Peloton Announces Move As One Classes

Peloton Announces Move As One Classes

After visits to Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, and Berlin, Peloton on Tour has reached its final stop this weekend in London. To celebrate that, Peloton has announced Move As One Classes set to hit the schedule this weekend.  

Class Lineup

These pre-recorded “premiere” classes begin dropping on Sunday, December 3 at 11am ET/4pm GMT with a 30 minute Strength class led by Olivia Amato, Robin Arzon, Jermaine Johnson and Emma Lovewell (no word on whether or not Emma snuck a Janet Jackson song into the playlist).  

That 30 minute strength class will be followed by a Walk + Run, hitting the schedule at 11:30am ET/4:30pm GMT.  Alex Toussaint, Becs Gentry, Joslyn Thompson Rule, Olivia Amato, Robin Arzon and Susie Chan will lead Members through a 30 minute class.  

And, finally, the Move As One series wraps up with a 30 minute ride premiering at 12:00pm ET/5:00pm GMT.  Robin Arzon pops up once again and will be joined by Emma Lovewell, Alex Toussaint, Hannah Frankson, Ally Love and Bradley Rose.

AFO of Old Vibes

While it’s not an official All for One series, it sure is giving All for One vibes of days gone by.  We’re excited to see all of these Instructors coach and interact with one another in ways that we really haven’t been able to over the last several years.  Which class will you be taking?  

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