TCO 244 | Peloton

244: Peloton Layoffs Anticipated to Hit Before Earnings Call plus our interview with Tiffany Coffee Stuckey

TCO 244 | Peloton


John Mills joins us to discuss the iFit and Echelon lawsuits.

  • Peloton has a “sexy” new competitor.
  • We have a visit from the Peloton Prophet.
  • Dr. Jenn – Strategies for Becoming Disciplined
  • Tunde is featured in Elle Magazine.
  • We get a sneak peek of the cover for Tunde’s new book.
  • Robin Arzon films a new commercial for ADIDAS.
  • Cody Rigsby has tips for battling Covid burnout.
  • Fansided sits down with Emma Lovewell.
  • John Foley tweets about Cliff Dwenger’s gospel ride.
  • Matty Maggiacomo has a special Valentine’s Day run planned.
  • Angelo joins us to discuss what to do when you always feel hungry.
  • Peloton celebrates Black History Month and the Lunar New Year.
  • Peloton unveils a new heart rate monitor.
  • CNBC reports that Peloton slashed apparel goals for 2022.
  • Bloomberg predicts that Apple won’t buy Peloton.
  • CNN gauges members’ reactions to recent turmoil.
  • has 3 lessons to learn from Peolon’s woes.
  • SNL weighs in on Peloton pop culture heart attacks.
  • AMA Group delivers on Peloton HQ design.
  • Melanie Lynskey loves her Peloton.
  • A new company aims to be the Peloton of basketball.
  • There’s a new collection in the boutique.
  • Robin Arzon and Daniel McKenna did an IG Live.
  • There’s now a cycling-based Wordle knock-off.
  • Marcel Dinkins & Kirsten Ferguson collaborated on a Spotify playlist.

All this plus our interview with Tiffany Coffee Stuckey!

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Peloton Layoffs Anticipated to Hit Before Earnings Call plus our interview with Tiffany Coffee Stuckey

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I’ve been enjoying creating the episodes because I have learned a lot.

Other than that, what do you have in store for people? It’s a busy week and not all catastrophe.

First of all, the instructors have been very busy. We have a lot to talk about with them. We also have a lot to talk about lawsuits and competition. We also have a visit from the Peloton Prophet. We have a visit from Dr. Jenn. She talks about strategies for becoming disciplined, which I feel almost everyone can benefit from.

Even if you are disciplined, you probably would like to be more disciplined.

With MetPro, we have some hungry people that we help out. Also, there is a ton of In The News from Peloton. We even have some celebrity stuff, competitor stuff, and In Case You Missed It stuff. It’s all over the place.

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We shall.

Joining us once again from Run, Lift and Live, it’s John Mills. How is it going, John?

How is it going? What’s happening.

Let’s dig in. We’ll start with some lawsuit news. Our first is Peloton knocks willful infringement allegations out of iFIT suit. What does that mean to people?

It means that iFIT had said that Peloton had willfully infringed on their patents, and Peloton got that dismissed. iFIT could not convince the court that the alleged infringement of the weight cradle patent was willful. It doesn’t mean that it’s done. It doesn’t mean that it’s over. It was willful/purposeful. I don’t know why we’re arguing about weight cradles. That’s a good question. I did see your commentary about this. I agree with other people that are saying, “You’ve got to protect your IP.” As much as we like to bag on Mad Dogg, the reason that they were able to keep it that way for so long and still do is they defended it. You have to be aggressive because if you’re not aggressive with these types of things, then precedence will show that you weren’t aggressive about it. You can’t just pick and choose. You have to be consistent. I do understand that as well. I think Peloton has to do that.

In this scenario with this particular one, it was iFIT that had some patent that aligned to you have someplace where your weights sit, which is the cradle behind your bike. At some point in the class, it digitally tells you, “Go pick up your weights now.” That is what was patented. It’s the combination of it’s telling you to do it and like, “My weight is still right there.” It all sounds crazy to me that there’s even a patent for that. I guess when Bike+ came out and then you have the online and on-demand class said, “We’re doing weights now,” as soon as you pick that weight up, you infringed.

In other lawsuit news, on the Echelon front, they have persuaded the court that Peloton streaming tech is unpatentable.

This is weird to me that you can go back after you’ve been awarded a patent and they can remove the patent.

I feel like if that happens, the Patent Office should have to pay your legal fees. “You told me I had this and now you’re saying I should have not done it, then that’s your fault. Here’s what you owe me.”

Why is that a thing? Why can you go backwards and say, “It’s not a patent. We never should have put it there.” What?

What’s even more confusing to me about this one is these two patents are related to the suit that was filed back in 2019. When I read through them, it sounds like it’s about the idea that you’re on a bike somewhere. I’m here in Connecticut and I’m on the bike. You are wherever you’re at and you’re on your bike. Our metrics can sometimes magically show up together and we can compare on a leaderboard like some type of networking-based type patents that have something to do with the leaderboard. Peloton was awarded patents relative to that same concept in December. These patents are from years ago, then they got awarded others that to me sounds similar in December. I don’t know what this means. They then revoked the one from 2019. What does that mean for the ones in 2021? I’m all confused with this.

I almost feel like the courts are like, “You know what? You put a tablet on a bike, get over yourself,” and they don’t want to deal with any of them. Both of these cases seem to be saying the same thing which is like, “What are you doing? This isn’t that.”

That’s basically what I said in my group. This is just layman John who doesn’t know about any of this stuff. I’m like, “Is this the beginning of the courts going, “Hold up. You cannot patent a water bottle holder.” Is this the start of that?

It’s like when your parents are like, “Then nobody gets McDonald’s.”

Let’s go down that rabbit hole for a second. The thing is if there does not exist a patent that says that Peloton is the first one that streamed the classes, how is that not patentable? I’m not talking about watching it on a stupid VHS. I’m saying they put the technology in place to take a class while you’re at home, and that is new. That was disrupted.

My only thought would be that they didn’t invent streaming technology. When I was a kid, I used to ride my bike all the time. I want to listen to the radio so I had a transistor radio because it was the 50s. I duct-taped it to my handlebars, took a Xacto knife and cut out the hole where the speaker was so I could hear music. I didn’t invent anything. I duct-taped a radio to a bike. At the end of the day, Peloton duct-taped Netflix to a bike. They make great content. I wonder if that’s where the courts are landing. You duct-taped a tablet to a bike and that’s not patent.

If that’s all it is, then why is it that they were able to do this and nobody else did for years. We’ve had home workouts.

I’ve been sitting here this time trying to come up with a joke about the transistor radio on the bicycle handlebars. I can’t come up with one.

He’s like, “I don’t even know what you’re saying anymore. I’m still trying to come up with the joke.”

I always thought that the innovation in it was not just that you could take the class and you see it on this screen on the bike. Now, I’m comparing metrics with people anywhere in the world. It’s the networking aspect of it.

TCO 244 | Peloton


It sounds like that’s what this patent is saying.

