Interview with Brandon Randolph

Photographer Brandon Randolph: Finding Inspiration and Balance with Peloton

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In an interview with The Clip Out podcast, civil engineer and photographer Brandon Randolph shared everything from how he found his fitness inspiration with Peloton during the shutdowns of 2020 to how he incorporates music into his photography sessions.

Background and Hobbies

Brandon is a former high school athlete, having played football and swam competitively. He discovered weightlifting during his college years and has pursued photography as a second career, specializing in portraits. He cites catching people in their natural element as his favorite approach to photography.

Discovering Peloton

During the shutdowns, Brandon was looking for a way to stay fit without having to go outside in the cold. He stumbled across Peloton and decided to try it out. After his initial excitement caused him to skip over the beginner content, he found his groove and now enjoys taking classes from Alex Toussaint, Hannah Frankson, Tunde Oyeneyin, and Jess King, among others. He advises new Peloton users to start with the beginner content before diving into more advanced classes.

Incorporating Music

Brandon has also found a way to incorporate music into his photography sessions by letting his clients pick their favorite songs on Spotify. He has found that music helps clients relax and be themselves, making for more natural and authentic portraits. Brandon has also linked his Peloton to Spotify, so the music he discovers through classes can be his own radio station.

Personal and Professional Balance

As a civil engineer by day and a photographer in his spare time, Brandon discusses the importance of finding balance between his personal and professional pursuits. Peloton has helped him stay fit and focused, giving him the energy to pursue his creative passions.Be sure to hear everything else Brandon told us and lots more on the podcast– or watch on YouTube!

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