The Official Tonal Facebook Community Hits 20,000 plus our interview with Rob Webb


Tonal Community hits 20,000 members.

Aly Orady appeared on the How Success Happens podcast.

New Content: Tony Hortons’s 20-In-20 program and more!

There have been some tweaks to the trainer.

Tonal Talk features “Stronger Than a Stigma” with Coach Pablo.

There are tons of Upcoming Events to be aware of.

The Ultimate Tonal Workout Guide has been updated.

The Tonal Blog talks about virtual fitness with friends.

There’s a new station of music – Latin.

Birthday Natalie Carey (9/9), Nikki Metzger (9/12)

All this plus our interview with Rob Webb!

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The Official Tonal Facebook Community Hits 20,000 plus our interview with Rob Webb

I am very excited because, after years of legging purchases galore, it is my time to shine.

It is your time to shine. I feel like we need to post a picture of the bottom of our closets with all the t-shirts you can no longer wear. Congratulations.

It’s almost all of them.

I know. You kept three, four?

I kept five. It was shirts that were technically extra large but never fit quite right and now they fit. They’re still loose.

For those of you who have no idea what we’re talking about, Tom secretly started using the Tonal a few years ago.

It was January of 2020.

In January of 2021, you started your MetPro journey.

I was feeling better.

You have now hit a new milestone. You are in the lowest weight that you have been in two decades.

It’s the lowest weight that I’ve been in a decade. My pants size is a 36 waist. I haven’t worn size 36 jeans since the Clinton administration. The lasts size 36 jeans I had were acid wash.

What’s crazy is your weight itself is not as low as you would probably want it in your head, but because you’ve been working out, your body has gotten smaller. You’re smaller than you ever have been since I’ve known you. What a crazy thing. It’s awesome.

It’s fascinating how people get so fixated on the scale and I’ve certainly lost weight. I have had lower numbers on the scale but I don’t feel like I physically looked as small as I do now.

That lean muscle you put on there.

The hidden cost of Tonal is I have to go buy a bunch of jeans and t-shirts.

Yes, you do. Apparently, we’re going to have to buy hoodies. You guys don’t even know how expensive this truly is because you have spent years and years amassing the nerd collection of t-shirts and hoodies. When you get rid of that, somebody out there is going to be a very lucky nerd.

I need to find a nerd who went from 2XL to XL and reward them with all the nerd shirts, “Here’s a whole new nerd wardrobe. Now that you’ve gone from 2X to X.” When he goes to large, he can pass it on again.

That’s nice. I’m very proud of you. It has been a tremendous amount of work and dedication. It is astonishing to see how different you look. It’s amazing. I’m very proud of you.

I’m glad you like it. That’s the important thing. Enough about me. What do you have in store for people?

I got to hear a podcast that Aly Orady was on. He’s the brain behind the original Tonal idea. We’re going to talk about that. As usual, there have been tons of new content that were dropped on Tonal. We got to talk about a few new features that have dropped as well, and some general news about Tonal that we need to cover.

Affirm’s mission is to deliver financial products that improve lives. Share on X

Before we get to all that, shameless plugs, don’t forget we’re available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeart, TuneIn. Wherever you find a podcast, you can find us. While you’re there, be sure and follow us so you never miss an episode. You can also find us on Facebook at You can see all of our episodes if listening isn’t good enough for you. You can go to our YouTube channel, which is set up for our original podcast, at These episodes are there as well. There’s all of that. Let’s dig in. Shall we?

We shall.

Aly Orady was on How Success Happens. I keep wanting to call it How Did I Make This? What was that other one?

How I Built This.

There’s also a nerd movie podcast called How Did This Get Made? They all get jumbled in my head.

There’s a whole lot of how.

There’s a lot of jumbling in my head.

You keep a lot of pop culture in there, Tom. I think we can let that go. I listened to this podcast and I really enjoyed listening to Aly talk about it. He talked about a ton of things but I love hearing the story of how he came up with the original idea for Tonal and the prototype on his kitchen counter. That will never get old. It struck me this time as I was listening to his story that the reason he stopped working for nine months to focus on his fitness was not like he just quit his job and decided, “I’m going to stop working.”

It was because he had this epiphany when he was thinking about his health. He had struggled with his health his entire life. He realized that throughout his life, the thing that he had been successful at was his job because he focused on it as his full-time job. He was like, “To get my health where I want it to be, I am going to quit working until I get my health where I want it to be. I’m going to use that as my full-time job.” While he was doing that at the gym and he’s literally sitting there, that’s when he has the epiphany.

