Ben Pops the Question

Ben Pops the Question to Hosky: Be My Best Man!

It must be (b)romance week at Peloton on both sides of the Atlantic, because it’s not only Andy Speer who proposed to a fellow instructor! At PSL, though, the “new deal” was signed between gentlemen.

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What’s Ben’s Christmas present for Jon? Is it… running the London Marathon? Is it a bottle of champagne? Is it a golf club? No, and Hosky apparently knew it. It’s a framed poster designating Jon Hosking as the Best Man in the Leeanne-Ben wedding extravaganza (at least we’re hoping for an extravaganza). And now we’ve learned that both Ben and Hosky are long huggers, and got to enjoy the full range of emotions running across this sweet face:

The Hosky Emotional Scale, from "what's this?" to "I LOVE YOU, MATE!" (ft. Ben)

The Hosky Emotional Scale, from “what’s this?” to “I LOVE YOU, MATE!” (ft. Ben)

Looks as if we finally know we’re heading for a Spring 2024 wedding! Stay tuned as we watch for romances and bromances, get emotional over our favorite peppy blonde in a wedding gown, wait on the PSNY guest list (all of them? please say all of them), and watch our favorite Brits (including Hosky) live happily ever after!

(Oh, and Leeanne was there too.)

Here Comes the Bride

Here Comes the Bride

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