That’s where I then get confused because if this isn’t patentable, then what is? It’s not clear what we’re talking about.

The reason that it’s able to be patented, here’s my logic. We all had to go to court to talk about how the music was going to be handled because the music was going to be streamed, and it had never been streamed during the class before. If that’s different, then why the hell isn’t this different. Explain that to me. That’s my logic. Done, I rest my case, your honor. You need you to hire me.

They will then say, “One’s copyright law, one’s patent law.”

I don’t care.

I don’t think you can legally go into court and say, “Your honor, I don’t care.”

I am saying logically. In all sincerity, logic follows that if you have to go to court to figure out how you should take care of music rights and how that should be done, I don’t understand how this could be considered not to be new. It’s a new way of taking care of the artists. It’s a new way of sending out their music. It’s a new type of performance. That doesn’t make any sense to me.

That is a valid point.

We got to dig into this more.

Whoever is out there that deals with patents, please call me, text me, email me. We need you on the show. We need to dig into this because I don’t understand how one is defendable and one is not. I need details.

That’s what’s going on out there. Moving right along, Who owns Beach Sweat? R-rated sexy exercise platform combines OnlyFans and Peloton.

What did they call it? They had a term. I can’t remember what it is. It’s intended to inspire you to workout because you’re seeing these instructors wearing risque attire.

Being inspired to workout or what they are inspired to do, I don’t think we call that a workout.

It’s visually inspired fitness. Their slogan is, “You do me.” They don’t have a heart rate monitor. They have a hard rate monitor.

That girl is not even wearing spin shoes on that stupid spin bike. She’s got tennis shoes on. How do you even sit on that seat with that thong? Come on.

It’s the first bike that rides you.

Remember there was that one that came out and they had that. It was the bike with the seat that you could make the O-seat or whatever. You could get your jollies on a Peloton. They had a seat made just for that.

Did they say the seat would make it very hard to fall off?

With regards to this, my group were very concerned about these cycling classes on the beach and sand. I don’t know why.

That’s because it’s not like there’s sand in your living room or wherever you have your bike.

These women are going to be making pearls. Remember you can spell competition without “tit.” We can’t. I’m not wrong.

I’ve posted this in the group. I had five serious questions. Not one person tried to answer one of my questions. It was a whole list of jokes.

Because it’s ridiculous, John. There is nothing serious. This is just an excuse for people to look at women that they find attractive. They’re not exercising. This is not inspiring to anyone who exercises. When they say combining OnlyFans and Peloton, no. All you’re doing is OnlyFans while they happen to be starting with a workout. Apparently, with the tip jar, they are not finishing the workout. That’s all I’m saying.

Yeah, they’re finishing.

They’ve only been out for three weeks and they’ve gained 30,000 subscribers in that three weeks.

That does not surprise me.

In this article, they’re quoting a supposed former Peloton subscriber.

His name is Lester. I am suspicious.

It’s the New York Post.

I have been slammed for even posting articles from the New York Post.

He says he was not getting what he wanted out of Peloton. He tried to do weights without a platform and he couldn’t get inspired. This gave him that inspiration to workout.

What is he lifting?

We know what he’s lifting. It’s twice the fitness because you’re exercising and you’re thinking about baseball.

People are going to look at what they’re going to look at. I’m not judging at all. That’s not what I’m judging. What I’m judging is to call it a workout. That’s like those magazines. They would have women draped on a car, and then they would be like, “Look at that beautiful girl. I’m only looking at this magazine because of these beautiful cars.” No, you weren’t.

I like Cooters for the wings. When was the last time you got carry-out?

Come on. You’re not. If you just care about the wings, you’d get carry-out every once in a while. That’s not what’s happening.

I’m going to follow these guys because I got to determine whether or not I need to add them to my list of social media followers list.

Adding something new to your workout regimen would inspire you a little bit more. Share on X

Was that the story you’ve given to Erica?

I need to do some serious research into this situation.

Are you going to be taking some of these classes? Is that how serious you’re getting?

I may need to check it out to figure out what is really going on.

I think you know what’s going on, John. They are draped across the hood of the car. It is not necessary for them to be there.

They’ve got yoga and strength.

I bet they do. The next thing you know, it’s going to be like, “It’s our two for one class today.” I see where that’s going.

What I forgot is that after every class in this app, you can hit a button to tip the instructor in that tip jar.

That’s what I’m saying. I don’t think that’s how they’re finishing a class. Instead of it being a combination of OnlyFans and Peloton, I’m pretty sure it’s only fans wearing exercise gear and pretending to exercise. I don’t think this is real work being done.

Based on the pictures, they’ve been exercising at some point.

They are not, during this. I’m not saying they never exercise. I just don’t think that’s the main motivation.

I suggested it in my group, which was one of my questions. I’ve got 100 comments and every one of them avoided all of my serious questions.

Give me your questions.

I can’t remember the questions. One of the questions I suggested was they probably shouldn’t do in-person classes. I don’t think that would be a good look.

If you think about the fact that the instructors at Peloton had to start having bodyguards, I don’t even know what this would be. I’m scared of what would happen because there are people that just walk up and take things. They feel entitled. I’m worried about the sense of entitlement that would happen here.

I remember one of my serious questions was, is this an extreme? Is there an evolution happening? Is this happening to some extent where there are instructors on various platforms that has sexualized it a little bit, and thus promote what they’re doing? This platform has pulled up the bandage off and said, “Look.”

I’m not going to avoid it. We had an instructor on Peloton. Everybody knows who I’m talking about. If you’ve been in Peloton world from the beginning, you know who the instructor I’m talking about. They no longer work at Peloton. They were always hypersexualized compared to every other instructor. They still are on their Instagram. Every single post is sexualized. Whatever, that’s how they roll. That’s what gets the clicks for them, right or wrong.

That’s exactly what my question is. I started thinking, “How different is this from how the space is working now?

I have a problem seeing it as a serious workout. I couldn’t watch those videos and be taking them seriously because it’s so over the top. Just the pictures that they’ve put on their article or whatever, there’s no way I’m taking this seriously.

They are targeting a certain demo.

It’s not me. It’s not crazy that that’s not my thing, but for people that enjoy the visuals while they’re working out. It’s no different. There are tons of both men and women that have spoken about how attractive Peloton instructors are. For some of them, that is their main reason for working out with a certain instructor. I honestly, in all sincerity and all joking aside, if they’re really doing workouts and they’re actually putting science behind the workout and it’s a good workout, good on them. If it’s not, then it’s a joke. I don’t know how to take it seriously. I personally can’t watch it take it seriously.

I have a lot of weights, iron, dumbbells and stuff in my garage. A lot of these workouts are on the beach. Some of them are actually in a facility, but some of them are at the beach. They have an image of one of the instructors doing strength training. They’re in the water doing curls with some dumbbells. My mind goes to, “I’m not doing that.” That’s saltwater. My weights are going to start to rust. That doesn’t make sense.