He’s like, “There’s got to be a better way.”

He had started thinking like, “I’m going to go back to work. How am I going to do this? How am I going to be able to continue this upkeep once I go back to a normal day job?”

If you’re trying to strength train before Tonal keep in track of what move equaled what weight, that was a full-time job.

You add onto it the commute. You having to find a parking spot and then in my mind, fighting the big tough guys for the weights, and dealing with all of that. That is a full-time job. I love hearing about that. I also wanted to mention a couple of things that I heard that were like little gems that I did not know about his story. Did you know, Tom, that he graduated high school when he was fifteen?

I did not.

He’s a little bit of a hard driver. The week that he recorded this podcast, they onboarded 25 new employees at Tonal. Another couple of little interesting tidbits, Tonal was on the books for a full year in 2019. That year they sold more than the first year that Peloton did when they were selling their bikes for the first full year.

That’s fascinating. I guess some of that is because people understood the concept of connected fitness in a way that Peloton had to explain it to people. They had a shorthand that Peloton had to create but still that says a lot.

Tonal still had to do a lot of creation on their own. They still had to do a lot of education and then I thought this was just fantabulous in 2020 after the COVID took place. That’s not the cool part. The cool part is that the everyday sales for Tonal became like Black Friday sales for 2019. That’s why they had so much trouble keeping up with demand during that time because whenever you’re dealing with hardware, you got to deal with all the pieces and parts, the labor, and all the things that go with the entire supply chain. I loved hearing what keeps him up at night. It’s keeping the Tonal culture alive and focusing on running the business because those things can distract from the overall goal, which is to sell five million units of Tonal in five years.

That’s a lot. I wonder where they’re at.

I don’t know. That’s a crazy, huge goal and I think they can do it. I also thought it was great that they see Tonal as being a lifelong membership. They don’t see you getting a Tonal and using it for a little bit. This is something that Peloton paved the way for as well. They want to keep people engaged, not just for a short time period and not just while you reach your goals but beyond that, and to keep people engaged for their entire lives.

You don’t keep cycling. It’s not like lose it, gain it. It’s like, “Get there and maintain.” They’re like, “Where are your gym membership now?”

It was a great episode. I enjoyed it.

On the heels of wanting to sell five million in five years, we should say that the Tonal Facebook Community hit 20,000 members. Obviously, they have sold more than 20,000 Tonals. Not everybody wants to engage in Facebook in the same way. That’s not really a metric. Coming off of five million, you’re like, “Oh no.” That’s an amazing number in such a short period of time, so congrats to everybody involved.

I know that you just said everybody involved, but I especially want to shout out Kate and the team that keeps the community on track. The love and the niceness that remains in the official Tonal community warms my heart. I hope that it always stays that way. They are 20,000 strong and are still going. I hope we stay that way.

I know it’s tough, the bigger it gets but they try their darndest.

They added another member to the admin team. They are making sure to continue to grow it along with the growth of the community. I appreciate that.

Every week, there are tons of new content. Although it seems to be all from Tony Horton.

It’s not all from Tony Horton, but this is a big deal because it is Tony Horton’s first official Tonal program. He’s done programming.

It’s an isolated one-off workout but it’s an actual program.

This one is called 20-In-20: Ignite with Tony Horton. It is five times a week for four weeks and it’s a full-body workout. For five days a week, you hit it hard for twenty minutes. You hit all the different muscle groups. I’m hearing lots of good things. That twenty-minute is intense.

He’s pretty intense.

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It’s not just Tony Horton that we have new content from. We also have new yoga. We have Your Inner Nature with Coach Nikki. It’s upper body, 28 minutes. This is a great one for your active recovery days. We have Leg Day Yoga Prep with Coach Frances. This is a lower body and it’s fifteen minutes. It’s a dynamic yoga flow that prepares your lower body for the lifting workout. Lots of good content.

There have been some updates to the trainer.

There are three major updates. One is that the total volume is on the trainer at the upper left-hand corner as you’re doing the workout. You see how much volume you’re accumulating throughout the workout. This has been met with mixed feedback.

Why would people be against it?

