Peloton Artist Series Welcomes Troye Sivan

In this week’s collaboration, Peloton announced its latest Artist Series will feature singer/songwriter and actor, Troye Sivan.

Troye Sivan, aka, the Sweetest Voice You Haven’t Heard

Or….maybe you have, and you just don’t realize it!  Troye Sivan has carved a unique path in the entertainment industry. From his early days as a South African-born YouTuber to his roles in “The Spud Franchise” and “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” where he played young Wolverine, Troye’s artistic evolution is impressive. His contributions to cinema, like his Golden Globe-nominated song “Revelation” for the film “Boy Erased,” and his musical hits such as “Talk Me Down” and “Wild,” showcase his diverse talents.

Now residing in Los Angeles, Troye continues to reach audiences worldwide with his melodic voice and acting prowess. His involvement in “Trolls Band Together,” where he voices the character Floyd and contributes to the soundtrack with “Lonely People,” further cements his status as a versatile figure in pop culture.

Peloton Artist Series Event Details

Starting on Thursday, March 21, 2024, the Peloton Artist Series featuring Troye Sivan kicks off with four classes dedicated to helping you discover the music of this very talented young artist.

Schedule of Classes

  • 20 minute Troye Sivan Premiere Run (DE) with Jeffrey McEachern on Thursday, March 21, at 4:30PM (GMT)/5:30PM (CET).
  • 30 minute Troye Sivan Ride with Cody Rigsby at 7:00PM (ET) on 3/21.
  • 30 minute Troye Sivan Run with Matty Maggiacomo at 7:00PM (ET) on 3/21.
  • 20 minute Troye Sivan Row with Katie Wang on March 27, at 12:00PM (ET), marking Katie’s awaited return to the Peloton schedule.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Troye or a Peloton member looking to discover new music while getting a great workout, this series is sure to elevate your fitness regimen to new heights.  Want to get familiar with his music before counting yourself in for one of these classes? Check out this Spotify playlist:

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