Peloton Celebrates UK Black History Month in October

Peloton Celebrates UK Black History Month

Peloton Celebrates UK Black History Month with Unique Classes and Playlists

Peloton is celebrating UK Black History Month. With a range of classes featuring Black artists, the company has dedicated the month of October to celebrate the important contributions of Black people in Britain. Coach Cliff Dwenger welcomed the community to the celebration, saying, “I truly believe we can learn from each other NOT DESPITE our differences but BECAUSE of our differences!” He encouraged Peloton athletes of all ethnicities to join in, saying “we need to stick together, so I wanna see all the nationalities, all the colours…”

UK Black History Month

Peloton’s UK Black History Month Celebration

A Brief History of UK Black History Month

UK Black History Month has been celebrated in the UK since 1987 and is a month-long celebration of the history, culture, and contributions of the black people in the UK. The month of October was chosen to coincide with African Jubilee Day, which has been observed since 1982. The first Black History Month celebration in the UK started in London organized by Ghanaian Akyaaba Addai-Sebo, who arrived as a refugee in 1984. It was aimed explicitly at promoting and advocating black culture and history within Britain, as well as challenging racism. While the American Black History Month may have inspired Britain’s, over time it’s become its own celebration prioritizing key Black figures in British culture and history.

Peloton’s Unique Classes

Black History Month

Peloton’s UK Black History Month Classes

Peloton is known for its on-demand classes with live and pre-recorded options. This year, they have dedicated classes and rides to celebrate UK Black History Month with unique playlists by black artists. The 30-minute Black History Month ride with Cliff Dwenger features music by J Hus, Burna Boy, Gabrielle, Stefflon Don, and others. Bradley Rose’s 20-minute 80s pop ride features music by Sade, Sinitta, Billy Ocean, Aswad, and others. Additionally, there is a 30-minute Black History Month run lead by Jeffrey McEachern; while the playlist is yet to be announced, the run will feature black culture-inspired stories and affirmations.

Unique playlists have been created specifically for these classes and feature songs and artists that celebrate Black culture and history. Riders and runners can now sweat and workout to unique playlists and learn about black history and culture while getting their exercise in.

Celebrating Black culture and history

Peloton’s celebration of UK Black History Month is an excellent way to bring much-needed positivity, education, and celebration to the nation. With unique playlists, Peloton rides and runs allow everyone to sweat and celebrate Black culture and history. This month is an opportunity for people to learn, appreciate and celebrate the contributions of Black people to British society as a whole.

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