Top 10 Artist Series 2023

TCO’s Favorite Artist Series of 2023- A Fabulous Year of Music!

2023 was a great year for music –  we loved working out to songs from our favorite artists and  discovering some new favorites along the way.   Here is a recap of our some of our favorites from Peloton’s 2023 Artist Series – there were so many to choose from, and you can find all of the Artist Series classes from 2023 and prior years under “Collections”.   This is just a smattering of so many classes that showcased amazing artists – you can find every modality of workout and music, and so many instructors, in this fabulous series.  

First, a nod to “The Boss”.  Jenn Sherman’s 45 minute Bruce Springsteen ride did not disappoint (and Jen is, of course, one of his biggest fans).  Rock on through the years with a variety of Springsteen and the E Street Band’s hits, which make this ride fly by.   

It’s impossible not to feel strong and accomplished after taking Jess Sims’ 30 minute Christina Aguilera bike boot camp. So many hits and so much positivity and general “bad-ass-ness” in Christina’s music, so it is a perfect match for Jess’ class.  

When the Dave classes dropped, truth be told, some of us thought “Dave who?” but soon found that Dave, a British rapper, is one of those artists that truly does not need a last name!  Emma Lovewell’s Dave 10 minute ab class was perfectly complimented by Dave’s socially conscious lyrics and the beat of his music.  

80’s music fans transported themselves across the Rio Grande with a Matt Wilpers’ 20 minute Duran Duran Row class. Whether Duran Duran’s music is new to you or takes you back to your big hair and neon days, this class is definitely uplifting!  

Assal Aran’s 30 minute Felix Jaehn Full Body Strength class included a great mix of top hits.  Jaehn is a German DJ and record producer who specializes in tropical house music, and this German class is a perfect way to enjoy some great remixes from top artists.  

Anna Greenberg’s 30 minute H.E.R. Slow Flow showcases Gabriella Samiento Wilson’s R&B music.  Gabriella’s smooth vocals perfectly compliment Anna’s relaxing yoga flow.  

Trust yourself to get stronger when you take  Callie Gullickson’s 30 minute Jonas Brother’s Glutes and Legs class, full of your favorite hits from this classic boy band!   Callie’s upbeat instruction is the perfect compliment to the Jo Bros’ hits.  

Dance along to Rebecca Kennedy’s 10 minute Katy Perry Dance Cardio class.  It’s a beginner level class, so even if dancing isn’t “your thing”, this is a great way to move your body in a fun way and feel like you’re walking on air!  

The last Artist Series classes of the year was a great way to end the year.   Robin Arzon’s 30 minute Kelly Clarkson Run featured the American Idol winner’s uplifting music along with Robin’s strong instruction.  

What was your favorite Artist Series Class of 2023, and what artists do you want to see added to this collection in 2024?