Clip Out Bingo

Sign up for Clip Out Bingo:
1. CLICK HERE to generate your unique bingo card.
2. Click the gray “generate card” button in the yellow box.
3. Immediately bookmark/save the page as a favorite.
4. To sign up as part of the bingo game, CLICK HERE and fill out the form and be sure and include your URL created above. Why am I playing? First and foremost – to have fun! Second, to try instructors or classes that you haven’t in a while, or maybe never have. New workouts too! Last, but certainly not least – to win a fun prize! Thank you to all of our listeners who collaborated and offered suggestions for prizes! Since we are just trying this out to see how much it is for you (and us!), we wanted to keep it simple. One awesome prize! You are trying to win a $50 gift card to Sabra and Sand! This is an AWESOME business co-owned by our very own Gina Mitchell and her mom. Crystal is in LOVE with pretty much everything in this store! Gameplay Listen to The Clip Out! (duh) We have entered about 35 different potential “squares” into the game – and you will get a card of 25 of those items selected at random. So, just like “real” BINGO! Each week, beginning 9/6/19, we’ll call out a randomly selected square – this will either be an instructor or a type of class. You will have from when the episode posts (5am CT) to the following Friday (4:59am) CT to complete the square. That’s it! 5 squares in a row (first) and you win! In the event of multiple people winning BINGO (CLIPO?) simaltaneously, we will randomly select a winner from the people who have gotten BINGO! To let us know you have a BINGO, just send an email to Make sure and use the email address you signed up with. We’ll use the URL you sent to check your card. AND we’ll double-check your leaderboard to make sure you truly have a bingo. NOTE: If you submit a winning bingo card, you will need to have your profile listed as “public” or be sure that you are being followed by #ClipOutCrystal if you are listed as “private” so we can check your activities. Other things to remember: This game is all about Peloton, so only workouts done on the Peloton bike, Tread, or digital count toward the win. When an instructor is listed in the square, only completed workouts 15-minutes or longer will count. If there is a specific type of work out listed in the square – meditation, for example, only that type of workout 15-minutes or longer will count. This challenge is to have fun and try out each instructor Peloton currently offers – if you don’t feel up to the challenge that week due to injury, etc, just don’t do it! We don’t want anyone getting hurt or over-fatiguing themselves. We reserve the right to change the game as we play – for instance we might add a second drawing weekly. Also, if it’s going really well, we could potentially extend the game. So the winner of 5 in a row would get their prize. BUT we might also just keep going and try a new goal. Perhaps an “X” for example. So, even if we get a winner, hang on to your board! You never know! We’ll let you know when the challenge is officially over. HRZ = Heart Rate Zone class – any instructor
Artist Collaboration – any class featuring ONE band/musician/artist for all songs
One class equals one square filled in. So let’s say you take a HIIT class with Robin. You can either use it for Robin or HIIT, not both.