Verizon Hires Peloton CMO Leslie Berland

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Verizon Communications has hired Leslie Berland as its new Chief Marketing Officer. Berland, 45, has served as Peloton’s CMO since January of this year.  Prior to her time at Peloton, Berland served as the Chief Marketing Officer for Twitter (now known as X). Berland’s hiring by Verizon comes at a time when the wireless carrier is looking to stand out in a crowded marketplace, where telecom companies are furiously battling for customers. As CMO, Berland will be overseeing one of the largest ad budgets in the United States.

Revitalizing Peloton

During her short tenure at Peloton, Berland made an effort to reposition the brand as more than just a stationary bike maker. She promoted the different types of workouts that the company offers on its app and shifted the brand’s previous positioning as a high-end stationary bike company. Berland’s efforts revitalized Peloton’s brand, broadened its reach and relevance, and enhanced the team culture.  She also oversaw a complete rebranding of the company, moving away from it’s original color palette of black, red and white, to a more colorful scheme, that often embraces bright, splashy hues.  Her latest ad effort for Peloton was an inclusive campaign featuring people of all ages and fitness levels participating in various types of activities available on the company’s platform.

Tasked with a New Challenge

In her new role as CMO of Verizon, Berland will be tasked with helping the wireless company stand out in a competitive and crowded marketplace. With a robust ad budget at her disposal, Berland will have the opportunity to create campaigns that highlight the company’s strengths and unique selling points. Her unique perspective on branding and marketing will undoubtedly be an asset to Verizon as it seeks to stand out in a crowded market.

Peloton Reacts

Barry McCarthy, CEO of Peloton, expressed his appreciation for Berland’s contributions to the company, saying, “I want to thank Leslie for her tremendous contributions to Peloton. In a short period of time, she revitalized our brand, broadened our reach and relevance, and enhanced our team culture. We are grateful for her contributions and wish her all the best.”

Of her departure and time at Peloton, Berland says, “I’m a big believer in the power of Peloton and its future. I’m so grateful to Barry and the team for the experience and what we accomplished together; we revitalized the brand, expanded our reach and relevance, and we engaged prospective customers across new segments and demographics. While this move is bittersweet, I’m excited for what’s next, and I take heart knowing Peloton’s talented and passionate marketing team will continue the important work of bringing the magic of Peloton out front and center.”

As of press time for this article, a new Chief Marketing Officer for Peloton has not been announced.

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