131: Data-mining Peloton’s First Earnings Report and interview with Jeffrey Porzio

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131: Data-mining Peloton’s First Earnings Report and interview with Jeffrey Porzio

November 8, 2019

  • Peloton releases its first earnings report and it’s chocked full of interesting information.  We discuss the highlights.  What’s next for Peloton ?
  • Peloton has big things planned for Germany including stores in five different cities, timing and new instructors!  
  • Peloton has acquired a design firm and a manufacturing firm.  The manufacturing firm is one that Peloton has worked with since the beginning (Tonic) and this will allow Peloton to grow faster!
  • The manufacturing firm has a recently filed a patent on a rower.  Another definite indicator that Peloton is moving forward with a rower, although certainly not proof!
  • Digitalmusicnews.com reports on Peloton’s ever-increasing stable artist series.  
  • GQ tells all about a day in the life of John Foley.  I really enjoyed hearing all the details – especially how he has 7 minutes of conversation during transit time to and from lunch!
  • We pick another square in The Clip Out Challenge…will we get a winner this week?  Statistically speaking, it’s time!
  • Peloton releases a new TV commercial.
  • Google has purchased FitBit.
  • Soul Cycle now has a special “retreats” for its members. 
  • Matt and Cody are going to be in the UK and we have the details.
  • Becs Gentry and Oliver have beginner fitness tips on PopSugar.com.
  • Kristin McGee has new pre and postnatal yoga classes.
  • Chase Tucker celebrates a birthday
  • Robin Arzon and DJ John Michael celebrate 5 years of DJ rides.
  • Matty Maggiacomo scares the living crap out of Jess Sims.

Plus we interview Jeffey Porzio.  

You can find more Jeff  below!

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