They’re not against that but for whatever reason, I’m sure this is a programming thing, when they changed that, they also changed the heart rate zones. Now the heart rate zones, which you don’t use because you don’t have a watch. If you have a watch and you’re seeing your heart rate zones displayed, they were displayed in color in that upper left-hand corner. As you progressed through the zones, it changed color to show where you were in your heart rate zones. Now it still shows that information but it’s all white. People do not like the all-white. They also don’t like that it’s smaller because it’s harder to see from the ground. It was pretty bright before and now it’s different.

I don’t know what the colors were like, but it was easy to look up and go, “I’m in red,” then that means you should back off a little bit. I don’t know what the colors were like.

Although if you were in red, hopefully, you knew because you’re on the floor breathing hard.

I’m always like that. What’s the point? Why spend the money to find that out? I don’t need technology to tell me that.

Another cool feature that they added, do you know how there are partner workouts? Now you can add three or more partner workouts.

It’s great for throuples.

Even for people that want the entire family to join in on the workout, everybody can work out together. You can do more than three people at the same time. Isn’t that awesome? I’m curious though about this because in my house I’ll never get to try it. I know that whenever I have done partner workouts in the past, you have to wait for somebody else to work out. I could see that changing how hard you work out if you’re waiting for three people.

You have rest inserted that aren’t necessarily supposed to be there.

You’d need to do some jumping jacks or something to spice it up. You don’t look excited about that.

I’m thinking if you got three people working out at the same time, it already sounds a little spicy.

Let’s not forget the new addition of a search bar right on the trainer. If you want to search for something specific like a keyword, you can search all of the different workouts by keyword. That was only something you could do in the app. That’s cool.

There’s a Tonal Talk out there for you and it’s called Stronger Than A Stigma with Coach Pablo.

I want to make sure to call attention to this one. The discussion is going to touch on topics like suicide, self-harm and mental illness. It’s something that a lot of people can relate to. It’s an important topic so I wanted to make sure to mention that it’s out there. Please take the time and check it out.

If you’re looking to get even more engaged with the Tonal community, there are all sorts of upcoming events for you to check out.

This would have aired by the time this episode is published. On Wednesday, September 15th, at 5:00 PM, Pacific, it’s Tonal Talk’s the Ankle Agility with Coach Liz. That’s super important because people who do a lot of running and biking don’t realize how much they use their ankles. Thursday, September 16th, Ask Coach Liz. These are such great events. All of these coaches win. There’s one on the 16th for Coach Liz. There’s one on the 23rd for Ask Coach Trace. There’s one on the 30th for Ask Coach Paul.

I wanted to bring that up because sometimes people don’t know about these coach events that you can ask. There are times when you’re doing a program or a workout and you have questions. You’re like, “I wish I could ask so and so,” and maybe you even post it and you might get feedback that’s helpful. Maybe the coach that you were looking for to answer didn’t have a chance to answer. Maybe they didn’t see it or whatever. This way, you can talk directly to the coaches.

You can submit your questions ahead of time for all of these. I highly recommend that you do so. We can’t forget to mention that the book club or the Read Between The Reps, Why We Sleep, will be on September 30th. There’s the Zoom meeting where you get to have the big talk through of the book.

Some people might not realize, but the Tonal blog has The Ultimate Tonal Workout Guide and it gets updated quarterly, and it has been updated.

It originally came out back in February of 2021 and Coach Nicolette updates it quarterly. The thing about this is that depending on what your goals are, this guide will take you through different workouts that you can do. If your goal is to get lean and then if you’re beginning, intermediate or advanced, Coach Nicolette put together like, “Do this program, then do this program, then do the next program.” She did that by goal and difficulty. Depending on if you’re a beginner or advanced, and depending on what your goals are like if it’s to get lean or to build muscle, everything is laid out for you. It’s great because so many times you’re like, “What should I do next?” Coach Nicolette already has the answer.

That’s awesome. I joke around a lot about how I do programs because I don’t want to think about it. I don’t want to come down and stand in front of the Tonal for ten minutes figuring out what I’m going to do. I just want to go down and hit go, and so this is great to have. While we’re talking about the Tonal blog they have a new article, Why Working Out With Friends Makes Exercise More Effective – and Fun! which is great for the throuples.

