Benny Adami Brings First-Ever English-Language Schläger Ride to Peloton Platform

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Peloton is debuting its first-ever English-language Schläger Ride on November 4, led by German Bike instructor, Benny Adami. If you’ve ever wondered what Schläger is all about, this is your chance to dive into the colorful world of this German music genre.  And, even if you don’t know what Schläger is at all, Benny is a whole vibe all on his own.

What is Schläger Music?

Schläger is a popular music genre in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and is characterized by catchy melodies, upbeat rhythms, and easy-to-sing-along lyrics. The songs often have a festive and party-like vibe, which makes them perfect for dancing and having a good time.  As Benny says, Schläger is “a word that’s as fun to say as the genre to hear!”  His excitement for this ride is palpable.  Benny invites members to , “imagine beats, the energy and yes a confetti shower in every note.” We think he means a metaphorical confetti shower, but….knowing Benny’s love of confetti, we wouldn’t be surprised if he meant an actual confetti shower, too! 

What to Expect from the Ride

Hello!  Expect a party with Benny as your guide!!  Peloton’s first English-language Schlager Ride has all the ingredients necessary to be an instant classic of a class. Whether you’re a seasoned Peloton bike rider or new to the platform, and whether you know what Schläger is or not, this ride is going to slay. Who’s in?

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