Dr. Jenn On Finding Help

Dr. Jenn On Getting Mental Health Help

In a profoundly relatable and timely episode of The Clip Out podcast, Dr. Jenn shed light on the often overwhelming world of mental health, specifically targeting the challenges faced by those juggling multiple roles in their lives. A listener’s heartfelt query about dealing with anxiety, managing a high-pressure full-time job, parenting active children, and supporting a partner through a health crisis laid the groundwork for an insightful conversation on finding mental health support.

The Importance of Your Own Support

Dr. Jenn emphasized that taking care of oneself is not just a luxury but a necessity, saying, “You need your own therapy. You need your own person. I think a lot of moms will relate to this.”  The irony of feeling too overwhelmed to seek therapy underscores the critical need for personal support. Virtual therapy, highlighted for its convenience and accessibility, emerges as a beacon of hope, offering privacy and flexibility for those with tight schedules – be it cars, closets, or any personal niche providing a momentary escape.

Affordability and Accessibility

Dr. Jenn has resources for finding a therapist on her Instagram, and advocates for seeking help from interns as a cost-effective method to obtain therapy. Under the guidance of seasoned professionals, interns offer fresh perspectives and enthusiasm, making therapy financially accessible to more people. Her pragmatic approach to finding licensed therapists or interns through local mental health clinics and the emphasis on virtual sessions speak volumes about making mental health support more widely available.

The Right Fit Matters

The interview dismantles the stigma around ‘shopping’ for the right therapist. Dr. Jenn advises interviewing potential therapists to ensure a good fit – a crucial step often overlooked in the search for mental health support. Understanding a therapist’s experience, specialty, and their willingness to adapt to clients’ financial situations can significantly impact the therapeutic relationship.

Accepting and Managing Anxiety

In response to the listener’s concerns about being overburdened and neglecting self-care, Dr. Jenn shares a personal touch – her own use of to-do lists to manage anxiety. This strategy, alongside self-care and exercise, is highlighted as essential in coping with inevitable anxiety. The discussion encourages accepting a certain degree of anxiety as a part of life, emphasizing practical coping mechanisms over the avoidance strategies of drugs or alcohol.

For anyone feeling swamped by the demands of life, this episode with Dr. Jenn is a reminder that feeling anxious and overwhelmed is inherently human. Therapy stands out as a critical tool for navigating these feelings, especially when they threaten to overpower one’s sense of self and stability. The conversation serves not just as guidance but as a vital companion in the loneliness that often accompanies mental health struggles.

Read the interview here, listen here, or watch here.

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