That’s the type of thing that makes it hard to take it seriously. All joking aside, that’s the thing that makes it difficult, or that girl wearing tennis shoes on a spin bike. That’s what makes it hard to take it seriously. It’s more about the aesthetics of how that girl looks than a real workout. That’s where I feel like there are instructors, whether it be Peloton or anybody else, that have always sexualized themselves as they advertise. Even the instructor that used to be at Peloton that I was saying, they still could deliver a good workout.

You could still get a good workout and take the science behind what they were saying seriously. In this particular case, I look at that and I’m not seeing science because the water thing is obvious. Also, you’re not wearing spin shoes, you’re wearing tennis shoes. You’re wearing a thong on a bike seat. That is not for comfort. That is not for getting a good workout in. That is for aesthetics only. You’re only trying to please people visually. You’re not trying to give them a good workout. Those are two different things.

I know exactly what you’re saying. When I looked at the yoga image in the article, I’m like, “Is that yoga?” I got you.

You’re bending over but it’s not yoga.

I like how he had to look closer.

He told you he’s researching.

I want to know what Erica thinks of those research.

When I posted it, I hadn’t processed it far enough. I thought it was an interesting platform and app. They had 30,000 followers so let me ask a bunch of questions. It wasn’t until people started commenting where I went, “This is hilarious.” I understand why they are not answering my questions.

No one is taking it seriously.

That says a lot about your research because you don’t need to do any. They’re going to get followers because people are watching and looking at things, but that doesn’t mean that they have people engaging with the actual workout.

Thank you so much for joining us, John. Until next week, where can people find you?

They can find me on my Facebook page or group, Run, Lift and Live. They can find me on Instagram @RunLiftAndLive. They can find me on TikTok Run, Lift and Live, or they can find me at

We have a visit from the Peloton Prophet. They have two predictions. One is not so great.

We’re hearing that there are probably going to be layoffs prior to the earnings call on February 8th, 2022. It will happen at some point that day. It’s probably going to affect several different areas. It’s not confined to one area at all. That’s not great news. I’m very sorry if that is true and to anybody who is affected by that.

Hopefully, the Prophet will be wrong.

TCO 244 | Peloton


This is the only time, I’ve ever wanted the Prophet to be wrong.

That is what we are hearing.

On a lighter note, the Apple Watch is soon going to be able to use with all class types. When I say all class types, I mean all class types. People say to me, why is this different? This is different because you can use your Apple Watch to see your strive score on your app. What you cannot do right now is have it display the heart rate from your Apple Watch to your original Tread+. You cannot see it on your tread. You can not see it on the original bike. You can see it on bike classes only in a Bike+. That will be changing.

I am hearing that we will see that at the end of February 2022. You will be able to see the heart rate displayed from your Apple Watch on the screen. I do not know what version of the Apple Watch it will be working for. I assume at the very least that it will be the last couple, but I don’t know. We will have to wait and see. It’s not an official announcement. I hear these things. We’ve got to wait for the official announcement to find out all the details. In the meantime, I am super excited about it. I don’t have to use any third-party workarounds anymore.

Joining us is Dr. Jenn Mann, licensed marriage, family and child therapist, and Sports Psychology consultant. She was a five-year national team member in Rhythmic Gymnastic and Sports Psychology for USA Gymnastics. It’s Dr. Jenn. We have a question for you.

Tammy Barnett from The Clip Out group wants to know that for those who are less disciplined than yourself, are there any strategies for becoming more regular and disciplined about exercise? I know you have lots of them.

That’s funny because since I started posting my Peloton workouts on my Insta Stories, more and more people ask me about this. Because I do a lot of Sports Psychology in my practice, I love when people come to me and are like, “I don’t work out very much. It’s hard for me to get started. It’s hard for me to get motivated.” I have two friends, not in my practice, who I’m helping right now or Peloton like regimens, which is so fun for me. I know Crystal is certified as a trainer, but I do have a background in Sports Psychology.

What I recommend is, first of all, start small. It is way better that you create goals that are super achievable that you can succeed at than you overshoot. The biggest mistake I see people make is, “I’m going to work out seven days a week for an hour a day after not having exercised.” That is the worst thing you can do. You’re going to hate it. You’re going to injure yourself and it’s going to be an awful experience. Start small with 5, 10-minute workouts, at the most 20-minute workouts. Also, start with the thing that you love the most. Let’s say you like walking more than spinning, then start with the Peloton walks. Put on your earphones and go outdoor for a walk. If you like gentle yoga, do that. Start to put together something twice a week and get that consistently.

The other thing is I have an Instagram post that I did all about how to meet your exercise goals. I talk a lot about these things. Put your exercise clothes out the night before. It makes a big difference. It’s a simple thing that you can do. Get your clothes on before you can even think about it. If you workout after work, don’t even think about it. Change into your clothes. Don’t think about what you’re going to do or how you feel about it, just get dressed. A lot of the time, getting there is the hard part. Start with these small manageable goals and build on these goals.

One of the programs that I like at Peloton is Emma’s Crush Your Core. Everyone that I had encouraged to do that starts to exercise regularly. Every class is either 5 minutes or 10 minutes. It starts with 4 days a week and moves up to 5 or 6, and there may be one stretch day. What I love about that is when you start to implement on a day-to-day basis, it’s like when it was time for my kids to go to preschool. I had choices between three days a week program or five days week program. I picked five days a week program because I liked the structure. Every day the kids would be like, “I know what time I’m waking up. I know where I’m going. I know what time I come back.”

It’s the same thing with exercise. If you have a certain time of day that you can always exercise, that makes it a little bit easier. If you are someone who likes the morning, God bless you. I bow down to you. As everyone here knows, I may be an owl. If it’s easier for you to workout before work, by all means, do it. If you like late-night, that’s great, do it. The other thing is don’t assume that nothing is better than a little. It is better that you get in a five-minute workout. Let’s say you make a goal to do twenty minutes, sometimes you may have to break that up into four different five-minute classes. Let that be okay. It’s having some flexibility and I also like to have a backup plan.

I have a client I’m working with that we created a backup plan. If she decides she’s going to do a twenty-minute spin, but her baby is sick and her husband can’t cover her with the baby, then instead of doing the twenty minutes on the bike, she’s going to do a meditation and a strength class. Get that checkmark because getting that Peloton checkmark becomes a little bit addictive and fun. It’s almost like a video game where you get your points. It tends to help the motivation.

That’s a lot of good, actionable advice. Thank you very much for all of that. Until next time, where can people find you?

People can find me on social media @DrJennMann on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, the whole works. I post my Peloton workouts on my Insta Stories. You can also find me in InStyle magazine. I have a weekly column called Hump Day With Dr. Jenn.

ELLE magazine, which is a big deal has a very lengthy article about how Tunde went from the last one picked to Peloton instructor.