Yes, it is. This article talks about that workout buddies can make you feel motivated, supported and encouraged to work out more. It helps you workout up to 200% more according to an article back in 2012. The interesting thing is that this is not just in person. According to a study in 2017 published in the Journal Nature, they analyzed five years of daily running patterns of more than one million people. They found that when you log your runs digitally, you can still inspire someone to run farther or longer. Isn’t that fascinating? It’s not just in person. The point of that is COVID changed all that, but you now have the option to have your Tonal at home. That’s another way that you can workout in your own home, be alone, but share it on social media.

There’s also a little note in here that if you’re worried that sharing all your workouts might affect you, keep in mind that as long as you’re using them reciprocally to give support and encouragement to other athletes, you’re good. It’s only when you’re logging workouts for your own positive recognition, to get likes or high-fives, that then has a negative effect. Don’t compare yourself to anyone’s fitness. Celebrate the fact that everyone’s making their workouts happen wherever and whenever works for them. That’s a great message.

For people that use the music portion of Tonal that don’t sync with their Apple Watch and play their own playlist, they’ve added a new music station.

I am seeing lots of people being excited about this. It’s called the Seasonal Station. We’ve interpreted that to mean it’s temporary. It’s Seasonal Latin. A lot of people have been posting about it saying, “I hope this isn’t temporary. I love this to stick around.”

What’s seasonal about being Hispanic?

When I hear seasonal, I think of holidays.

They’re going to play Monster Mash on repeat.

Since it says Seasonal Latin. We’re all interpreting that to mean that it’s temporary. I don’t know if that’s truly what it means. Maybe there’s a different thing. Maybe somebody stuck the word seasonal in there. I have no idea. More to come.

Watch this space but in Spanish.

We have a few birthdays to acknowledge. Coach Natalie Carey celebrated her birthday on September 9th.

Yes, she did. Coach Nikki Metzger celebrated her birthday on September 12th. Happy birthday to both.

Before we get into the interview, we should probably give you some background because it’s a little different. Typically, we talk to a member of the community or a coach. This time, we’re going to talk to Rob Webb. What’s his official title?

It’s a big wig over marketing or community. I honestly don’t know. He tells us in the interviews. It’s important. I know that.

They all have fancy titles now. As you said, it’s a big wig of synergy. There’s something corporate-y in there and you’re like, “Okay.”

Tonal has been working with the firm since the beginning, but they restructured the entire deal. They have changed everything. We wanted a chance to ask a ton of questions about what that new deal looks like and how it’s going to affect memberships going forward.

We have quite a few followers that maybe don’t have a Tonal yet that are just exploring. This will answer questions for them. If you already have a Tonal, you still might find this information valuable because you probably have friends or family that you’re talking to about Tonal. This is good intel on how they can get their Tonal at the lowest possible cost with this little financial pain as possible.

Not only that but the rules have changed so much that the things you’ve experienced two years ago are no longer valid. You want to pass along the most recent experience, not just what you experienced.

Help fight fake news.

To steal a page from Jackie Gleason, and away we go.

Joining us from Tonal is their SVP of Growth, Rob Webb.

Thank you so much for doing this.

It’s my pleasure.

Tonal partnered up with Affirm so people could finance their Tonals, and people have had a lot of questions. We have some of the bigger questions that people are asking themselves. If you are on the fence about your Tonal and you want to know what all Affirm gets you or maybe you want to buy a second or a third Tonal.

I hear there’s a family out there that has three. They bought one for each of their kids, and they’re all in the same house.

We have questions and Rob Webb has answers because no one would trust us to get financials.

We’re not the expert. Rob, the very first question is who exactly is Affirm?

First, thank you guys for doing such a great job with The Superset and the Clip Out. I’m thrilled to be on with you. Thanks for having me on, and thanks for doing what you do. We have been working with Affirm for quite some time since launching. We did relaunch our package with Affirm. That’s what the excitement has been about.

Affirm was founded by a guy named Max Levchin who came out of PayPal. First of all, I’m not a financial advisor or an attorney. You’re not giving financial advice. I’m not giving financial advice either. If you have any questions, you should call Affirm. They can answer all your questions, but I will try to give some helpful guidance.

Affirm runs a bunch of calculations about you and match that against what you’re trying to buy. Share on X

Max Levchin started Affirm quite some time ago. It’s now a publicly retraded company. Its mission is to deliver honest financial products that improve lives. The cool thing that Affirm has done, just saying this as a consumer, not even a merchant as they think about us is, it used to be gnarly to borrow money. If outside of the credit card, it was credit cards or if you were going to go in and finance a piece of furniture or something like that, it would be a lot of spooky paperwork with a whole lot of tiny type, and a lot of interest rates and pay penalties.

