German Summer Break series happening July 31 to Aug 6

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Summer is in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere and Peloton’s German-language instructors are taking members on a virtual tour of their favorite summer holiday locations in a weeklong Summer Break series kicking off Monday 7/31.

Peloton Deutschland Facebook page announced the series this week:

“Experience our Summer Break Workouts and join our German-speaking Peloton trainers from 31. July to the 6th August on the road!”

Peloton German-language cycling instructor Dr. Charlotte Weidenbach teased the series on her Instagram as well. She posted in German, and our translation is not perfect, but it essentially says her Summer Break Ride is on Monday, 7/31, and will be inspired by several beautiful and beloved places in Germany:

“I’m not allowed to reveal it, but I’m so bad at keeping secrets to myself! 🤢 My Summer Break Ride is coming to you on Monday morning – I’ll give you one or two lead[s]: several beautiful places in Germany that I love. What do you think – can you guess? I won’t say anything more!”

At first glance, these classes sounded like they might be literally “on the road” and outside of the studio. But Charlotte was kind enough to confirm that the classes are just inspired by the locations, not actually taking place at them. This was the case for last year’s Summer Break series as well. But, knowing these instructors, the classes will feel like a vacation regardless!

Peloton instructors have always done a fantastic job taking members on a journey through their classes. We might be on equipment that goes nowhere, but they manage to take you to faraway places with their storytelling. Kendall’s Movie Buff Rides (the Movie Buff Ride: Holiday Special is a treat any time of year), Sam Yo’s Star Wars Ride, John Hosking’s At The Club series, and the entire All For One ’22: Music Fest Collection are all prime examples.

We know these classes will be taught in German, but if you don’t speak the language you have the option to catch the classes on demand, where we expect them to all have subtitles!

Summer Break lineup

Here’s the full lineup of classes scheduled for Summer Break 2023:

Mon 7/31 at 1 AM ET: 30 min Summer Break Ride with Charlotte Weidenbach (Live)
Mon 7/31 at 11:30 AM ET: 30 min Summer Break Full Body Strength with Erik Jager (Live)
Mon 7/31 at 12 PM ET: 20 min Summer Break Run with Marcel Maurer (Live)
Tues 8/1 at 12 PM ET: 20 min Summer Break Ride with Mayla Wedekind (Live)
Tues 8/1 at 1:30 PM ET: 30 min Summer Break Power Zone Ride with Erik Jager (Live)
Weds 8/2 at 1:30 AM ET: 30 min Summer Break Bike Bootcamp with Cliff Dwenger (Live)
Weds 8/2 at 2 PM ET: 10 min Summer Break Arms & Light Weights with Mila Lazar (Live)
Thurs 8/3 at 3 AM ET: 15 min Summer Break Core with Cliff Dwenger (Live)
Thurs 8/3 at 2:05 PM ET: 20 min Summer Break Meditation with Nico Sarani (Live)
Fri 8/4 at 11 AM ET: 30 min Summer Break Walk with Mayla Wedekind (Live)
Sat 8/5 at 3 AM ET: 30 min Summer Break Run with Tobias Heinze (Live)
Sat 8/5 at 3:30 AM ET: 20 min Summer Break Ride with Benny Adami (Live)
Sun 8/6 at 3 AM ET: 20 min Summer Break Walk with Jeffrey McEachern (Encore)
Sun 8/6 at 4:30 AM ET: 10 min Summer Break HIIT Cardio with Marcel Maurer (Encore)

Which German Summer Break locations do you hope to see in the series? If you take the classes, please share your experience in our Facebook Group!

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