It’s a very long article and it details her long story. It tells where she came from. It talks about how she was as a kid. We got to hear some of her stories when we interviewed her way back when she first started at Peloton. She also talks about her teaming up with Nike, her doing some other collaborations, the why behind those, and the significance personally to her. She also has some advice for beginners. There are tons of good little kernels of information in this. I definitely recommend checking it out.

While we’re talking about Tunde, she shared a sneak peek of her new book, Speak.

It’s the cover of Speak that she specifically did. It’s a beautiful picture of her. She talks about finding her voice. It says, “Find your voice, trust your gut, and get from where you are to where you want to be.” I am so excited for Tunde. I’m glad this is happening. I know it is a huge deal to get a book published and that’s very exciting.

According to her Instagram, the book is available for pre-order. You can get yourself signed up if you’re so inclined. FootwearNews has an article about marketing plays. Within that article, they discuss that Robin Arzon was filming a new commercial for Adidas.

It says above it that they are launching several new women-focused initiatives as part of the brand’s Impossible Is Nothing campaign. They’re going to focus on supporting new and established athletes with these new products. One of them is Robin. How cool is that?

TIME magazine had an article, Pandemic endemic, how busy people keep it together after two years of COVID burnout. They had some tips on how to avoid COVID burnout. One of those tips came from Cody Rigsby.

It says that the need to set boundaries came up over and over. Understandable, given the merging of home and work in the pandemic. During a recent workout, Peloton fitness instructor, Cody Rigsby said he’s been sticking to his new year’s resolution of not using his phone for the first 30 minutes of the day. How cool is that?

I couldn’t do it.

I jump in pretty quick. Some mornings I managed to go about ten. That’s about as much as I go.

My phone’s my alarm. If I didn’t use it for the first 30 minutes, I wouldn’t wake up. I’m thinking he probably allows that. FoodSided sat down with Emma Lovewell and she shares how a path to balanced eating is within reach.

She talks through the steps of how you can have things that are healthy and things that are nourishing. You can mix those in with fun foods and still have a balanced diet, which is great. Those tips are there and that’s a good article.

John Foley has been getting much more active on Twitter. He tweeted about one of Cliff’s past classes.

He said, “Cliff’s Gospel Ride from this week was exactly what I needed. I turned on the subtitles as it’s a German language class, but the music is English and incredible. Thank you, Cliff and all the folks who reached out and suggested we needed more Gospel Rides.” If you didn’t get a chance to check that out, John Foley thinks it’s amazing.

What also makes me wonder, for years, people have been asking for Christian music and worship rides. With him saying that people ask for a gospel ride and got it, it makes me wonder if you’re going to finally see some Casting Crowns or Tobymac in there.

We shall see.

Matty Maggiacomo posted about an upcoming Valentine’s day class.

He said he’s preparing for a very special pop run on Valentine’s day. It’ll be February 14th, 2022 at 6:00 PM Eastern, but he needs help. He’s looking for stories about love. He wants to know love at first sight stories, strange romances, worst dates, misconnections, and surprised reunions. He’s asking for people to drop in their stories and leaderboard name. I have been on several of Matty’s classes where he has done these runs and themes, and they are the best. I’ve heard the worst wedding stories. I’ve heard the best Christmas stories all over the place. He pulls them from so many different directions. It makes the class entertaining because it’s a Matty class, but also so fun that the time flies by. It’s not working out, it is literally hanging out with Matty and your friends because you hear from the whole community about their stories. It’s amazing. I love the way he puts these classes together.

Joining us once again is Angelo here to answer all of your nutrition questions. How’s it going?

It’s going great. It’s good to see you both. Thanks for having me back.

We love having you here because you always have such great advice for our audience. We’ve got some questions for you. I say questions because we had a few people that have written in with very similar soundings. I’ll read all of them here. This first one is from Christina Siano. She says, “If I make smart dietary choices, I’m hungry all the time.” However, her longer story is that she’s a cancer survivor. Her metabolism has slowed way down due to prior treatment and surgery. She tries to incorporate plant-based meals and days in addition to a traditional diet, but she is hungry all the time. An example, she had a large plate of lentils and vegetables. She was starving an hour later. There are a couple of other people. Gwen Goss says, “I’m hungry all the time. I’m adding in more protein but I am ‘bottomless pit.'” We have Kristin Lavin says, “I need to find a solid eating plan. I will not be starving.” Andrew Covar is riding the Power Zone Challenge and starving all day long.

It sounds like we have some hungry people.

We need to find a way to feed them.

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I used to have clients that would walk into our gym way back in the day when I had brick and mortar locations. We would have the walls lined with before and after photos of these athletes. I would point to them and I would say, “Do you suppose that those athletes you’re looking at on the wall are barely counting out a single calorie here and there? They’re getting barely enough and hungry all the time.” They said, “No, they’re probably eating a ton,” and that’s right. That’s one of those we’ve heard that you have to eat more to lose weight, but that comes with a huge asterisk. That’s a don’t try this at home clause. They go, “I did what they said. I ate more and I had the reverse option.”

The big picture solution for Christina, Gwen and Andrew is to over time, systematically speed your metabolism, which means clean eating and step with exercise. It sounds like you guys have the right strategy. In the short term, to make your intake more tolerable, what you’re going to be looking at are two different things, food volume and food timing. What can happen is if there’s uneven timing or large gaps in your fueling throughout the day, you’ll get a blood sugar response that will create cravings that are greater than simply what would have happened if you were on a normal cadence of eating.

As an example, someone who wakes up has a clean breakfast, gets a clean lunch, and then doesn’t eat anything until 7:30, 8:00 at night will have a much harder time maintaining a reasonable intake versus someone who had extra calories in the middle of the afternoon as a light snack, piece of fruits, some almonds, some nuts, whatever. What it will do is it will take out the additional hormonal response that’s being triggered. Small meals and clean snacks throughout the day will help stabilize blood sugar.

The other and probably most practical approach to this is when you are hungry, for example, Christina, you had lentils and vegetables, which by the way is great. Don’t stop doing that. What we need to have is a go-to in between. It sounds like you’re on the right track. Even if you’re eating mostly plant-based, do still supplement with some protein sources. There are a plethora of ways that you can do that. Include fats as well. Some fats are going to be more satiating than others. For example, you could put some olive oil or even some butter. My preference in these cases is I’m a big fan of nuts that have fat content. I’m a big fan of avocados. It’s one of the only fats where you get fat and fiber at the same time. It’s very satiating and very filling.

When you select foods, look for foods that have high water content. Those are going to be high volume foods. Fruits typically fit check that box. If you think about it like an apple, there are not many calories in an apple, but it’s a substantial snack because of the water content in it. It’s the same way with a lot of vegetables. Also, look for foods that have a high fiber content. They’re going to be very filling. There are foods that are not bad in of themselves. For example, in of itself, you can get some pasta, even a whole wheat pasta or a brown rice pasta, which is moderate glycaemic and nutritious.