Max had the vision to say, “We’re not going to do it like that anymore.” They try to make it simple. There are no hidden late fees, gotchas or surprises. They do that. I can tell from personal experience, and they’ve got a great reputation, and we went with them. The package we relaunched and improved was the 48-month duration. You are paying for your Tonal over 48 months with 0% interest rates. If you go into Tonal’s website and you try to buy a Tonal, if you are approved for financing, and not everyone will be, but if you are approved of financing with Affirm, you will not be charged an interest rate.

I know a lot of people are very strict with their money, how they do and don’t want to take on debt. This is a way to take on debt without taking on debt. If you were going to save X amount of money a month to make a major purchase like this, now you could do this interest-free and not have to wait 48 months to save up that money. If you wanted to pay it off earlier, you could. Everything’s fine.

You can make a down payment. Can you do this in a number of different ways?

You can pay it off early. You cannot proactively make a down payment. The best part of the process is you cannot say, “I want to put $1,000 down and then pay the rest.” There are people that will be asked by Affirm to make a down payment. Those folks will still not see an interest rate but you may be asked by Affirm for a down payment. After you’ve locked in your loan with Affirm, believe from day one, you can pay it off in full with no penalty.

You can effectively make a down payment. If you wanted to put $1,000 down and they’re not going to let you, you don’t make your down payment. They send to you your first bill. You send them $1,000 anyway.

I’m glad we’re getting straight to the good stuff. I don’t know if you can make a partial payoff after you’ve gone through a loan, but I can get you an answer to that. You can pay it off in full, but I don’t know if you can do a partial payoff after you’ve gone through the loan.

What about the requirements to be approved? As you said, not everyone’s going to be approved. Do we know if there’s a specific set of requirements that you need to be able to get this amazing offer?

Affirm does not use FICO scores entirely, but some of the older lenders were pure FICO scores. You need it to be over 650 or something like that. Affirm is not solely relying on FICO scores. They probably say they use hundreds of different data points about individuals. When you apply, you have to give them your first name, last name, email address, mobile phone number, birthday, and the last four of your Social. You’ve got to be at least eighteen. You have to live in the US. You can live in Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands or DC. Although, we don’t install outside of the actual 50 US states. That’s what Affirm does as an entity.

They have a bunch of algorithms basically to figure out, “Is this person somebody we want to lend money to, and given the price point of the product that they’re trying to purchase. Should we ask them for a down payment?” They run that against all the programs that they’ve set up with the merchant. We pay to Affirm more so that no customers that work with Affirm purchasing Tonal 0%. Every merchant is different. Previous to our launching this last program, people did see interest-bearing loans and no longer do.

That’s worth highlighting. You’re saying that Tonal went out of pocket to make sure that people could get this option. That’s amazing.

From the business nerd side, the interesting thing that Affirm is doing is it could be described as seller finance lending. In an old-school consumer lending approach, the buyer is footing the bill. They’re charging you the big interest rate. That’s where the juice is coming from out of the transaction is it’s coming from the buyer. What Affirm did was flipped that script, and the merchant pays. We pay a processing fee for credit cards, too. We pay a fee to Affirm for running our lending, and we pay more. You’ll see other merchants do this as well. If it’s a consumer-friendly program that you see that they’re running with Affirm, the merchants are paying Affirm to do that.

I didn’t know that was a thing. I didn’t know that there was any lending company that didn’t rely solely on a credit score.

Going along the credit score line of thought, if they’re not using FICO, does that mean that if you finance with them, will it still have an impact on your credit score?

There’s no impact from the application process to see if you qualify. It’s a soft check, and you see those a lot, soft credit checks. As far as I know, this is another one that I get back to you on. If you miss payments and your loan ends up becoming delinquent and Affirm has to report it to credit bureaus, that could impact your credit. What I don’t know, and that’s another good question number two is, “If you run around town, find a bunch of stuff with Affirm from a bunch of different people, will that show up as outstanding debt on your credit report, the same way your credit card statements show up on a credit score?”

Is it like a revolving line? Yes.

I don’t think that you’ll Zillow all those credit scores if they know everything. I don’t think that actually makes its way. If you’re in good standing with Affirm, I don’t think it makes it onto your credit report, but I’m going to follow up with you to make sure that is true.

