Happy Peloversary to Nico, Mariana, and Kirra!

Three Years of Inspiration and Inner Peace: Happy Peloversary to Nico, Mariana, and Kirra!

It’s been three whirlwind years since Nico Sarani, Kirra Michel, and Mariana Fernández leaped into our Peloton family, and what a ride it’s been! Each of them brought their unique spark to the team, transforming workouts into experiences that go beyond the physical. Here’s a toast to their Peloversary, amazing milestones, and the incredible impact they’ve had on the Peloton community.

Nico Sarani: Breaking Boundaries with Every Pose

Did someone say “Yoga auf Deutsch”? That’s right! Nico Sarani burst onto the scene as the first German-speaking yoga instructor at Peloton, offering an oasis of calm and strength to our German-speaking members. From the serenity of mindfulness to the intensity of power yoga, Nico’s classes have been nothing short of revolutionary. Not to mention, she’s curated classes with vibes fromPaul Kalkbrenner to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Staying true to her roots while pushing boundaries, Nico’s influence has been both profound and inspiring.

Kirra Michel: Power and Peace From Down Under

From Down Under to New York City, Kirra Michel has brought her A-game (and then some!) to Peloton. Known for her challenging sessions, Kirra is the only Australian instructor and a true testament to the saying “No pain, no gain.” Her Path to Inversion program has had members flipping their perspectives—quite literally. Tackling Kirra’s classes means expecting the unexpected and always leaving with a greater sense of accomplishment.

Mariana Fernández: A Multilingual And Multitalented Marvel

Mariana has carved a unique niche as the first (and to date, only) Spanish-speaking yoga instructor at Peloton, while also dazzling us with her Tread classes. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she brings a vibrant energy that transcends language barriers- who could forget her magical Encanto class! And outside the studio, her passion translates into action, as seen in her recent New York City marathon run. Proving her versatility and dedication, Mariana continues to inspire on and off the mat.

More Than Instructors

Beyond their professional achievements, Nico, Kirra, and Mariana have truly impacted lives. Their journeys have mirrored our own challenges and triumphs, especially in times when community felt more important than ever. They’ve been with us through thick and thin, teaching us not just about fitness but about courage, resilience, and the joy of finding our tribe.

Their stories and classes remind us that Peloton isn’t just about working out; it’s about connecting, growing, and celebrating each other’s victories, however small they may seem.

As we mark this three-year milestone, we’re not just celebrating Nico, Kirra, and Mariana’s past achievements. We’re toasting to the future, to the countless cycles, sprints, and poses ahead, and to the countless opportunities they’ll have to inspire us all over again.

Here’s to many more years of strength, transformation, and community. Cheers, Nico, Kirina, and Mariana—here’s to you, our stars, for making the Peloton universe a brighter place.

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