Peloton Introduces Pace Targets to the Tread

Peloton has added a new feature to the Peloton Tread—Pace Targets. This new addition aims to enhance the running experience by offering personalized speed ranges and intensities tailored to individual metrics.

Personalized Workouts with Pace Targets

The new Pace Targets on the Peloton Tread are designed to meet runners at their current fitness level. With 10 levels to choose from, members can personalize their workouts by selecting a Pace Target level that suits their capabilities. This flexibility allows users to adjust the difficulty level as they progress in their fitness journey. The higher the level, the faster the speed ranges, ensuring that runners can continually challenge themselves.

Pace Intensities for Enhanced Training

In addition to Pace Targets, classes will also feature Pace Intensities. These intensities range from Easy to Max and come with corresponding speed ranges. When an instructor calls out a specific intensity, runners can adjust their speed accordingly. This feature helps runners maintain the appropriate intensity throughout their workout, making their training sessions more effective.

Benefits of Using Pace Targets

One of the main benefits of using Pace Targets is the personalized data that is visually represented on the screen. This immediate feedback helps runners maintain their pace and improve their running fitness more quickly. By having specific speed ranges and intensities, runners can focus on hitting their targets and making continuous progress.

Familiar Setup for Row Owners

For those familiar with the Peloton Row, the new Pace Targets on the Tread will look somewhat familiar. The setup is similar, with both devices featuring Pace Targets and Pace Intensities.

Collection in the On-Demand Library

To make it easier for members to access these targeted workouts, Peloton has created a collection of Pace Targets classes in the On-Demand library. Currently, there are 14 classes available, including Matt Wilpers’ Intro to Pace Targets class. Four of the 14 aren’t in English, so make sure you have your language filters turned off! This collection ensures that members can find workouts specifically designed to help them make the most of the new Pace Targets feature.  Take a peek at Matt’s Intro to Pace Targets class here.

Peloton’s introduction of Pace Targets to the Tread marks a significant enhancement in personalized run training. With tailored speed ranges, adjustable difficulty levels, and a dedicated collection of classes, Tread owners can now take their running workouts to the next level. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting out, Peloton’s Pace Targets offer a structured and effective way to improve your fitness.

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