Turkey Burn Day: A Clip Out Recap

Our favorite fall holiday, Thanksgiving, has come and gone- food, fun, and Peloton Turkey Burn workouts! And since it’s a day to spend with family, your Clip Out fam managed to hit the bike, tread, and mat in honor of Turkey Burn’s 10th Peloversary, and we’re here to share the details with you as well!

Matty and Olivia’s Two-for-One Turkey Trot: for those of us who had decent enough weather to get outdoors, this was a perfect pick- and the Matty/Olivia banter made it speed right by! Big bro and little sis talked about family (Matty’s grandparents are in their 90s!), food, and tradition, and both admitted they’re thankful for their chosen family- including one another.

Jess’s 30 min Fit Family Cardio: this one was a sneaky two-for-one, since it also featured the fabulous Kirsten Ferguson.

Matt’s 20 min Turkey Burn Row: We thought Emma Lovewell just curated Matt’s recent 45 minute Power Zone ride, but is there a chance she had a hand in this one as well? ANY workout kicking off with “Miss You Much,” by Janet Jackson, brings us right back to Crush Your Core (the OG).

Denis’s 30 min Turkey Burn Yoga Flow: We badly want to know if it’s coincidence, or if Denis shares our writer’s passion for the movie Love, Actually around the holidays, because he featured a memorable song from its soundtrack (“Here With Me,” by Dido) at just the right time of the year- and just a couple weeks after the film’s 20th anniversary! This was a nice, solid flow- punctuated by a few half moons!- that stretched us out perfectly to prep for an afternoon spent cooking and an evening at the table.

But if you’ll recall, Peloton set a goal this Thanksgiving…

Peloton set out to break two Guinness world records on Turkey Burn Day

Break Records? No Problem!

Alex’s 30 min Turkey Burn Run: Headliner #1 hit the stage with a high-energy playlist featuring “Like a Prayer,” by Madonna… a song he has a little Thanksgiving history with. Not a lot of hills in this Turkey Burn, but Alex did push his class through faster pick-ups between walk breaks.

Robin’s 45 min Turkey Burn Ride: Headliner #2 broke Peloton. In perfectly-fit blaze orange and yellow, we’re pretty sure Robin would have been very safe if she was directing a Thanksgiving Day traffic jam or deer hunting in the forest- but while she lit up the room, she unfortunately wasn’t able to keep the Peloton servers up.

Robin Arzon in blaze orange and yellow

Robin Cools Down

As the number of riders climbed, the internet blew up with commenters upset they couldn’t join the traffic-cone colored hustler Queen in the Guinness record attempt. The load on the servers seemed to affect other classes as well, with reports that a Lanebreak class wouldn’t even load. Robin persisted- many riders PRed and were baffled by an absent badge- but it appeared the next day. This ride did not disappoint – a high energy play list (Kesha, Taylor Swift, Hamilton, and Deee-Lite) got Robin’s hustlers through intervals, hills, tabata, and even a riders choice section- everything to keep riders moving before the holiday feast! Robin inspired reflection on what we are thankful for (she even got teary eyed herself!) but also asked all-important questions like whether we were looking forward to macaroni and cheese or green bean casserole! (Fun fact- NFL legend Andrew Whitworth, in studio, prefers green bean casserole over mac and cheese, but he’s about the only one!)

Dear Members,This morning, we set out to create an amazing annual Turkey Burn Ride experience, and we let you down. The number of Members trying to join the ride overwhelmed our technical infrastructure and we were unable to support all those attempting to participate in the class. While over 37,000 Members were able to participate, we know far too many of you could not. I know for many of you, this has become an annual tradition, and we owe you the best possible Member experience. On behalf of the team, we apologize. For our US Members, I wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving and to all of you, a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for being a Peloton Member. Together We Go Far, Barry McCarthy CEO, Peloton

CEO Barry McCarthy Apologizes

We appreciate the apology, Barry.

Alex and Robin with their world record certificates

Guinness World Record holders!

They did it, though- in the end, both Alex and Robin’s classes set the Guiness World record- for “Most viewers of a running/jogging lesson live stream on a bespoke platform” and “Most viewers of a static cycling lesson live stream on a bespoke platform.” Congratulations to Alex, Robin, and Peloton!

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