Confetti for Benny! Benny Adami celebrates his two year Peloton Anniversary!

Confetti, Celebration, and Cycling: Benny’s 2-Year Peloversary

Glückwunsch to Benny!

The Canadian-born Benny Adami’s Peloton bio and his own introduction describe him as, “born in the gym,” and while we can’t confirm that actual birthplace, we’re pretty certain he’s living there now- when he’s not showering glitter, rainbows, and confetti (both literal and metaphorical) over his Peloton fans and fellow instructors. We’re thrilled to join Benny’s party any time of the year, but his Peloversary is a extra-special occasion calling for us to share some extra-special favorite Benny moments.

(Glückwunsch? Well, I learned what the German word for “congratulations” is in honor of Mila’s second Peloversary, so thought I’d use that knowledge again!)

The Fashion

Benny’s not one to shy away from color- or hesitate before heading into the women’s section. He proudly showed off his Brittany Allen apparel when the collab dropped- and he looks amazing in neon pink and orange!

He served Dancing Queen in head-to-toe patterns.

Benny’s also a Disney fan, having appeared at the Little Mermaid premiere in a sequined, deep sea-green biker jacket. (There was also that time he became another Disney character, but we’ll let it go for now.)

Finally, we can’t help but love his in-class looks. He can rock some flowers, and rivals Adrian Williams in the sleeve-removal department- but in an even more creative way!

No Sleeves, No Problem

No Sleeves, No Problem

And what does he do with the sleeves he removes? The man has a plan.

Sleeves or Socks?

Sleeves or Socks?

The Sparkle

Perhaps Benny shines brightest… when he’s actually shining. Confetti, glitter, and sparkle bring his riders the most colorful experience you can have in a German-language cycling class!

He’s celebrated with confetti for the riders a few times…

and worn some shiny holo Brittany Allen for the Katy Perry ride at All For One ’23.

This fan of the women’s department knows where to find a v-neck sparkly one-piece (and yes, Benny… we do find ourselves in the opposite gender’s department from time to time!)

Booties, butterfly wings, Brittany Allen, fishnet, a crown, disco ball earrings, tube socks, and glasses that would make Elton John beam with pride. It doesn’t get much more fun than this.

The People

The man loves babies…. in good times and in bad.

Benny and the Babies

Benny and the Babies

He lives to twin (and triplet!) with his fellow instructors.

Squid Game and More

Squid Game and More

Can’t forget his personal life, either…

Benny celebrates his riders, loves his co-workers, and has literally the cutest boyfriend ever.

The Rides

Let’s not forget the actual workouts- the music-loving Benny has participated in such Artist Series as Barbra Streisand, Take That, Madonna, and Tina Turner. He’s brought us low impact, HIIT and Hills, and participated in Unity Day Rides both years. Most recently, Benny brought us the first-ever English-language Schläger Ride!

How would he want us to celebrate his Peloversary? Just one answer…. Cycle, Love, and Toss Confetti. And we’re going to do exactly that. Party it up for he of the glorious hair and confetti everywhere!

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