What you’ll notice is that to get about 45 grams of carbs via that pasta, it’s going to be fed to you in a thimble because it’s so dense in carbs. Whereas if you had had that same carb serving via sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal, etc., now you’re going to have a whole plate of food to eat for the same amount of carbs. As you start looking at different foods and comparing quantities, you’re going to be able to find choices that are a little bit more filling. Add a side salad to everything. Add your favorite vegetables to everything. Try cooked vegetables. I know there are a lot of people that talk about the nutritional value of raw vegetables. It’s great to have raw vegetables too, but I like cooked vegetables because you can eat more of them.

For example, when my wife makes either steamed or lightly sauteed green beans, it’s filling and it’s great, but I can only eat so much. Whereas if they’re cooked or if I have steamed broccoli versus raw broccoli, I can eat a substantial amount that fills up my belly. These are little tricks to go with the main entree. If you are trying to eat more plant-based but not entirely plant-based, a lot of our clients share that they do well selecting mostly plant-based during the day. If they are going to have animal protein, they are doing that at their evening meal or at their dinner time. That helps with satiety as well. Those are little things that you can go to.

One last little tip or hack on the topic is don’t drink your calories. We’ve heard that before, but here’s a way that a lot of people actually drink their calories thinking protein shakes are good for weight loss. It can be because it can be high protein and low calorie, but it’s not going to be satiating. If you opt to have your protein via a liquid source like a protein shake, it’ll fill you up for about five minutes, then you’re going to be hungry. Whereas if you get that protein source via some chicken, fish, tofu, cottage cheese or whatever protein source you prefer and it’s whole food state, it’s going to actually fill you up for a longer period of time as your body digests it. Those are a few little hacks that you can try if you find you’re struggling with hunger.

Thank you very much for all those very actionable tips. If people would like this sort of nutritional information tailored to their specific needs, where can they find you and your team of helpers?

From the New Business Herald, we get an article, Peloton’s extreme sales quotas shortchanged workers, according to a new lawsuit.

It’s interesting that this lawsuit is coming out now because we’ve heard a little bit about this a few months ago, we reported on it. A former sales representative is saying that the company forced employees to work off the clock without paying overtime and set sales quotas impossibly high. I don’t know what is going to end up coming from this, but it will be interesting because I have seen on more than one occasion, there have been examples of people saying that they were pressured to work off the clock. Also, I’m unclear if this person was an hourly or salary employee. I know that different states have different laws. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out because you have people that are delivery drivers, equipment handlers, and people who work in the warehouses. They have a whole list of complaints, but then you have people who are sales saying this now. I’m curious to see how that’s going to play out.

Peloton is commemorating Black History Month.

There are a ton of new content that’s coming. There are a bunch of new classes that are going to be dropped on demand, but there are also some live ones. They have different people talking about their experiences that are going to be placed throughout the month. You’re going to hear from the actual community their standpoint and viewpoint. I’m excited to see how all this comes together. It’ll be interesting.

They are also celebrating the lunar new year.

There were some special classes. I know Susie Chan taught one. I don’t remember the rest of them. I think Emma Lovewell, Susie Chan and Sam Yo. They all taught classes to ring in the lunar new year. It is the year of the tiger, which calls on strength and power. They talked about the different instructors and the things that they do to celebrate the new year.

Peloton has released a new heart rate monitor for your arm, which is not where your heart is.

We first heard about this from the Peloton Prophet months and months ago that it was going to be coming out with Peloton Guide. However, we also reported that the Peloton Guide had been pushed back. That’s probably going to be in April 2022, so Peloton went ahead and released the heart rate monitor. What’s different about this? One thing that’s different is it is an optical heart rate monitor. The one that Peloton has been selling for years and in either form, there were a couple of different generations of it, were always chest straps that you could get from Peloton.

This is the first time that they have sold one that goes on your forearm. You are able to see the different lights. It seamlessly turns on and connects to any of the Peloton equipment. That will work as well with the Guide. It will still be shipping as an option with the Guide, when that happens. It’s also good for people who can’t wear a chest strap. There might be different medical reasons, etc. This is a good option for people to be able to do that.

CNBC is reporting that the Peloton internal docs show how it slashed 2022 sales goals for the apparel unit even though that segment revenue doubled in 2021.

I don’t see why this is such a big deal. They are saying that the momentum seems to be fading but I’m not sure that that’s fair because it’s still $150 million in 2022, which in 2021 was $100 million. How can we call that not good?

They’ve clearly increased production because things aren’t selling out like they used to. I don’t think that’s because there isn’t demand. That’s because there’s increased supply. They figured out where their sweet spot is and they’re probably adjusting accordingly. That is my guess.

I’ve been seeing a lot of comments about that. People are disappointed that there’s no mad rush anymore. At the time when there was that mad rush to get it, people complained. The other thing that Peloton has done is they’ve added more drops. I don’t know if people have been paying attention, there used to be fourteen drops a year. Now there’s a drop every three days. Every three days is an exaggeration but it is happening a lot more than it was.

I know watching you, it used to be a big deal and a mad rush when there was a new drop for you to get that posted for people. Now it’s like, “It’s just another drop.”

The other thing is they have their own Instagram for Peloton apparel and now they post about it. All the excitement about the apparel has gone. Part of the excitement used to be that people would find out about it ahead of time and they would post. It would be all this like, “Oh my God,” and you tell your friend. Now it’s like, “Okay.” They’ve sucked all the excitement out of it. These people are saying that the quality isn’t as good. I have not personally seen that. Whether or not it’s a knockoff of Lululemon and what happens with that lawsuit, I don’t know. We will see, but I think the bigger issue is that the excitement is gone. Maybe we don’t need to be so exclusive but nobody can get it.

I would agree from what I’ve seen online. Bloomberg has an article, Apple probably won’t buy Peloton despite investor push, which is what our resident Peloton expert has been saying for quite some time.

I’m done hearing this. It’s silly how many times I’ve heard this.

I don’t see why Apple would want to mess with it. I know they’ve got their own Apple Fitness but Peloton is at a different level. I don’t know that they want to acquire other equipment they didn’t design, although, they bought Beats. That’s equipment that they didn’t design.

That’s true but it’s also much smaller. It’s not like people don’t buy Beats. I don’t mean that because it’s a huge market, but it’s a much lower barrier to entry.

It’s also a more obvious integration with something that’s already there with their core brands.

This would be like we have them and now we got to rebrand everything. I don’t think they would want to use Apple Fitness with Peloton products. They have not gone so far down that road.

They would have to do a major rethink.

Honestly, I don’t think Peloton is getting bought at all. I know a lot of people think they are, but I don’t. I don’t think Peloton wants to be bought. With them owning 80% of the shares that make decisions, they get to decide. That could change but right now, I don’t see it for 2023 at least.

CNN has an article, Peloton, diehards are sticking with the flailing company. I think flailing is a bit harsh.

The number one comment on that was flailing. People had so many issues with the word flailing.

