Peloton NBA All Star Crossover Event 2024

The NBA All-Star Game Meets Peloton Fitness

Over the weekend of February 18, 2024, Peloton, in collaboration with NBA Fitness, hosted a NBA Crossover Exhibit as a part of their ongoing partnership as the official fitness partner of both the NBA and WNBA.

A Dynamic Collaboration

During the event, Peloton teamed up with NBA Fitness to create an exhibit that married the excitement of basketball with the vigor of a Peloton instructor-led workout. This special event, part of the NBA Crossover Experience, offered fans an innovative way to explore fitness through the lens of their favorite sport.

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Interactive Fitness Stations

The heart of the exhibit was a series of interactive stations designed to challenge participants physically while immersing them in basketball-themed activities. Here’s a closer look at each station that set the vibe for this dynamic workout experience:

Station One: Ride and Shoot

Participants began their fitness challenge by pedaling fervently on a stationary bike before taking their shot at a 3-point basket. This station tested not just the guests’ endurance but their ability to transition from the high energy of cycling to the precision required for basketball shooting.

Station Two: Sit-Up and Score

The second station put core strength on full display. After completing ten rigorous sit-ups, guests aimed to net the ball while sitting down, adding an interesting twist to conventional basketball shots.

Station Three: Leap and Hoop

This station required guests to perform ten box jumps, pushing their lower body strength and agility to the limit before attempting to score a basket. It was a true test of explosive power and accuracy.

Station Four: Strength and Strategy

Participants were tasked with doing ten bicep curls, followed by a unique shooting challenge — aiming for a hoop placed significantly higher than regulation. This station emphasized muscular endurance and adaptability in scoring techniques.

Station Five: Run with Tunde Oyeneyin

The culmination of the experience featured Peloton instructor Tunde Oyeneyin, where guests ran on a treadmill to build momentum before taking their final shot. It was a fitting end to the circuit, combining cardiovascular endurance with basketball skill.

Following the completion of all stations, guests had the opportunity to see where they stood on the NBA Fitness leaderboard, adding a competitive edge to the fun and festivities.

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Celebrity Trainers and NBA Stars

Throughout the weekend, the One Peloton Instagram account posted highlights from the NBA All-Star events, including exclusive content from Peloton instructors Rad Lopez and Kirsten Ferguson. Fans were treated to memorable encounters with basketball legends such as Bill Walton, Danny Green, and Keyonte George, bridging the world of elite sports training with accessible home workouts.  Additionally, Bill Walton and Danny Green both submitted their (questionable!) Peloton instructor tapes. We’re curious….which one would you hire?  How do we feel about Bill Walton’s “Motion is Lotion” tag line?

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Peloton and NBA/WNBA Partnership

Peloton’s role as the official fitness partner of the NBA and WNBA comes with exciting perks for its members and fans, including live and on-demand games streamed through Peloton devices. With this multi-year partnership, both leagues and Peloton aim to develop league-themed classes that not only motivate fans but also promote health and wellness across the community.

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