Tweaks coming to Peloton class booking system.

Studio Class Booking System Receiving Streamlined Update

Say goodbye to the two-step process of pre-purchasing credits before booking an in-studio class at Peloton Studios New York or Peloton Studios London and hello to a new, one-step process.  Starting December 11, the booking system will undergo a streamlined upgrade.  

Post-Covid Booking Format

In the post-Covid booking era, Members needed to have pre-purchased credits banked in their account prior to booking a class at either PSNY or PSL.  At the very least, this required people to do a little pre-planning by purchasing those credits before the booking window opened, and, at most, asked them to be clairvoyant, predicting when they would be able to visit the studio.  

And, while credits have a 12-month lifespan, that’s still a big ask when people are flying across the country, and sometimes world, to attend classes.  All it takes is one canceled flight and goodbye Peloton weekend.  To say the least, it was a clunky system (and God help you if you tried to book a class without a credit in your account…might as well just kiss that class goodbye!). Well, friends, those days are behind us.

One-Click Booking

In an email distributed to Members this morning, Peloton announced the revamped system, combining the credit purchase and the class booking into a singular step, implementing a new pay-as-you-go system.

Will booking a class, especially at PSNY, still be the Peloton version of the Hunger Games?  Yes.  It will still be a frenzy when classes open up for booking each week, just due to the number of people booking vs the number of classes available.  But, now that the frenzy is streamlined, just a bit, hopefully it results in an easier overall process for those who are lucky enough to snag a coveted class.  

Process to Migrate the System

In the email, Peloton cautioned Members that the current studio site will experience a period of downtime, beginning on Monday, December 11 and lasting through Wednesday, December 13.  Once normal operations resume, the new pay-as-you-go model will be in place and you no longer have to pre-purchase credits before booking.  

Action Required

Once the new booking system is in place, Members who wish to book a class at either PSNY or PSL will need to complete a one-time pre-registration form when logging into their account.  Once this form has been completed, all account details, including credits purchased prior to December 11, will be automatically transferred and accessible in your updated account.  According to the email, “Transferred credits will be available under “Groups and Credits,” and bookings will be found under “Registrations” in “Account Details.”

The new booking system is powered by TeamUp.  Those who already possess a TeamUp account will receive another email prompting them to link the account to Peloton.

Are you happy to see this change?  What other changes do you hope to see to the booking process?

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