Dr. Charlotte Weidenbach interviews Mila Lazar about her PSL locker

What’s in Your Locker?

What We Know So Far

“What’s in Your Locker?” is BACK, and we’ve already learned a few things:

  • The lockers at PSNY and PSL look the same (from outside, anyway), though they’re laid out a bit differently;
  • Charlotte Weidenbach has an oddly similar demeanor to Kristin McGee, though they don’t really resemble one another;
  • So far, German-speaking instructors are tidier than Americans;
  • Nipple covers are always important.

Yes, the Instagram series “What’s in Your Locker?” has migrated from New York to London, and we’re always thrilled to have a peek into the instructor locker rooms and learn a few things about what it takes to prep our Peloton instructors for a class.

Live From New York…

You’ve probably already seen the PSNY edition of “What’s in Your Locker?” hosted by yoga instructor Kristin McGee. The series, which began in July of this year, has taken us on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Peloton instructor locker room in New York City, where Kristin visits the lockers of her co-workers. The best part? Many of the instructors’ lockers are surprisingly messy, featuring colorful collections of items ranging from shoes to hats, and one locker that even resembles a gay pride parade. (Not so surprisingly, Matt Wilpers is tidy, though Denis Morton and Alex Karwoski aren’t bad either!)

So far, we’ve seen many lockers, including those belonging to Rad Lopez, Katie Wang, Marcel Dinkins, and Matty Maggiacomo, with Jenn Sherman claiming not to even use her locker before finding belongings (laundry, and… a Peloton-branded helmet?) that weren’t hers. Peloton fans have been looking forward to each new episode of this locker room treasure hunt.

Dr. Charlotte Weidenbach, Cycling Instagram Superstar

Charlotte Weidenbach is one of a kind- one of only two Peloton instructors to have the title “Doctor,” but the only one to have a medical degree, which she earned in 2021 in Berlin, Germany, before leaving the medical field to promote preventative medicine- fitness! The multitalented Charlotte teaches cycling but has (along with Marcel Maurer) shared core exercises with us along with general well-being tips. She’s taken on hard-hitting internet challenges, from girl math to making an excessive number of 1989 puns alongside Jeffrey McEachern (so hey, Charlotte, we have that in common!)

Meanwhile, Across the Pond

Addressing the elephant in the room: Mila Lazar keeps a Monchichi in her locker for luck. (This is still a thing? I’m a child of the 80s and I had no idea this was still a thing.)

We mean: We’re thrilled to see “What’s in Your Locker?” continue in a new setting! Cycling instructor Charlotte was pleased to take over from Kristin and bring the series to London, starting strong by investigating the locker of her fellow German-speaking instructor Mila. We received a beauty tip (putting your sheer, skull-printed scarf over your face protects your clothing from makeup) and spotted fuzzy slippers (from Charlotte!) and part of Mila’s Halloween costume lingering, as well as a Lululemon bag apparently containing a wig. We got a quick glimpse of other lockers, including one with a blue top hanging out and one with, perhaps, a Blink 182 shirt on a hanger.

Will we see more PSL instructors soon? Will we see Mila’s Monchichi again soon? Which lockers will be the tidiest, and what kind of hair products does Benny Adami use to keep his hair riding high? (Seriously, Charlotte, answer that question for us. You could make this happen and satisfy our curiosity.) The journalistic investigation may never end, and it won’t have to… just keep the locker invasions coming!

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