Pride Fashion

Peloton: Best of Pride Fashion

Peloton and Pride- Made For Each Other

Peloton fashion often features bright colors, sparkles, and over-the-top ‘fits you might not wear every day.

So do Pride month events.

It should probably go without saying that Peloton Pride ’24 fused fitness and flamboyance like never before, taking us on a magical, glittery, and sweaty journey that included rainbows, butterflies, rainbow butterflies, AND the Jersey-accented tones of a certain substitute teacher (but we’ll save her for last).

Join your local fashion-obsessed Clip Out helper bees Kimberley #TheHolla and Lindsey #UnicornLindsey as we dance through our favorites…. with some bonus class reviews thrown in!

Brittany Customs


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Return of the disco ball top! Jess King’s Pump the Beat ride gave our favorite redhead a chance to revisit the Brittany Allen custom she originally revealed as 2024 began.


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Mayyyyyyybe the most glorious combination of rainbow and butterflies I’ve ever seen appeared in Olivia’s 30 min Hyper-Pop Run. Also- a SUPER duper fun class.


Cher brought out something extra special in our favorite instructors.

Rebecca showed off a fabulous bell bottom panty legging with matching fringed and bedazzled top in her 30 min Cher Low Impact Cardio. And Katie, Camila, and Ally joined the silver squad, sparkling in a way that would make Cher proud.

If I Could Turn Back Time

Leanne looked an absolute icon in her 30 min Cher ride… how she led a class in full costume for the entire 30 minutes is beyond us- hero! She came in letting us know she’d do her “very best to represent with an amazing playlist,” and kicked off the class with “If I Could Turn Back Time”- telling the entire studio, and folks back home, to sing along! Every time a track came on we thought of a different Cher fashion moment. But it was the first song that inspired her look- big lions’ mane hair, sheer fishnet around the midriff and thighs.

She quoted Cher, saying “I’ve always taken risks and never worried about what the world might think of me”…. and followed with her own words of wisdom: “If you’re in a catsuit in front of thousands of people, and leather jacket, and boiling hot… be you.”

A risk of its own-  and our minds were truly blown that she kept her jacket on and hair down, committed to this look. (Even Kendall couldn’t keep the Freddy Mercury jacket on the entire class- let’s hope Leanne took her electrolytes!)

Camping It Up

We have NOT forgotten the Camp classes. (I mean, WE haven’t- apparently Matty Maggiacomo blew his off completely and sent a substitute teacher.)


Queen #1? Katie Wang, who told us, “It’s gonna be a camp bootcamp… all camp songs… not summer camp, but Met Gala camp!” Our girl looked like a dress-me-up paper doll, with bold marker lines and a centre pastel pink dolly bow below the neckline. The sports bra that she owned is in a bright bubblegum pink, with Olive Oil style ruffle trim in  sea green/blue around the front and back scoop (looks like another Brittany original!) Her leggings had a disco flare kick and complimented the top in the same sea green/blue. We especially loved the attention to detail in the footwear, matching the bow colour in a pastel marshmallow pink, with a hint of lilac at second glance. 

The icing on the cake? Katie’s makeup, which she’d teased in her Instagram stories, with a palette of shimmering pastel pink and long black lashes. We are fully in, and love the peachy pink highlighter, gurl!

More Jem and the Holograms, or a Miami Beach inline skater? You be the judge. But we’ll never forget the lil boogie Katie busted out during the weights section to show off the outfit- just “don’t tell Ash” that she can do choreography!

Miss Nelson Is Missing

Quick detour: this is a deep pull from children’s literature (unless you were a child in the 80s and have a good memory), but something about it came to mind recently. It’s the story of a misbehaving elementary school class and their sweet teacher, Miss Nelson, who is mysteriously absent one day. In her place sits mysterious substitute teacher Miss Viola Swamp, who (despite being approximately Miss Nelson’s height and build) is TOTALLY UNLIKE their teacher. She whips them into shape, leaving them appreciating what they already had. And she and Miss Nelson are never seen in the same room at the same time.

Great to read to your kids, really, or if you don’t love reading aloud, here’s someone to read it to you. (And your kids, of course.)

This is really only relevant because Matty Maggiacomo ONCE AGAIN failed to show up for a planned Pride month class and sent a sub in his place. Aside from that, no other commonalities whatsoever.

And What Fitness Studio Do You Teach At, Miss Thonner?

“Gaybies and gentlethems….” she’s back! The mysterious substitute Tread instructor, mother of twin teenage boys, and FOM (Friend of Matty), Mara Thonner, to teach Matty’s 30 min Camp Walk. We’ve been expecting her, to be honest, with Matty teasing her visit early in the month.


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As Mariana Fernandez commented…. “Is it a mother from the garden state of NJ whose hair gets closer to heaven every time I see her?”

The word “queen” has been thrown around a bit (okay, a lot) in this article, but it has perhaps never been so appropriate as it was when Mara took the Tread with hair rivaling (conquering?) that of Queen Charlotte (Bridgerton verison) and a spectacular peacock-zebra-giraffe-snake-leopard print

And Mara hasn’t been so sweaty since…

  • Denis Morton caught her on his Ring camera.
  • she ran bathwater with Susie Chan.
  • she watched Matt Wilpers eat a banana.
  • Jess King ghosted her at that rave in Brooklyn (don’t worry- Mara found friends.)
  • she was that whore in church.


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So many questions! How did the hair stay up? How did the lipstick stay on (especially while drinking from a water bottle)? Where was Cher on the playlist (which, we are told, was Matty’s very gay playlist)? Are we still feeling queer? Did the birds fly back to Central Park, or something? And why do no other Peloton instructors ever get non-Peloton subs?

That actually reminds us that we haven’t seen this much bicep glitter since that time Olivia Amato subbed for Matt Wilpers. (And we couldn’t help but wonder… what’s up with Matt(y)s ditching their classes on holidays?)

You can’t see it in this pic, but SOMEONE must have thrown glitter that Halloween. I so wish this ride were still available.

Really, we should bring Mara on as a regular- she’s got fashion, flair, and just breaks into Kirsten Ferguson’s house to sit by the pool whenever she feels like it.

(Also, it was a pretty great workout- no idea how Mara wasn’t completely dripping with sweat.)

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