Jeffrey's Second Peloversary

Happy Second Peloversary to the Chief of Good Vibes- Jeffrey McEachern!

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Let’s celebrate our Chief of Good Vibes, Jeffrey McEachern, on his second Peloversary! Previously a dynamic talent recruiter for the German version of The Voice, he’s become a source of inspiration and motivation- and an amazing smile- to his Peloton community. His passion for fitness, fashion, and music has endeared him to many, and his infectious positive energy is hard to ignore.

HOW Many Marathons?

Jeffrey’s career in fitness grew after he discovered running, leading him from talent recruitment to Peloton- and Peloton’s only led him to more opportunities to go fast. Just this past October, he ran the Berlin Marathon with a time of 3:36; only a month later in November, he ran the New York City Marathon with a time of 3:51, alongside his friend and fellow PSL instructor Susie Chan. Jeffrey is planning to run the Los Angeles Marathon in March 2024, and we have no doubt he will smash it.  What else is next? We’ll be watching the race schedule. He also appreciates strength training, which has also contributed to his impressive running times.

Passion for Fashion- and Music!

Beyonce superfan Jeffrey’s love for music is evident in his classes- and we’ve seen him lead amazing ones featuring such artists as Kelly Clarkson, Pabllo Vittar, Elton John, and, during All for One ’23, Chaka Khan, where he showed off a completely fabulous gold midriff-cut top with red shorts and coordinating stripes. We also got to see his love for embellishment in his 30 min 1989 (Taylor’s Version) Run, where his outfit featured fringe and only one sleeve.

Jeffrey loves some sparkle (making him quite normal, by Peloton instructor standards) and definitely appreciates the work of Brittany Allen- who created the aforementioned Chaka Khan outfit as well as this amazing creation:

The Chief of Good Vibes

Jeffrey’s enthusiasm and contagious energy have often earned him the nickname of “Chief of Good Vibes,” and it’s easy to see why. Whether leading class or dancing on Instagram, Jeffrey’s positive energy is always present, inspiring people to stay active and happy even during tough times. As a Peloton instructor and talent recruiter, he has always inspired others to chase their dreams, pursue their passions and believe in themselves.

Jeffrey McEachern is an exceptional individual and a valuable member of the Peloton community. He celebrates his second anniversary working at Peloton; we continue to look forward to all he has to offer. Jeffrey is a shining inspiration, reminding us that no matter what we do, we should always do it with passion, dedication, and positive energy. Here is to many more years of spreading positivity, good vibes, and inspiring others. Happy Second Anniversary, Jeffrey!

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