Lanebreak in Featured Collections on Bike home screen

ICYMI: Peloton’s Lanebreak Now in Featured Collections on Bike’s Home Screen

Peloton’s Lanebreak Now Featured on Bike’s Home Screen: A Thrilling Adventure Awaits

Peloton continues to look for ways to increase Lanebreak’s visibility for Members as the fitness giant strategically puts the gamified workout option front and center of the Bike’s home screen. Lanebreak, which was first launched in February 2022, has now been added to the Featured Collections on the Bike’s home screen, alongside other popular Peloton collections like Hip Hop 50 and the Artist Series collection.

Lanebreak is a fast-paced and highly interactive experience designed to take users on a thrilling adventure through a virtual gamified experience while challenging their physical abilities. With each round of play, users can earn points and climb the leaderboard, increasing the competitive energy of every session. The game-like setup consists of timed intervals, where users must pedal their way through different challenges.

After originally appearing in OD libraries, Lanebreak can now be found front and center in Featured Collections on the Bike home screen

Lanebreak: A Fast-Paced and Highly Interactive Experience

Since its launch, Lanebreak has been a hit among Peloton Members, and for good reason. With its unique blend of entertainment, engagement, and fitness, it offers a great way to mix up workout routines and challenge oneself in new ways. The recent addition of Lanebreak to the Bike’s Featured Collections is sure to bring this exciting workout option even more visibility and attention.

Climb the Leaderboard and Earn Points for Every Round of Play

The Featured Collections on the Bike’s home screen are often a rolling collection, and are generally reserved for Peloton’s most popular and well-loved programs, as well as collections that are currently relevant to Members. Along with Lanebreak, Members can access a wide range of fitness classes tailored to their needs, preferences, and abilities. Whether you’re looking for intense cardio workouts, low-impact rides, yoga flows or bootcamp-style classes, there’s something for everyone on the Peloton platform.

Try Lanebreak Now and Experience the Adrenaline Rush for Yourself

Now that Lanebreak is front and center on the Bike’s home screen, members have the perfect opportunity to try it out for themselves. Get ready to break a sweat, power up, and level up with this mesmerizing workout experience that will take you on an incredible adventure. Peloton’s Lanebreak is a true win-win: fun and engaging, with an added bonus of a challenging workout routine that boosts your fitness levels.

Note:  Although Lanebreak is now available for Tread users, as of this publication, there is no indication that it is being shown in Featured Collections on Tread home screens. 

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