing to add the Tread+ to your fitness equipment collection, the wait is finally over-ish (because you do still have to wait for deliver).  Preorders are now open, AND As we mentioned, Santa won’t be delivering this big toy to anyone in time for Christmas, however, with preorders now open, a printed order confirmation would make a lovely stand-in gift.  So, even though you won’t need to find a Tread+ sized bow, a smaller envelope-sized one would work, should you choose to gift this to a loved one.

Who will be ordering today?  Does the lower price push you closer to hitting the “buy now” button?

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