Is your membership bundled into your payments to Affirm then or not?

It is not. It was prior to this relaunch, which we did in early July 2021, and that one of the biggest changes was 48 months, 0%, and no longer bundled with membership. We had a lot of people asking us to unbundle so they could use different payment methods, different credit cards, getting points in different places, and things like that. It also helps our customers get better rates from Affirm because the total overall dollar amount that they’re asking to borrow is less.

Do you start paying on Affirm before Tonal arrives?

You do not. Your first payment, if you buy it through Affirm, it’s due 30 days after your Tonal ships.

It’s by ship date, not by order date?

Yes. It’s most likely you will start paying as long as your Tonal gets installed within 30 days after your ship date. Sometimes that doesn’t happen because of whatever local installation issues, the weather or whatever it could be.

A pandemic.

At this point, it’s been happening for so long that’s not really about excuse anymore. It’s all from the ship date. The vast majority of customers will pay Affirm after their Tonal has been installed, which is great. Tom, is that a plate of ketchup next to you? What was that?

We were trying to eat, and it was a plate of meatballs covered in spaghetti sauce. Although a plate of ketchup sounds pretty delicious. I will totally eat a plate of ketchup, but I will put it in a bowl. I’m not a monster.

That’s the only way we can get him to eat vegetables.

This is the MetPro diet that I’ve been on. I hate fruits and vegetables. I haven’t eaten a fresh fruit or vegetable in many years. He discovered that I would eat spaghetti sauce, and Angelo was like, “That counts as a vegetable, so just eat as much spaghetti sauce as you can stomach,” and that’s how much spaghetti sauce I can stomach.

How about discount programs? Can you use those when you finance as well?

We don’t have a lot of those out there, but there are a few. That does add in the checkout, knock off your total value, and then you hop into Affirm, and you’ll see that reflected. It’s basically you go straight through the checkout on, and right at the very end, you select Affirm, and then you end up getting bumped over to their site. They do their thing. When you’re done, they pass you back to our site, and we send you a confirmation email, and it will be on your way.

Is Affirm the only financing option for Tonal?

It is. There are some other folks coming up in the space. Tonal has been around for a few years, but there weren’t a ton of viable options since then. Obviously, Affirm went public, and there’s a bunch of other players in this space now. We love Affirm. We’re with them, and we think they’re best in class.

I personally think they are, too. I’ve used them, and I think they’re great. You mentioned down payments earlier. I want to make sure that I have the answer correct when people are being asked for a down payment that’s because Affirm has determined through their algorithms that’s the best way for them to help you have that 0% financing.

Yes. They run a bunch of calculations and about you, and then they match that against what you’re trying to buy. Somebody who’s asked for a down payment when they’re purchasing a Tonal might not be asked for a down payment when they’re buying a pair of pants that are less expensive on someone else’s site. They basically determine how much they’re willing to lend to you or whoever it is that’s applying. If the dollar amount of what they’re trying to purchase is more than what they’re willing to lend, then they ask for a down payment. That’s decoupled from the 0% thing technically. This is the sexiest show you guys have ever done.

We got a plate of ketchup here to keep people entertained. Will people can still throw a Tonal on their credit card if they have a credit card with enough leeway on it? Do you partnering with Affirm doesn’t negate someone’s throwing it on their Citi Bank card or something?

It’s definitely not. You can use any credit card you’d like or you can finance with Affirm.

I like how they don’t base things on a credit score. Here’s thought instead of basing financing on your credit score, they base it on your strength score. The lower your strength score, the lower your interest rate because you need it.

I’ll pitch it to them, and we’ll see what they say.

I feel like that’s not going to go anywhere.

Most of my ideas don’t. I had two ideas that went anywhere The Clip Out and marrying her. That’s the extent of my TYDS that have gone anywhere because The Superset was her idea. I can’t even claim that one.

To keep going down that road, I think it will happen maybe someday is and it’s starting to happen a little bit is folks like health insurance companies and potentially even employers. People that care about, either the health of their employees or the cost of healthcare, starting to subsidize things like Tonal, gym memberships, Peloton and things like that because people use our products, they’re healthier and happier. There are people who are willing to pay money to subsidize that. Hopefully, that becomes the thing.

