Camila in Elite Daily

But Do Her Empanadas Contain Raisins? Camila Answers the Tough Questions.

Peloton instructor Camila Ramón has been making waves in the fitness industry since she joined the popular fitness platform as its first bilingual cycling instructor four years ago. Ramón offers English and Spanish-language classes on the bike and treadmill, inspiring and empowering her followers with every step.
In a recent interview with Elite Daily, Ramón opened up about her life, passions, and goals. She shared that, long before she became a fitness guru, she was a hyperactive toddler in Buenos Aires who used to drink milk upside down on the couch while watching TV. After her family relocated to Miami when she was 7, she pursued a degree at Florida International University and worked in public relations before finding her true calling in fitness instruction.
In her two years with Peloton, Ramón has become a fan-favorite for her affirming and empowering classes that celebrate her Latin roots. She encourages her followers to embrace their inner “perra responsable” (responsible baddie) while enjoying dance parties during her workouts to reggaetón and pop-punk soundtracks. Her die-hard fans, who call themselves the Mila Mafia, love hyping up her radically honest Instagram posts and following her unfiltered “get ready with me” TikToks.
Ramón’s classes are often more like concerts, and in 2023, she even hosted musicians T-Pain and Feid as guests on her live studio rides. Being from Florida herself, sharing the stage with fellow Floridian T-Pain was an incredible moment for Ramón. She ultimately wants to use her platform to connect with the Latine community and show them that they can celebrate their bodies without feeling like they need to change themselves or work out to be “enough.”
In the interview, Ramón also shared some fun and quirky facts about herself. She loves listening to reggaetón, perreo intenso to pump herself up for an early morning class and prefers her empanadas with raisins. She also enjoys marathon-watching scary shows like the Korean zombie-esque series Sweet Home, being a “girl who loves destruction.”
Overall, Camila Ramón’s passion, energy, and dedication to the fitness industry make her a true inspiration, and it’s clear her fans and followers agree. As she continues to make waves in the world of fitness instruction, we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next.

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