I will also say something else we’ve been saying for a long time which is, people still love their bikes, their treads, the content and the instructors. When I decide whether or not I want a Coke or a Pepsi, I don’t look to see who has a better stock valuation. That’s not how it works. Everyone’s focus, including ours, is on their current situation. The average person who engages with Peloton does not give two squirts a piece about what’s going on in the boardroom.

I absolutely agree. I’m glad CNN is saying it even though I heard lots of crabbing about CNN too, but what else?

TCO 244 | Peloton


While we’re talking about flailing, there are three must-heed lessons from Peloton’s decline. This is from They know all about what Peloton should have done now that they can look back.

Getting rid of Foley is the first one, then invest in new growth markets before your current one matures, and bet on your strengths or create new ones. They definitely haven’t bet on their own strengths.

Invest in new growth markets before your current one matures. Is that like acquiring Precor? It’s like saying, “Do the thing that you did that we bitch about.”

They should keep Foley. I love Foley, leave him alone.

Once again, Peloton finds itself in the crosshairs of SNL, but not necessarily because of anything they did. They had a joke about another pop culture-based heart attack that was seen on the show Billions.

They wanted to set it up like what’s going to happen on Squid Games Season 2. It’s fair.

Finally, in Real Estate Weekly, AMA group delivers on Peloton NYC headquarters expansion. It looks like it’s an article about the design company behind the look.

I wanted to focus on a couple of things. It was 312,000 square-foot headquarters at Hudson Commons. The same people are going to be working on Peloton’s distribution facilities. I thought it was interesting because they will occupy floors 4 through 11 of the building and 13,000 square foot basement that houses a fabrication lab and support space. I thought that was interesting. There are extensive workstations across all departments, including engineering, apparel and product teams, key spaces such as software labs, user testing, music lounges, and an editing space were designed for ongoing development. Office spaces also include a large employee amenity program with huddle and meeting rooms, employee gyms, creative and social lounges. I thought it was cool. I loved when we got to do our tour of the old headquarters. I love seeing these details. It’s fun and neat. I hope we get to go back and do another one.

Melanie Lynskey, star of Yellowjackets, has been working for years. She’s been in tons of stuff.

I’ve recognized her from so much.

She has burst on the scene in Heavenly Creatures a long time ago. She’s been taking some I don’t want to say heat, but she threw shade at the production company she was working for because they implied that she needed to lose weight and she wasn’t having it. There’s been a lot of back and forth about her lately. She had tweeted in response to someone complaining about her size, because it’s as if it’s their business, “You don’t see me on my Peloton.” Apparently, she has Peloton so good for her. There is a picture of her, a normal human size woman.

I know somebody is going to say she spelled it wrong. We know what she meant though. We’re going to go ahead and give her a pass. She’s not one of the mad, crazy people like us that love it as much. I got to give her a little grace. Anyway, I thought it was cool. Good for her for calling them out. People should not comment on other people’s bodies. They just don’t.

We have another entry into the “We want to be the Peloton of insert something here.” I guess you could have said that same thing about that sexy fitness company.

They wouldn’t be the Peloton of OnlyFans.

They want to be the Peloton of insert something here. We have a company that wants to be the Peloton of basketball.

This one is called Huupe. The interesting thing is the people that are investing in this. There are a ton of investors like NBA players and other people at a very high level. I can’t remember some of the other names, but there was a lot. I’ll be interested to see if this gets anywhere. It was a startup from Milwaukee. I’m curious to see what happens. A lot of these don’t make it very far.

Let me know if they get any of the Harlem Globetrotters on board, then I’ll be impressed.

Fair enough. I’ll keep on the lookout.

You took two of the Eminem classes.

I took one of the shadow boxing classes. I took the one with Rad Lopez, which was the first one that debuted. I then took the Eminem ride with Denis. I enjoyed both of them, but the downside of shadow boxing is I feel like it’s harder to match the rhythm of the music than it is writing. From getting in the flow of it and losing myself in the music and the moment, it was much more fun for me to do the ride. Because shadow boxing is all about telling you what moves to do, you don’t get the opportunity to talk about the artists.

There wasn’t a lot of chatter about the music itself or the artists, which some people think is a good thing. I’m not trying to say that that’s a bad thing but I personally prefer to hear a little history with mine. Denis did a wonderful job capturing the spirit of Eminem. I would not have thought that Denis is the guy for Eminem. If I was like, “Who’s going to teach an Eminem class?” Dennis would not be at the top of my list.

Having said that, he surprised me because Denis is a deep person and I don’t think necessarily people always know that about him. He talked about the poetry that Eminem does, the emotion that comes from that, and how he grew up in the spotlight at such a young age. He started out so young, got popular, got huge in front of the world, had to grow up so publicly. He took all that emotion and put it into his music.

That is one of the reasons that he is the juggernaut that he is because his music is so freaking raw. I have always been a huge fan of Eminem. I love his music. Even if you don’t like the lyrics, the way it swells and gets you is amazing. Anyway, all that to say the ride with Denis was a lot of fun. If you have not got a chance to try the classes, I highly recommend that you do, especially the ride with Denis.

We have a new drop in the boutique.

It is for the Black History Month. It is themed, “Together we are power.” All kinds of new stuff were dropped. I am not hearing people be super excited about this. They really loved 2021 and 2020. 2022, I’m not hearing so much excitement. It’s pretty simple compared to the last couple of years. I don’t know if that’s part of people’s reaction. I’m not sure.

Robin Arzon and Daniel McKenna had an Instagram live together.

You might remember that Robin designed the strength stack for January 2022. Daniel McKenna is designing it for February 2022, so she handed off the baton. They went live on February 1st, 2022 at 3:00 PM Eastern. I’m sure it’s still out there if you want to check it out.

People love their Wordle.

I do love the Wordle. I wanted to make sure everyone was aware that if you were addicted to Wordle, there’s also a cycling game based on Wordle and it is called Bikle. Go get your Wordle on.

It is out there for you. Marcel Dinkins and Kirsten Ferguson have a collaborative playlist for you on Spotify.

Remember, I told you that they’re starting to pair people up in the Peloton Spotify list. This is a fun one. You’ve got some very diverse backgrounds happening here. I love Marcel’s playlists. I think they are by far the best. She was throwing down in one class a Tupac song and a Chris Stapleton song. My hat is off to her. I love that kind of music playlist that can go from one extreme to another in all different directions. Thank you, Marcel. To these two ladies sharing a playlist, I bet that is a lot of fun. They have some very big personalities too. I bet that was a lot of fun to put together.

Joining us via the magic of Zoom tube is Tiffany Coffee Stuckey. How’s it going? Is Coffee a middle or maiden name?

It was my maiden name. When I got married, I wanted to hyphenate my name but out of respect for my husband’s wishes, I used it as my middle name. He didn’t think I’d ever use it as my middle name.

If it was like formerly your last name, I’m like, “I can’t even imagine the jokes when you were a kid.”

What’s your favorite coffee? Did you get a lot of jokes about yourself?

