ICYMI Changes to Peloton's Wait-List: Introducing Overnight Quiet Hours

ICYMI Changes to Peloton’s Wait-List: Introducing Overnight Quiet Hours

Peloton has been implementing a series of rolling changes to its wait-list protocols for Members who are trying to secure a spot at Peloton Studios New York or Peloton Studios London. After the migration of the studio booking system to a new hosting platform in December 2023, the brand has made several changes to ensure a more seamless booking experience for its Members.

Two-Hour Window for Wait-List Spots

The first phase of the changes that Members saw was the introduction of a two-hour window to claim wait-list spots that opened up. This two-hour window could happen at any time of the day or night, which caused some inconvenience for Members who were not able to claim their spots due to scheduling conflicts or receiving notifications at odd hours.

Quiet Hours for Wait-List Spots

To address this issue, Peloton has now implemented overnight “quiet hours.” This means that Members are no longer obliged to check their email notifications at all hours of the day (or night) to claim their wait-list spots. The studio booking system now features a timeout period from 10 PM to 6 AM local studio time, during which the two-hour window to secure a spot in class will not open. The two-hour window will automatically open after 6 AM local studio time.

Pre-Existing Credits

It is important to note that Members who have pre-purchased a class credit will automatically be migrated to the class list without having to take any action to claim their wait-list spot. This two-hour window is only applicable to Members who have joined a wait-list without pre-purchasing a class credit.

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