What Your Favorite Instructor Says About You

What Does Your Favorite Peloton Instructor Say About You?

You may not realize it, but your favorite instructor tells us FAR MORE about you than you might ever imagine. If you’re a superfan of one of these popular Peloton personalities, find out what that reveals here… and maybe get an idea for a new instructor or modality to try to complement your unique personality! Disclaimer: this is not at all based on sound psychological theory, and if your author is psychic, she hides it really well.


You’re the type to have sun fall this perfectly on your hair.

If your favorite instructor is Kendall Toole, you might be a supermodel, a prizefighter, or a drill sargeant. You probably wear a baseball hat and a ponytail while hiking in a canyon somewhere, maybe with a friendly dog, and still manage to look flawless in 100-degree weather (while hiking, you pick up random shiny rocks to put in your pockets. Doesn’t everyone?) You have no shame about having conversations with inanimate objects and will apologize to the dishwasher if you open it while it’s running. If you’ve been spinning and sweating to metal all week and need a change-up, why not consider some restorative yoga with Chelsea?


Off the bike, you might be a CEO.

If your favorite instructor is Christine D’Ercole, you’re probably not Gen X, but you really wish you were. You have more piercings than the average Pelotoner and an unusual DIY hobby, like beekeeping, soap making, or brewing kombucha. It would be good for you to keep in mind that your caffeine tolerance may not always be what it is now. When you were a little kid, you dreamed of driving motorcycles, and when you were a teenager, you dreamed of flying planes. There’s a lot of emotion in this body of rides, so if you’re ready for something a little different, go for a literal breath of fresh air and stack an outdoor walk with Matty.


Being as perfect as you shouldn’t be legal, but beware of geese.

If your favorite instructor is Ally Love, when you were a kid, you had a different favorite Disney princess every six months or so.  You don’t know this (I’m telling you now), but you ooze charisma from every pore. Birds, butterflies, bumblebees, and a lot of the time mosquitos- outdoor creatures tend to flock to you, good or bad. On any given night, you might be at a mermaid-themed rave, a pancake decoration class, or on stage at an open mic night doing stand-up. Your secret fears include balloons popping unexpectedly, nuclear war, and geese. It’s tough being so wholesome sometimes- we suggest layering with something a little more devilish, like this Halloween warm-up with Erik.


You’re a whole entire mood and you know how to rock some jewelry.

If your favorite instructor is Alex Toussaint, your dream career is either professional drummer or high-class tank top designer. You have excellent personal hygiene and keep your surroundings tidy, and people know better than to ever disagree with you about music. If you ever tried parkour, you’d be a natural. You make socks with sandals look good. In your free time, you love going down internet rabbit holes about Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, and you’ve seen every single episode of the X-Files. You’re living a pretty intense life, so consider winding down at the end of the day with one of Kirra’s meditations.


If this sign cracks you up, this section is for you. Don’t fight it.

If your favorite instructor is Cody Rigsby, no one’s really quite sure if you’re good or evil at heart. Guys dig you, girls dig you… but grandmothers dig you even more. If you had to be an animal, you’d be a squirrel (but only if it could talk), a dolphin (it would already communicate well enough), or a tween girl (who actually would speak just fine, tyvm). Most people don’t know it, but you have a sensitive side, and probably have a hobby like watercolor or pottery. Birds aren’t real. Perhaps consider switching everything up this weekend- modality, instructor, music, even language- with this Taylor Swift run, featuring Jeffrey!

Were we right? Did we nail your personality? (And since we probably didn’t, what did we miss?)

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