The ironic part is I got it a lot in elementary school but as I went on to middle school and high school, everyone thought that was the coolest name to have. In elementary school, I got made fun of but once I got into middle school, high school, everyone was like, “That’s such a cool last name.”

I like to start the interviews by hearing where people found Peloton originally. Can you walk us through when you found Peloton? How long ago that was? How does that occur?

Your Peloton group will make you come out of your shell. Share on X

I have to give credit to my dad’s wife because she made the mistake of buying a NordicTrack bike. When I was finally getting serious about my fitness, I already had a treadmill, not a Peloton treadmill. I wanted to add an exercise bike. I was doing my research and finally went to her because I was between the Peloton and the NordicTrack.

She said, “Tiff, if I had my choice and could do it all over again, I would buy the Peloton.” I had my husband jump on board and help me do some research. When we chatted with both companies, Peloton seemed to make more sense. I remember one cold night, I called the number and bought the Peloton sight unseen in 2018.

Your father must be a very gracious man because you said she bought NordicTrack but you still described her as his wife, not his ex-wife. What was her big differentiation that she was like, “Whoops, I shouldn’t have bought the NordicTrack?”

To be honest, number one is customer service. The customer service at NordicTrack was horrible. I know they had dealt with issues earlier on with their NordicTrack bike and the customer service flat out sucks. Number two is the product. Number three, now that I’m in the community, what Peloton is that NordicTrack lacks.

There are a lot of people I know that read this that use all different kinds of bikes and still use the Peloton. I often see people say that they wish that they either could afford a Peloton or had bought it first. I feel like it’s for a variety of reasons but the community is something that I don’t feel like any company can ever replicate. There are lots of bikes that are good quality bikes and that’s no problem but being able to replicate what we have as a community, I don’t think anybody can replicate that. You got it in 2018. Were you already a person who works out all the time? Was working out new to you?

I wouldn’t say all the time. My husband and I started building our home gym with equipment in the basement but I wasn’t using it frequently. I started a beach body. I did that safely for a while and then that fell off. I was like, “I’m going to start going hard.” That’s when I was like, “I’m going to start looking to incorporate a bike into my workout.” I had started getting back to running. I was slowly doing that but it wasn’t something I was regularly doing, I would say maybe once a week. I figured adding something new to my workout regimen would inspire me a little bit more.

That’s going on for years since you got your bike. Do you use it a lot more than what you were exercising before?

Yes. I’m going to be honest. In between May and September, I was still picking it up. I was doing it more than on my tread but it was still hit or miss. It was only until joining groups that I started to flourish with my workouts.

Do you think that’s because you made connections with people?

I joke with the group that I’m on faithfully, where I always used to say, “I’m anti-social.” I’d rather like, “Don’t talk to me. We’re good to go. You don’t have to speak to me.” Even when it comes to my neighbors, when I come outside, I’m like, “I hope they didn’t see,” whereas my husband is the complete opposite. He knows everyone’s name and speaks to them. I was that way.

I didn’t lurk in the groups and then slowly, I started coming out of my shell until September. My first official Peloton group was the Black Girl Magic Group. We had a meetup in New York. I didn’t know these ladies from a can of paint. I got on a plane and went to New York to spend a weekend with a group of women who what we had in common was Peloton. That was truly a game-changer for me.

I feel like it was very similar for me. I ramped up my ride slowly, started hearing all these amazing conversations via the OPP back then. I was like, “I want to know these people, have all these inside jokes and know what this is about.” The next thing you know, we got a show. What inspired you to start the group that you have on Facebook for Hannah Frankson?

When I first found out that Peloton was bringing in a new UK female instructor and she was Black, that was inspiring to me because I had already taken off with the BGM crew and I love the fact that we’re going to have our first Black female UK instructor. I social media stalked her. I looked her up on Instagram, her name. I am truly inspired by who she was. I wanted to be a part of her admin team.

In a Peloton community, we know there are fan groups. I want to be a part of that team. It was all she rode as soon as I got on board because I’m a go-getter. When I’m about something, I’m 100 about it. I went in full force with Hannah. What I saw a little bit of Hannah when she first started, I wanted everyone to see what I fell in love with her about.

When it comes to the instructors, you got to strike while the iron’s hot because those groups can form pretty fast.

It was the day of her premiere ride when I got on board with the admin team.

What do you think it was about her that you connected with, personality-wise?

From day one, she even said in her premiere ride, “What you get is what you see. I’m who I am.” I truly love that about her. Her phrase is no behavior and no behavior could one day be this but then the next day, the no behavior could be that. I truly liked that about her. I liked who you get on the bike is who you see.

The name of the group is Hannah’s Push Push Crew. That has to do with it because she says push a lot on her ride. All of the different groups are a little different. They all have their microculture. What is Hannah’s Push Push Crew like?

We strive to make sure we mimic what Hannah gives us on the bike in the group, which is motivation and positivity. If one of our group members is down, we’re all down. We push each other. In one of her rides, she said, “What we do is we push each other.” That’s what we do. That’s the Push Push Crew. That’s what we strive to make sure that’s represented in our group.

How does it work with her ride times? You’re here in the US. She’s over in the UK. There’s a time difference. How do you make that work to be able to join her rides?

I got to admit, in the beginning, I was no behavior. I was getting up at 2:30 in the morning to ride with her. I was doing it faithfully. Thursdays were my no behavior 2:30 AM rides but I realized it truly affected my whole day, where I was moody and grumpy. It was a mess. It carried on until Friday as well. It was like, “Tiff, you got to stop. You can’t do everything. You’re not going to be a She woman. It’s okay to not ride this live.” I stopped doing the 2:30 AM rides. She has a huge following, not only in the US but in the UK as well. Two of our admins are from the UK. They took over a portion of that, which was nice.

We’ve interviewed May Zarcov. She’s a lady who’s been riding the Peloton forever. Her leaderboard name is Maymay for anybody out there who doesn’t know but she speaks so highly of Hannah all the time and her love for her mom. She talks about whatever pops into her head but unapologetically. She’s so down-to-earth talking about beans and toast.

How’s the growth of the group been? With new instructors, sometimes they’re coming at us so fast and furious. It can be a little hard probably for some of them to get traction. Is she doing okay?

She is. It’s funny because they always say, “Hannah is the most underrated instructor on the platform.” Once you ride and you ride a ride with her, you’ll see what the hype is. All I did was give a platform for her followers. Hannah speaks for herself and she will bring the people. You ride with her and you’ll be like, “I can ride with this chick.” She’s dope.

As far as the group goes, can anybody join? Is it anybody who likes Hannah? Is it only for women or certain age ranges?

Nope. Hannah welcomes all and so do we. All are welcome who love Hannah. We love her on there.

Would you say that Hannah is your favorite instructor on Peloton?

Yes, 100%.

It’d be weird if the answer was no.

You never know. People might say things like, “I have favorites for different kinds of rides.”

