New Brittany Allen Collab

New Brittany Allen Collab Drops

Back by popular demand

We got two days notice of the new BA collab this time. Way to not drive me crazy for weeks, Peloton Apparel. (One day, it’s like Lulu, Lulu, Lulu, and then the next wait, WHAT? I mean, y’all saw it the same as I did.)

Jess King said it best: “It’s kind of like you’ve created a uniform for our people.” Brittany designs for the bold, loud, bright color-loving type- and as one of those people, it’s cause for celebration to see Peloton do another round of Brittany’s work!

“The hoodie has to hoodie.”

Jess King and Brittany herself offered commentary on the new collection on Instagram Live, featuring the newly-iconic purple hoodie.

“It feels like a jewel tone to me… purple can feel very flat,” said Brittany, agreeing with Jess’s assessment that it’s a “warm purple.” Insider tip: while the first hoodie is great for flying in, it’s not great for Jess King to be incognito at airports- and while the white washes well, the dark color of the new hoodie might show fewer messes (especially important for Jess, who as mother to two tiny kids, is frequently thrown up upon.)

After the hoodie, Jess asked the question we all had: how did we end up with tie-dye? (She also gave us a close-up of the logo, which until this moment I hadn’t realized was in holo, and now I want the tie dye set even more, thanks.) The tie-dye was Brittany’s choice to go a different direction from the first collab’s wild signature print- and create a redefined neutral that still feels like her work, could be done in multiple colors (is that a hint?) and mixed with anything.

They also pointed out a feature I’d never have noticed- not only is there no fabric behind the zipper in the high-necked bra, but the zipper locks. So if you’re wanting to give cleavage- this is the bra for you. Jess also noted that the bra is super high-support and very structured- an appreciated tip especially for the larger-busted among us. (That isn’t me whatsoever, but I would trust Jess King on this topic 110%.)

(P.S. Yes, Jess, PLEASE pretend you’re on QVC whenever you want.)

Mix and Match Plans

Just a note here that I’m right on Brittany and Jess’s page with the color choices. While the lavender set is gorgeous, these “neutrals” are also going to perfectly match the lavender Cadent set that I already have and adore… see?

Lavender is having a moment

Lavender is having a moment

They’d also go amazingly with spring green, dark purple, silver, and, for the leopard set, with coral. (So THAT is beyond me personally- I’ve never been an animal prints girl- but I cannot deny how amazing that leopard looks in that color combo. Go buy a ton of those and wear them for me, animal print lovers!) Brittany  notes that the leopard leggings would work great with the tie-dye bra

Items I really, really want:

  • The color-block bra. That’s what I missed from the first collab when it sold out super quickly… so I did buy that immediately this time. It’s on its way! We learned this was Jess’s favorite from the first collection- I cannot wait to pair this with the lavender leggings, OR some non-Peloton ones I have in that same spring green. OOH- it will also look awesome with this!)
  • The tie-dye set. (“It slaps,” says Brittany, and I couldn’t agree more.)
  • A fictional zipper version of this hoodie. Maybe I’ll get the hoodie, if it hits a good sale, but I love a zipper hoodie best.
  • The Dainty bralette and leggings (okay, this isn’t from the Peloton Apparel collab, but it’s also recent Brittany work, and I’m DYING.)
  • The cargo shorts. I have them from the first collab and I wear them a TON. Wore them the other day, in fact, before I even knew this new collab was coming. Photographic proof:
And THEY match this orange apparel top

And THEY match this orange Apparel top

Brittany’s Backstory

We’ve heard it in bits and pieces before, but Jess told us again: the genesis of Brittany x Peloton came five years ago when Brittany slid into her DMs as a fan of her classes. Recovering from a stroke, she found Peloton, and fell in love with the Jess/DJ John Michael classes. Jess was thrilled to meet her in New York not long later- for a first “casual hang” involving the Jess-Sofia secret wedding as well as an introduction to the newly-secretly-dating Rebecca and Andy. (Don’t worry- Brittany signed an NDA and Jess had dress-up clothes for her!) After that, they started “building looks” together- not just for Jess King Experience, but for other classes, other instructors, eventually leading to this second Peloton collection.

The first outfit they ever did together? The jackets for the Season 1 finale of the Jess King Experience , though they also fondly remember the Miley Cyrus ride as an early favorite.

And what’s next? Brittany told Jess she wouldn’t be in New York this week since, “I’m working on that thing.” (Insert meaningful wink here). What thing? The people demand answers!

Some Slightly Related Fashion Side Notes

  • Brittany confirmed the awesome pockets in her workout clothing ARE for snacks. I knew it! A protein bar fits in there perfectly. (Then again, so does a short-stack can of Pringles.)
  • What does one clip to the front of the cargo shorts? Jess says Tamagotchi.
  • With a patterned legging, it’s much harder to notice if you pee your pants.
  • Brittany and Jess had the bra pads talk. Can we have the bra pads talk? I put this out for comment and got SO much input it will have to be a whole separate article, but for these purposes- thanks for giving us options, Brittany!

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