Pushing Beyond Your Limits: The Unstackable Peloton Classes You Need to Try

If you’re a Peloton fanatic, you already know that the platform offers a vast variety of classes, ranging from cycling and running to bootcamps and yoga. But which classes are considered the hardest ones? The ones we call … The Unstackables!  Because they’re just so hard you can’t stack them!

For those of you wanting to push beyond the “comfortably uncomfortable” range, we’ve done our research and we’ve got you covered!  Let’s get to it!  Here’s our list of some of the most challenging, unstackable classes available in the Peloton library.

Discover the Unstackable Peloton Cycling Classes That Will Leave You Breathless

Let’s start with cycling – the bread and butter of Peloton’s offerings. The 20 hardest rated cycling classes are no joke, with 10 of them being 20 minute FTP (Functional Threshold Power) tests, two being Alex Toussaint’s and Robin Arzon’s All-Star rides from 5/30/2020, four being Kendall Toole‘s metal rides (including the infamous 45 minute Metallica ride from 11/18/2020), and the remaining four being Tabata rides. A strong majority of the 20 hardest classes date from 2021 and prior (are the newer classes easier? Are the older instructors harder?)  

But one Clip Out listener recently discovered Benny Adami and his Tabata rides, which involve short bursts of intense activity followed by periods of rest.  Benny is one of the newer German Bike instructors with just under 2 years at the Peloton London studio, and his recent 30-minute ride from 5/27/2023 is sure to push you to your limits with 50 sets of Tabatas! This ride, incidentally, is also his hardest-rated ride in the library.

Get Ready to Sweat Bullets: These Unstackable Bootcamp Classes Will Test Your Limits

But cycling is not the only option for those looking to challenge themselves. All modalities of bootcamp classes are close runners up, offering some of the toughest workouts you can find anywhere. On the Tread, Adrian Williams‘ Advanced Thunder 45s overwhelmingly rule, and Jess Sims’ 60-minute Full Body bootcamps are also among the hardest rated.  They’re guaranteed to leave you feeling the burn!

On the Bike, Jess Sims and Tunde Oyeneyin dominate the roster of the hardest classes, with Jess’ 60-minute Full Body bootcamp from 7/25/2023 and Tunde’s 8/8/2023 Full Body bootcamp leading the pack.  Comments from Facebook followers on Tunde’s recent Full Body class ranged from “hardest bootcamp I’ve ever done” to “Bike section isn’t bad at all. The weight section makes you second guess living. Good luck!”

And if you prefer rowing over cycling, Katie Wang’s 60-minute Full Body bootcamp class from 11/10/22 is definitely worth checking out as the hardest rated Row bootcamp, but she is the queen of challenging Row bootcamps, for sure.  Adrian sprinkles a few in here and there to keep things interesting!

Unleash Your Inner Athlete With These Unstackable Peloton Strength, Tread and HIIT Cardio Classes

Peloton’s hardest classes are not just limited to bootcamps and cycling rides. Andy Speer and Adrian Williams dominate the lineup of hardest Strength classes, but if you want to work on your upper body, one Clip Out listener loves Selena Samuela‘s 20-minute Upper Body class from 5/22/2022.  She says, “I was going to stack a lower body class but my arms were shaking and I knew I couldn’t even hold any weights!” 

If you prefer running over cycling, Becs Gentry makes several appearances in the list of hardest Tread classes, although Matt Wilpers30-minute HIIT & Hills run from 4/5/23 is rated #1.  Any of the classes included in the Top 10 would be sure to get your heart rate up!  Selena also rates another mention for her 20 min HIIT Cardio from 9/10/20, as the hardest-rated HIIT Cardio class in the Peloton library. 

Are You Ready for the Challenge? Find Your Own Personal “Unstackable” Class Today

In conclusion, if you are looking for the hardest classes at Peloton, there are loads of options to choose from. Whether you prefer cycling, bootcamps, rowing, or any other type of workout, Peloton has got you covered. 

Why not challenge yourself and try one of these classes today? And let us know what you consider to be your own personal Unstackable class in the comments below!

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