I will admit this, though. Jess is still my girl and I love her. She was who I fell in love with when I first joined Peloton. I sometimes feel like I’m cheating on her but Hannah is my girl.

If you’re going to have problems, two amazing ladies will motivate you. That feels like a pretty good problem to have.

There’s not a crossover. She does bike boot camp and Hannah is strength and the bike so I can have both.

Do you still get to run at all?

I do.

Jess doesn’t teach string running classes as much anymore. It’s mostly boot camps. What classes are you taking with the tread?

TCO 244 | Peloton



She’s so real. I posted a little video of her because I took one of her classes. She was talking about, “I’m not ready for the holidays. Don’t even ask me if I’m ready. I’m not.” Some people want you to know they’re already ready.

Does Hannah have a preferred music genre? Is she all over the map? I don’t know if you know this. I don’t ride.

She’s very versatile, which is ironic. She has a rock ride. When I first saw that on the platform, I slid into her Instagram DM and I was like, “Hannah, did they make a mistake?” She’s like, “No, fan. That’s my ride.” She killed it. She’s very versatile from R&B, hip-hop, UK grind, rock rides to ’80s rides. She can do it all.

There was a rock ride you were taking with lots of ’90s rock on it. It was like all the stuff that I used to play when I was on the point.

I don’t think it was Hannah. The reason I asked you about the times is that I have trouble taking the UK cycling instructors’ classes. It’s been working out with the tread but it hasn’t been working out with the cycling because the times they’re teaching, I’m not working out. I don’t think it was Hannah for that reason, Tom. I don’t get to take many classes with her.

She had a decent number of live rides that were friendly to EST but when they were gearing up for the new trend instructors, that shifted. We’re hoping they do another shift of times, that they’ll be a little bit more friendly for us to ride live with her.

It’s tough. I can’t even imagine being charged trying to switch that around. No matter what you do, you’re not going to please people. There are always going to be some people who are happy but there are going to be some people who are never happy because it’s not going to be what they wanted. As far as Peloton, are you doing any of the other content? You said Hannah does strength but do you do the strength classes too?

I do.

Do you have a favorite strength that you do? Are you doing any of the boot camps? Do you do the upper body bar?

I got to be honest, the boot camps aren’t my favorite. I do like Adrian’s Thunder 45. The time is on a Sunday morning. It’s hard for me to get on that. As far as the other strength classes, I do a variety. I’ll have an upper body, a lower body and a full-body day. That gives me where I’m versatile with my instructors. I can do Adrian, Jess and Rebecca Kennedy too. I love her for her full body. I’m versatile when it comes to the strength of the instructors.

You got your bike back in 2018, so you’ve had it since then. Do you mind telling us how many rides you have?

I had a memory that popped up on my Facebook page that in 2020, I celebrated my 1,000th ride. I’m at 1,435.

Does your husband use it at all?

He does. When the Bike+ was first coming out, I had told him, “Hon, we have to talk? We have two options. Either I’m going to sell my bike and get the Bike+ or we’re going to keep the bike and I’m going to get the Bike+.” We ended up getting the Bike+ and he has the original bike that he rides.

I never thought about that. When Bike+ came out, people were selling their bikes. I never thought, “There’s probably couples who treat it like when you buy a second refrigerator.” There was a story I read a couple of years back where they put out all this energy efficiency stuff for refrigerators. They were like, “It’s going to completely change electric usage in America because everybody’s going to get these new energy-efficient refrigerators.” What happened was everybody went out and bought these energy-efficient refrigerators. They kept their old crappy ones and put them out in the garage. They were like, “Nobody got rid of the old ones.”

Does he ride with Hannah a lot too?

He does.

That’s nice that you agree on a favorite instructor because a lot of couples do not agree with the instructor. They have a lot. They go back and forth.

It’s also nice that you let him ride with a female instructor because there are some wives out there that are like, “No, you’re going to go take a male instructor.”

Before having the two bikes, he would always run with Jess Sims. I was like, “That’s fine. I’m okay with that.” Once we got the second bike with Hannah, I was like, “There’s no choosing because if I ever have to choose between you or Hannah, she will win.” He fell in love with her as I did. Sometimes I’ll clip on the bike and he’ll clip on after me. I’m looking over his shoulder and he still clicks on the Hannah ride without me, often even saying anything.

Does your husband do any other classes like the strength and stuff or he’s a bike person?

He’s a bike and tread person but when my oldest son started getting into working out, I kept telling them like, “Do a chase class because it gives you the structure.” You’re so focused on the class so what my husband will do is get distracted by his phone. I’m like, “When you’re into the class, you don’t get distracted by that.” One day, I was down there doing chase and he and my son jumped on the class with me.

After three months of me telling them to do this, my husband’s like, “You were right. We should do these classes together because it’s structured, which I like.” I’m like, “I’m telling you to do that.” Here and there, he’ll hop on the strength classes. He has his workout bench. That’s generally what he uses so unless he sees that I’m down there and me doing something, he’s like, “Let me try that.”

It sounds like you have a busy household with everybody working out, which is nice. It’s not like that here. Tom is Tonal. He doesn’t use the Peloton but the kids don’t.

What is your leaderboard name?

It’s TiffCoffStuck.

TCO 244 | Peloton


Do you have any advice for people that are getting their Peloton?

Keep doing it. All the workout regiments, the quick lose weight schemes that I was trying to do didn’t last but with the Peloton, someone had told me, I can’t remember who it was but I’ll never forget it, was, “Stick it through because you’ll thank yourself 3 or 6 months from now.” That stuck into my head because I would start things and then stop them. Here I am years later. I’m not 100% where I want to be but I am a lot farther than I was years ago. You have to find your group. The key for me was finding my group and crew that encouraged and stuck by me. It was your pick me up. Stick it through and find your crew. That’s what Peloton has given me.

I don’t think anybody’s ever 100% where they want to be.

We move the goalpost. We do that to ourselves. You’ll be like, “If I lost 20 pounds, I’d be happy.” You lose that weight and then you’re like, “I got a little here. This isn’t as defined as I want.” Next thing you know, you’re arguing with yourself again.

I bet you the Rock looks in the mirror and goes, “I got these 3-square centimeters right here that I could work on.”

That’s what we do as humans. That’s great advice, so thank you.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to join us. Before we let you go, let everybody know where you can be found if you would like to be found.

My leaderboard name is TiffCoffStuck. You can also always find me in Hannah’s Push Push Crew and with the #PushPushCrew. That’s where you will almost always find me. I’m always in there. We’re a good group of people, so join us and ride with my girl, Hannah Frankson.

Thank you.

I guess that’s it for this one. Until next week, where can people find you?

People can find me on Facebook at They can find me on Instagram, Twitter, the Bike, and the Tread @ClipOutCrystal.

You can find me on Twitter @RogerQBert or on Facebook at You can find the show online at While you’re there, like the page and join the group. Don’t forget our YouTube channel at That’s it for this one. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, keep pedaling and running.

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