I know that sometimes if you’re a smoker, you pay more, which I totally understand, but it would also be instead of having to take on a penalty mode, it can also take on incentivize people to do the right thing. Obviously, they can’t follow you around to see if you’re eating all your vegetables or plates of ketchup. If you own a Tonal, chances are your likelihood of using the Tonal has increased exponentially. I would love to see something like that catch on.

Is there anything about Affirm that we haven’t covered that you feel people need to know?

I don’t think so. The big headline is it’s a 48-months spread. You can discredit across a longer amount of time. It’s 0%. The total amount that you’ll be going to Affirm with is much lower because the membership is no longer bundled. People love it. We’re seeing an amazing response.

It takes a barrier away from people like, “I don’t know if I can do it.” I feel like it takes that barrier away. It’s another way that you’re helping people get to Tonal. That’s awesome. It’s very exciting.

Just in time for the holidays.

I feel like that wasn’t an accident.

People are like, “What do I get my wife for Labor Day?”

A Tonal. That’s the answer.

Thank you so much for joining us. This wasn’t so bad. I know you were nervous, but we were relatively friendly, right?

You were wonderful. I love your studio. It’s so cool.

We got our fancy new microphones. These are very fancy. If you know anything about microphones, you’ll be very impressed by this. We bought the table at the thrift store. We got the table at Vincent de Paul. I don’t know if that’s a nationwide thing, but Vincent de Paul is a store locally. This is a good old fashion like from the ‘70s table. It’s wood. This isn’t like a particle board that you put a lamp on, which is what we wanted, so we drilled into it and went crazy. Thank you so much for joining us. Normally ask people where they can find them, but I feel you don’t want people to find you. You seem like you don’t want the interaction.

You don’t want a bunch of people hitting you up on social media about Tonal.

They can always go to Tonal’s website.

The big headline is it’s a 48-month spread. You pay for your Tonal over 48 months with 0% interest rates. Share on X

That is the best place to get their answers, If we had been on live chat on, which is staffed with amazing folks all day, every day, they would have been able to answer the two questions that I was not.

We gave you a little bit of homework, and in mere seconds from now, from the readers like magic, they will get those answers. Thank you so much. Honey, remind them if they’re thinking about buying one, what our promo code is?

It’s The Superset.

What’s that get them?

That gets $100 off smart accessories.

We’ll scoop up some credit for selling up.

That works with Affirm.

It’s a win-win. Thank you so much.

Thank you very much.

As we said in the interview, there were a couple of questions that we had on the fly that he didn’t necessarily answer for. He said he would get them for us and true to his word, he did. We’re going to answer those now. The first one was, can Affirm customers partially pay off a loan after they make an Affirm purchase?

He said that they have confirmed that you can pay off the loan after you make an Affirm purchase in a full or partial amount. The payment will impact the size of the last payment or it will reduce the total number of payments that you need to make, depending on the size of the payment. Does that make sense?

If you owe $4,000 and you say, “I’m going to throw $1,000 at it,” now you owe $3,000. It will either shrink the payments or your last payment will be less. There you go. The other question we had was, do outstanding loans with Affirm make their way onto credit reports the same way outstanding balances of credit cards, bank accounts, etc. do?

The answer to that was for some loans, Affirm may report consumer payment history to a credit bureau. Please be aware that Affirm may report loans with delinquent payments, which might have an impact on your credit. Affirm, cannot speak to when or how certain reported loans impact the credit bureau score calculations as a variety of other factors can impact a consumer’s score.

There you go, asked and answered. Thank you very much for following up on that because had I been in that position, I would have totally forgotten.

While we’re on the subject of how awesome Rob is, in case you wanted to hear it again, his fancy title is Senior Vice President, Growth.

Thank you, Rob, for coming on and answering all those questions. We appreciate it. I guess that brings this episode to a close. Do you know what you have in store for people next episode?

Yes. It’s Ilias Siafakas. He was so delightful. I can’t wait to publish this interview. I am excited for everyone to read this. We’ve got a ton of great interviews coming up so enjoy. You will love hearing from Ilias next episode.

He was a blast. Until then, where can people find you?

People can find me on Facebook at They can find me on Twitter or Instagram @ClipOutCrystal, and that Tonal leaderboard @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter @RogerQBert or on Facebook at You can find the show online at Don’t forget to follow us wherever you’re getting your podcasts from so you never miss an episode. That’s it for this one. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, keep lifting.

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